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Country Language App OT Audio OT Text NT Audio NT Text Size (MB) Region Project Link
Guatemala Acateco Acateco WBT   257 Americas Acateco_WBT Acateco_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Paraguay Ache Ache       216 Americas Ache Ache-1.0.9.apk
Uganda Acholi Acholi 1985 BSU     142 Africa Acholi_BSU Acholi_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Peru Achuar Achuar BLI   P 283 Americas Achuar_BLI Achuar_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Peru Achuar Achuar TBL   P 283 Americas Achuar_TBL Achuar_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Adioukrou Adioukrou 1998 WBT     198 Africa Adioukrou_WBT Adioukrou_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Agta, Pahanan Pahanan Agta     201 Asia/Pacific Pahanan_Agta Pahanan_Agta-1.0.2.apk
Guatemala Aguacateco Aguacateco NVS   208 Americas Aguacateco_NVS Aguacateco_NVS-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Agutaynen Agutaynen     214 Asia/Pacific Agutaynen Agutaynen-1.0.3.apk
Ghana Akan: Akuapem Twi Akan Akuapem Twi       140 Africa Akan_Akuapem_Twi Akan_Akuapem_Twi-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Asante Akan Asante       146 Africa Akan_Asante Akan_Asante-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Fante Akan Fante BSO       153 Africa Akan_Fante_BSO Akan_Fante_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Guyana Akawaio Akawaio BSS     224 Americas Akawaio_BSS Akawaio_BSS-1.0.4.apk
Thailand Akha Akha TBS     195 Asia/Pacific Akha_TBS Akha_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Alangan Alangan     195 Asia/Pacific Alangan Alangan-1.0.1.apk
Albania Albanian Albanian       147 Eurasia/MENA Albanian Albanian-1.0.11.apk
Indonesia Alune JB Alune     197 Asia/Pacific Alune_JB Alkitab_Alune-1.1.6.apk
Uganda Alur Alur 1970 BSO     187 Africa Alur_BSO Alur_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Ambai Ambai     291 Asia/Pacific Ambai_WBT Ambai-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Antipolo Ifugao Antipolo Ifugao     216 Asia/Pacific Antipolo_Ifugao Antipolo_Ifugao-1.0.3.apk
Region-wide Arabic Old Testament     554 Eurasia/MENA Arabic_OT_VDV Arabic_OT_VDV-1.0.5.apk
Region-wide Arabic Arabic Sharif       153 Eurasia/MENA Arabic_Sharif Arabic_Sharif-1.0.4.apk
Region-wide Arabic The Word   164 Eurasia/MENA Arabic_VDV The_Word-1.0.53.apk
Chad Arabic Chadian Arabic Chadian BSC       173 Africa Arabic_Chadian_BSC Arabic_Chadian_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Iraq Arabic Iraqi Arabic Iraqi       143 Eurasia/MENA Arabic_Iraqi Arabic_Iraqi-1.0.3.apk
Sudan Arabic Sudanese Arabic Sudanese       164 Africa Arabic_Sudanese Arabic_Sudanese-1.0.3.apk
Egypt Arabic, Upper Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Upper Egyptian Colloquial     P   22 Eurasia/MENA Arabic_Upper_Egyptian_Colloquial Arabic_EBS-1.0.3.apk
Armenia Armenian, Western Armenian Western ACN     P   76 Eurasia/MENA Armenian_Western_ACN Armenian_W_ACN-1.0.6.apk
Solomon Islands Arosi Arosi 2004 WBT     205 Asia/Pacific Arosi_WBT Arosi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Peru Ashaninca Ashaninca     269 Americas Ashaninca_WBT Ashaninca_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Uganda Ateso Ateso BSU     163 Africa Ateso_BSU Ateso_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Suriname Aukaans Aukaans WBT     232 Americas Aukaans_WBT Aukaans_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Russia Avar Avar 2008 IBT     175 Eurasia/MENA Avar_IBT Avar_IBT-1.0.8.apk
Papua New Guinea Awa (PNG) Awa TBL     189 Asia/Pacific Awa_TBL Awa_TBL-1.0.2.apk
Peru Awajun Awajun BLI     226 Americas Awajun_BLI Awajun_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Ayangan Ifugao Ayangan Ifugao     227 Asia/Pacific Ayangan_Ifugao Ayangan_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Ayta Mag-antsi Ayta Mag-antsi     236 Asia/Pacific Ayta_Mag-antsi Ayta_Mag_antsi-1.0.2.apk
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani, North Azerbaijani Northern Kitab Shirketi     177 Eurasia/MENA Azerbaijani_Northern_Kitab_Shirketi Azerbaijani_No-1.0.11.apk
Iran Azerbaijani, South Azerbaijani South     170 Eurasia/MENA Azerbaijani_South Azerbaijani_So-1.0.14.apk
Solomon Islands Baelelea Baelelea     267 Asia/Pacific Baelelea Baelelea-1.0.3.apk
Cote D'Ivoire Bakwé Bakwe     147 Africa Bakwe Bakwe-1.0.apk
Indonesia Balinese Balinese TBV       285 Asia/Pacific Balinese_TBV Balinese_TBV-1.0.3.apk
Pakistan Balochi, Southern Balochi Southern     P P 106 Eurasia/MENA Balochi_Southern Balochi_Southern-1.0.1.apk
Mali Bambara Bambara La Sainte P     306 Africa Bambara_La_Sainte Bambara_La_Sainte-1.0.1.apk
Senegal Bandial Bandial     207 Africa Bandial Bandial-1.0.4.apk
India Banjara (Lambadi) Banjara Common Language       167 Asia/Pacific Banjara_Common_Language Banjara_LMN-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Bantoanon Bantoanon P P 312 Asia/Pacific Bantoanon Bantoanon-1.0.2.apk
South Sudan Bari Bari BSS 1979     211 Africa Bari_BSS Bari_BSS-1.0.6.apk
Bangladesh Bawm Bawm 2006 BBS     186 Asia/Pacific Bawm_BBS Bawm_BBS-1.0.4.apk
Congo, Republic of the Beembe Beembe     180 Africa Beembe Beembe-1.0.5.apk
Belize Belize Kriol Belize Kriol     177 Americas Belize_Kriol Belize_Kriol-1.0.4.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Bengali Bangla Version     186 Asia/Pacific Bengali_Bangla_Version Bengali_RBV-1.0.4.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Bengali Common Language   200 Asia/Pacific Bengali_Common_Language Bengali_CLV-1.0.9.apk
India Bengali Bengali ERV     205 Asia/Pacific Bengali_ERV Bengali_ERV-1.0.13.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Bengali Mussolmani     185 Asia/Pacific Bengali_Mussolmani Bengali_Mus-1.0.4.apk
India Bhojpuri Bhojpuri ROV       180 Asia/Pacific Bhojpuri_ROV Bhojpuri_ROV-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Bikol, Buhi’non Bikol, Buhi'non       189 Asia/Pacific Bikol,_Buhi'non Bikol,_Buhi'non-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Binukid Binukid     184 Asia/Pacific Binukid Binukid_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Birifor, Northern Birifor Northern 1993 BSB     181 Africa Birifor_Northern_BSB Birifor_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Vanuatu Bislama Bislama BSP       270 Asia/Pacific Bislama_BSP Bislama_BSP-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Bobo Madare, Southern Bobo Madare South 2004 BSB     181 Africa Bobo_Madare_South_BSB Bobo_Madare_So_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Malaysia Bonggi Kitab Bonggi     P P 71 Asia/Pacific Bonggi_Portions Kitab_Bonggi-1.0.13.apk
Peru Bora Bora BLI     229 Americas Bora_BLI Bora_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Borana Borana 1994 BSK       155 Africa Borana_BSK Borana_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Laos Bru Eastern Bru Eastern     213 Asia/Pacific Bru_Eastern Bru_Eastern-1.0.4.apk
Panama Buglere Buglere WBT     377 Americas Buglere_WBT Buglere_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Myanmar Burmese Burmese Old Judson Version     199 Asia/Pacific Burmese_Old_Judson_Version Burmese_OJV-1.0.5.apk
Papua New Guinea Bwanabwana Bwanabwana WBT     199 Asia/Pacific Bwanabwana_WBT Bwanabwana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Cacua Cacua BLI     244 Americas Cacua_BLI Cacua_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Canela Canela - TBL     S S 285 Americas Canela_-_TBL Canela_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Canela Canela LBB     S   284 Americas Canela_LBB Canela_LBB-1.0.1.apk
Peru Capanahua Capanahua TBL     287 Americas Capanahua_TBL Capanahua_TBL-1.0.6.apk
Colombia Carapana Carapana WBT     276 Americas Carapana_WBT Carapana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Suriname Carib Carib 2003 BSS     872 Americas Carib_BSS Carib_BSS-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Cebuano Cebuano       238 Asia/Pacific Cebuano Cebuano-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Central Ifugao Central Ifugao     203 Asia/Pacific Central__Ifugao Central_Ifugao_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Iraq Chaldean Chaldean     P 14 Eurasia/MENA Chaldean Chaldean-1.0.1.apk
Paraguay Chamacoco Chamacoco       202 Americas Chamacoco Chamacoco-1.0.11.apk
Malawi Chichewa Chichewa 97 BLV       181 Africa Chichewa_97_BLV Chichewa_97_BLV-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Chin, Tiddim Chin Tiddim CLV 2004       215 Asia/Pacific Chin_Tiddim_CLV Chin_Tiddim_CLV-1.0.7.apk
Mexico Chinantec de Ozumacin Chinanteco de Ozumacin     188 Americas Chinanteco_de_Ozumacin Chinanteco_Ozu-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Chinanteco de Usila Chinanteco Usila     179 Americas Chinanteco_Usila Chinanteco_U-1.0.4.apk
China Chinese, Cantonese Chinese Cantonese     152 Asia/Pacific Chinese_Cantonese Chinese_Cantonese-1.0.10.apk
China Chinese, Mandarin Mandarin Chinese UNV     274 Asia/Pacific Mandarin_Chinese_UNV Mandarin_UNV-1.0.12.apk
Mozambique Chisena Chisena     196 Africa Chisena Chisena-1.0.5.apk
Guatemala Chorti Chortí   P 326 Americas Chorti_WBT Chorti_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Ecuador Cofan Cofán WBT     219 Americas Cofán_WBT Cofan_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Canada Cree, Plains Cree, Plains     P   188 Americas Cree,_Plains Cree_Plains-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Cuiba Cuiba     318 Americas Cuiba Cuiba-1.0.3.apk
Peru Culina Culina     343 Americas Culina Culina-1.0.6.apk
Czechia Czech Czech CET       153 Eurasia/MENA Czech_CET Czech_CET-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Dagara, Northern Dagara Northern 2004 BSB     189 Africa Dagara_Northern_BSB Dagara_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Dagbani Dagbani 2007 BSO       160 Africa Dagbani_BSO Dagbani_BSG-1.0.7.apk
Afghanistan Dari Dari   185 Eurasia/MENA Dari Dari-1.0.19.apk
Colombia Desano Desano 1984 WBT     271 Americas Desano_WBT Desano_WBT-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Dhopadhola Dhopadhola 2002 BSU     175 Africa Dhopadhola_BSU Dhopadhola_BSU-1.0.7.apk
South Sudan Didinga Didinga     205 Africa Didinga Didinga-1.0.4.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Padang Dinka Padang     169 Africa Dinka_Padang Dinka_Padang-1.0.8.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Rek Dinka Rek     174 Africa Dinka_Rek Dinka_Rek-1.0.6.apk
Malaysia Dusun, Central Dusun   276 Asia/Pacific Dusun_BSM Baibol_Dusun-1.0.11.apk
Bhutan Dzongkha Dzongkha CAP       218 Asia/Pacific Dzongkha_CAP Dzongkha_CAP-1.0.7.apk
Kenya Ekegusii Ekegusii 1990 BSK       182 Africa Ekegusii_BSK Ekegusii_BSK-1.0.6.apk
United States English English (WEB)   143 Americas English_Full_WEB English_Full_WEB-1.0.32.apk
United States English English KJV 619 Americas English_KJV English_KJV-1.0.8.apk
United States English English WEB     143 Americas English_NT_WEB English_NT_WEB-1.0.36.apk
Paraguay Enhlit Enhlit       238 Americas Enhlit Enhlit-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Eperã pedee Eperã pedee     238 Americas Eperã_pedee Epera_Pedee-1.0.3.apk
Russia Evenki Evenki     P   32 Eurasia/MENA Evenki Evenki-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Ewe, Ghana Ewe Ghana       190 Africa Ewe_Ghana_BSG Ewe_Ghana-1.0.7.apk
Gabon Fang Fang BSG       140 Africa Fang_BSG Fang_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Iran Farsi, Western Farsi West TPV       219 Eurasia/MENA Farsi_West_TPV Farsi_West_TPV-1.0.21.apk
Solomon Islands Fataleka Fataleka     266 Asia/Pacific Fataleka Fataleka-1.0.3.apk
Fiji Fiji-Hindi Fiji Hindi BSO       178 Asia/Pacific Fiji_Hindi_BSO Fiji_Hindi_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Fiji Fijian Fijian New Version       186 Asia/Pacific Fijian_New_Version Fijian_NV-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Fordata Fordata     245 Asia/Pacific Fordata Fordata-1.0.1.apk
France French French 1910 LS     147 Eurasia/MENA French_1910_LS French_1910_LS-1.0.7.apk
Cameroon Fulfulde, Adamawa Fulfulde, Adamawa       156 Africa Fulfulde,_Adamawa Fulfulde_Adamawa-1.0.apk
Ghana Ga Ga BSG       164 Africa Ga_BSG Ga_BSG-1.0.4.apk
Moldova Gagauz Gagauz 2006 IBT     150 Eurasia/MENA Gagauz_IBT Gagauz_IBT-1.0.4.apk
Chad Garab Garab     208 Africa Garab Garab-1.0.1.apk
Bangladesh Garo Garo 2004 BBS     185 Asia/Pacific Garo_BBS Garo_BBS-1.0.4.apk
Central African Republic Gbaya Southwest Gbaya Southwest 2005 BS     175 Africa Gbaya_Southwest_BS Gbaya_SW-1.0.6.apk
Georgia Georgian Georgian IBT       137 Eurasia/MENA Georgian_IBT Georgian_IBT-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Gikuyu Gikuyu 1965 BSK       174 Africa Gikuyu_BSK Gikuyu_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Gitonga Gitonga 1996 BSM     200 Africa Gitonga_BSM Gitonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek Greek OT AVS     533 Eurasia/MENA Greek_OT_AVS Greek_OT_AVS-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek Greek EPT AVS 643 Eurasia/MENA Greek_EPT_AVS Greek_EPT-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek Greek SFT     148 Eurasia/MENA Greek_SFT Greek_SFT-1.0.3.apk
Greece Greek-Ancient Greek EPT     135 Eurasia/MENA Greek__EPT Greek_NT_EPT-1.1.9.apk
Colombia Guahibo Guahibo WBT     329 Americas Guahibo_WBT Guahibo_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Guajajara Guajajara - WBT     334 Americas Guajajara_-_WBT Guajajara_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Guambiano Guambiano BLI     238 Americas Guambiano_BLI Guambiano_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Bolivia Guarani Western Bolivian Guarani Western Bolivian       237 Americas Guarani_Western_Bolivian Guarani_W_Bol-1.0.9.apk
Paraguay Guarani, Paraguayan Guarani       169 Americas Guarani Guarani-1.0.11.apk
Bolivia Guarayo Guarayo       223 Americas Guarayo Guarayo-1.0.9.apk
Panama Guaymi Guaymi 2004 WBT     286 Americas Guaymi_WBT Guaymi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Chad Gulei Gulei BSC       200 Africa Gulei_BSC Gulei_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Burkina Faso Gulmancema Gulmancema 2003 ABF     165 Africa Gulmancema_ABF Gulmancema_ABF-1.0.8.apk
Haiti Haitian Creole Haitian Creole       176 Americas Haitian_Creole Haitian_Creole-1.0.10.apk
Taiwan Hakka Hakka       176 Asia/Pacific Hakka Hakka-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Hanunoo Hanunoo     208 Asia/Pacific Hanunoo Hanunoo-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Hausa Hausa 1979 BSO       153 Africa Hausa_BSO Hausa_BSN-1.0.9.apk
Israel Hebrew Hebrew Modern       143 Eurasia/MENA Hebrew_Modern Hebrew_Modern-1.0.4.apk
India Hindi Hindi Sab Ki     166 Asia/Pacific Hindi_Sab_Ki Hindi_Sab_Ki-1.0.1.apk
India Hindi Hindi ERV     205 Asia/Pacific Hindi_ERV Hindi_ERV-1.0.18.apk
India Hindi Hindi KJV     309 Asia/Pacific Hindi_KJV Hindi_KJV-1.0.1.apk
Vietnam Hmong Daw Hmong Daw 2000 UBS       167 Asia/Pacific Hmong_Daw_UBS Hmong_Daw_UBS-1.0.4.apk
Peru Huambisa Huambisa WBT   227 Americas Huambisa_WBT huambisa_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Peru Huitoto Murui Huitoto Murui     267 Americas Huitoto_Murui Huitoto_Murui-1.0.5.apk
Colombia Huitoto, Minica Huitoto Minica     269 Americas Huitoto_Minica Huitoto_Minica-1.0.4.apk
Hungary Hungarian Hungarian 2014 RHNT     139 Eurasia/MENA Hungarian_RHNT Hungarian_RHNT-1.0.4.apk
Malaysia Iban Bup Kudus   180 Asia/Pacific Iban Iban_Bup_Kudus-1.0.13.apk
Togo Igo Igo     P   40 Africa Igo Igo-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Ilokano Ilokano RIPV       203 Asia/Pacific Ilokano_RIPV Ilokano_RIPV-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia       250 Asia/Pacific Bahasa_Indonesia Bahasa_Indonesia-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian NTV       222 Asia/Pacific Indonesian_NTV Indonesian_NTV-1.0.14.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian Shellabear P     219 Asia/Pacific Indonesian_Shellabear Indonesian_SHL-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Alkitab PB TSI Albata     251 Asia/Pacific Indonesian_TSI Indonesian_TSI-1.0.9.apk
Jamaica Jamaican Creole Jamaican Creole BSO       179 Americas Jamaican_Creole_BSO Jamaican_Creole-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Javanese Javanese       222 Asia/Pacific Javanese Javanese_NRF-1.0.14.apk
Suriname Javanese, Suriname Javanese Caribbean     221 Americas Javanese_Caribbean Javanese_Carr_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Senegal Jola Kasa Jola Kasa 2008 BLI     218 Africa Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI-1.0.1.apk
Gambia Jola-Fogny Jola-Fogny 2011 BSG       205 Africa Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG-1.0.1.apk
Burkina Faso Jula Jula 1996 BSO     175 Africa Jula_BSO Jula_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Peru Junikuin Junikuin   315 Americas Junikuin Junikuin-1.0.1.apk
Togo Kabiye Kabiye 1995 BST       181 Africa Kabiye_BST Kabiye_BST-1.0.7.apk
Algeria Kabyle Kabyle     173 Eurasia/MENA Kabyle Kabyle-1.0.2.apk
Malaysia Kadazan, Coastal Kadazan, Coastal     239 Asia/Pacific Kadazan_NT Baibol_Kadazan-1.1.10.apk
Philippines Kagayanen Kagayanen     225 Asia/Pacific Kagayanen Kagayanen-1.0.2.apk
Peru Kakataibo Kakataibo TBL   269 Americas Kakataibo_TBL Kakataibo_TBL-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Kakwa Kakwa BSU     211 Africa Kakwa_BSU Kakwa_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Philippines Kalagan Eastern Kalagan Eastern     244 Asia/Pacific Kalagan_Eastern Kalagan_Eastern-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Majukayong Kalinga Majukayong     201 Asia/Pacific Kalinga_Majukayong Kalinga_Majukayong-1.0.apk
Peru Kandozi Kandozi     361 Americas Kandozi Kandozi-1.0.7.apk
Philippines Kankanaey Kankanaey     205 Asia/Pacific Kankanaey Kankanaey-1.0.2.apk
India Kannada Kannada ERV     236 Asia/Pacific Kannada_ERV Kannada_ERV-1.0.12.apk
India Kannada Kannada Old Version       187 Asia/Pacific Kannada_Old_Version Kannada_OV-1.0.7.apk
Uzbekistan Karakalpak Karakalpak IBT     174 Eurasia/MENA Karakalpak_IBT Karakalpak-1.0.10.apk
Thailand Karen Pwo, Northern Karen Pwo, Northern TBS     208 Asia/Pacific Karen_Pwo_Northern_TBS Karen_Pwo_No_TBS-1.0.5.apk
Uganda Karimojong Karimojong BSU     200 Africa Karimojong Karimojong_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Kayabi Kayabi WBT     429 Americas Kayabi_WBT Kayabi_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Kayapo Kayapo     321 Americas Kayapo Kayapo-1.0.5.apk
Kazakhstan Kazakh Kazakh     197 Eurasia/MENA Kazakh Kazakh-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Ka’apor Kaapor WBT     359 Americas Kaapor_-_WBT Kaapor_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kebu Kebu     232 Africa Kebu Kebu-1.0.3.apk
Russia Khakas Khakas       139 Eurasia/MENA Khakas Khakas-1.0.3.apk
Cambodia Khmer, Central Khmer Central SV       204 Asia/Pacific Khmer_Central_SV Khmer_Central_SV-1.0.4.apk
Thailand Khmer, Northern Khmer Northern TBS     170 Asia/Pacific Khmer_Northern_TBS Khmer_North_TBS-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Kiembu Kiembu 2002 BSO       182 Africa Kiembu_BSO Kiembu_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Kikamba Kikamba 1998 BSK       145 Africa Kikamba_BSK Kikamba_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Kimeru Kimeru BSK 2010       180 Africa Kimeru_BSK Kimeru_BSK-1.1.5.apk
Chad Kimre Kimre WBT     214 Africa Kimre_WBT Kimre_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Kinaray-a Kinaray-a WBT     206 Asia/Pacific Kinaray-a_WBT Kinaray-a_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Rwanda Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda       149 Africa Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda-1.0.11.apk
Kyrgyzstan Kirghiz Kirghiz BSK       204 Eurasia/MENA Kirghiz_BSK Kirghiz-1.0.12.apk
Indonesia Kisar Kisar     261 Asia/Pacific Kisar Kisar-1.0.5.apk
Tanzania Kiswahili Kiswahili HNV       173 Africa Kiswahili_HNV Kiswahili_HNV-1.0.15.apk
Congo, Republic of the Kituba Kituba 2005 BS     196 Africa Kituba_BS Kituba_BS-1.0.5.apk
Colombia Kogi Kogi - WBT     305 Americas Kogi_WBT Kogi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Kolibugan Kolibugan P P P P 172 Asia/Pacific Kolibugan Kolibugan-1.0.3.apk
Mali Konabere Konabere       157 Africa Konabere Konabere-1.0.1.apk
India Konda-Dora Konda Dora 2006 KSS       210 Asia/Pacific Konda_Dora_KSS Konda_Dora_KSS-1.0.5.apk
Sierra Leone Kono Kono     218 Africa Kono Kono-1.0.6.apk
Korea, North Korean, North Korean North Chosun     208 Asia/Pacific Korean_North_Chosun Korean_North_Chosun-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Koreguaje Koreguaje WBT     216 Americas Koreguaje_WBT Koreguaje_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Koronadal Blaan Koronadal Blaan 1995 WBT     181 Asia/Pacific Koronadal_Blaan_WBT Koronadal_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Sierra Leone Krio Krio     187 Africa Krio Krio-1.0.4.apk
India Kui Kui Revised Version       169 Asia/Pacific Kui_Revised_Version Kui_Rev-1.0.5.apk
Uganda Kumam Kumam 2006 BSU     170 Africa Kumam_BSU Kumam_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Chad Kuo Kuo WBT     224 Africa Kuo_WBT Kuo_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kupsapiny Kupsapiny 1995 BSU     170 Africa Kupsapiny_BSU Kupsapiny_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Sierra Leone Kuranko Kuranko     186 Africa Kuranko Kuranko-1.0.4.apk
Turkey Kurdish Kurmanji Kurdish Kurmanji       222 Eurasia/MENA Kurdish_Kurmanji Kurdish_Kurmanji_UBS-1.0.26.apk
Thailand Lahu Lahu 1989 TBS     251 Asia/Pacific Lahu_TBS Lahu_TBS-1.0.5.apk
Togo Lamba Lamba 1993 WBT     177 Africa Lamba_WBT Lamba_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Lango Lango 1978 BSU     147 Africa Lango_BSU Lango_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Congo, Republic of the Lari Lari 2007 BS     204 Africa Lari_BS Lari_BS-1.0.6.apk
Latvia Latvian Latvian NLIB       151 Eurasia/MENA Latvian_NLIB Latvian_NLIB-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Lauje Lauje     361 Asia/Pacific Lauje Lauje-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Limba West Limba West     216 Africa Limba_West Limba_West-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Lobiri Lobiri 1984 BSO     155 Africa Lobiri_BSO Lobiri_BSO-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Luang Alkitab Luang     288 Asia/Pacific Luang Alkitab_Luang-1.0.9.apk
Uganda Luganda Luganda 2003 BSU       155 Africa Luganda_BSU Luganda_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Uganda Lugbara Lugbara BSU     196 Africa Lugbara_BSU Lugbara_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Lugungu Lugungu       267 Africa Lugungu Lugungu-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Lukakamega Lukakamega 2002 BSK       211 Africa Lukakamega_BSK Lukakamega_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lumasaaba Lumasaaba 2008 BSU     203 Africa Lumasaaba_BSU Lumasaaba_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Malaysia Lun Bawang - Lun Dayah Bala Luk Do   198 Asia/Pacific Lun_Bawang Lunbawang-1.0.11.apk
Kenya Luo Luo 1978 BSK       162 Africa Luo_BSK Luo_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lusamya-Lugwe Lusamya- Lugwe 2010 BSU     252 Africa Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Lusoga Lusoga     172 Africa Lusoga Lusoga-1.0.6.apk
Ethiopia Maale Maale 2007 BSE     182 Africa Maale_BSE Maale_BSE-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Maasai Maasai BSV       141 Africa Maasai_BSV Maasai_BSV-1.0.4.apk
Macedonia Macedonian Macedonian       154 Eurasia/MENA Macedonian Macedonian-1.0.2.apk
Uganda Madi Madi BSU       178 Africa Madi_BSU Madi_BSU-1.0.7.apk
India Magahi Magahi       175 Asia/Pacific Magahi Magahi-1.0.6.apk
India Maithili Maithili WBT       218 Asia/Pacific Maithili_WBT Maithili_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Paraguay Maka Maka 2013 WBT     245 Americas Maka_WBT Maka_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Makhuwa Makhuwa     189 Africa Makhuwa Makhuwa-1.0.8.apk
Madagascar Malagasy FIAFI     163 Africa Malagasy Malagasy-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Malay AVB   164 Asia/Pacific Malay_AVB Malay_AVB-1.1.11.apk
Malaysia Malay Bahasa Malay Bahasa   207 Asia/Pacific Malay_Bahasa Malay_Bahasa-1.0.4.apk
India Malayalam Malayalam     200 Asia/Pacific Malayalam Malayalam-1.0.15.apk
Brazil Manchineri Manchineri NTM       245 Americas Manchineri_NTM Manchineri_NTM-1.0.1.apk
Gambia Mandinka Mandinka 2011 BSG       184 Africa Mandinka_2011_BSG Mandinka_2011_BSG-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Manobo, Obo Minonuvu     253 Asia/Pacific Minonuvu Minonuvu-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Manobo, Western Bukidnon Manobo Western Bukidnon WPS     255 Asia/Pacific Manobo_Western_Bukidnon_WPS W_Bukidnon_WPS-1.0.7.apk
Liberia Manya Gods Word in Maniyakan     P P 243 Africa Manya Manya-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Maranao Maranao   211 Asia/Pacific Maranao Maranao-1.0.3.apk
India Marathi Marathi     207 Asia/Pacific Marathi Marathi_BLI-1.0.13.apk
Marshall Islands Marshallese Marshallese 2009 WGM       152 Asia/Pacific Marshallese_WGM Marshallese_WGM-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Matigsalug Matigsalug WBT     206 Asia/Pacific Matigsalug_WBT Matigsalug_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Peru Matsigenka Matsigenka     344 Americas Matsigenka Matsigenka_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Nicaragua Mayangna Mayangna       222 Americas Mayangna Mayangna-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Mayoyao Ifugao Mayoyao Ifugao 2004 WPS     232 Asia/Pacific Mayoyao_Ifugao_WPS Mayoyao_WPS-1.0.4.apk
Sierra Leone Mende Mende 2002 BSSL     183 Africa Mende_BSSL Mende_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
Togo Mina Mina 2004 BSO     192 Africa Mina_BSO Mina_BSO-1.0.7.apk
Mali Miniyanka Miniyanka WBT     188 Africa Miniyanka_WBT Miniyanka_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Nicaragua Miskito Miskito (Miskitu) SBN       226 Americas Miskito_SBN Miskito_SBN-1.0.4.apk
India Mizo Mizo BSI       185 Asia/Pacific Mizo_BSI Mizo_BSI-1.0.2.apk
Togo Moba Lok Moba Lok 2007 BSO     185 Africa Moba_Lok_BSO Moba_Lok_BSO-1.0.8.apk
Burkina Faso Moore Moore 1998 Protestant Version P P 275 Africa Moore_PV Moore_Pro-1.0.7.apk
Burkina Faso Moore Moore 1998 RCV     166 Africa Moore_RCV Moore_RCV-1.0.4.apk
South Sudan Moru Moru BSO 1996     214 Africa Moru_BSO Moru_BSO-1.0.5.apk
South Sudan Murle Murle 1996 BLI     192 Africa Murle_BLI Murle_BLI-1.0.3.apk
Mozambique Mwani Mwani WBT 2013     191 Africa Mwani_WBT Mwani_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Vanuatu Nafe Nafe WBT     208 Asia/Pacific Nafe_WBT Nafe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Colombia Nasa Yuwe Nasa Yuwe WBT     185 Americas Nasa_Yuwe Nasa_Yuwe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Zimbabwe Ndebele, Zimbabwe Ndebele BSZ       160 Africa Ndebele_BSZ Ndebele_BSZ-1.0.3.apk
Nepal Nepali Nepali NRV       160 Asia/Pacific Nepali_NRV Nepali_NRV-1.0.10.apk
Nepal Newar Newar Revised       173 Asia/Pacific Newar_Revised Newar_Revised-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Newari Newari 1986 NBS       188 Asia/Pacific Newari_NBS Newari_NBS-1.0.5.apk
Paraguay Nivacle Nivacle 1995 BSO       221 Americas Nivacle_BSO Nivacle_BSO-1.0.11.apk
South Sudan Nuer Nuer BSO 1999     161 Africa Nuer_BSO Nuer_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Gabon Nzebi Nzebi 1978 BSG       211 Africa Nzebi_BSG Nzebi_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Canada Ojibwe Ojibwe (CBS)       354 Americas Ojibwe_CBS Ojibwe_CBS-1.0.6.apk
Kenya Oluluyia Oluluyia 2002 BSK       228 Africa Oluluyia_BSK Oluluyia_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Papua New Guinea Omwunra-Toqura Omwunra Toqura     248 Asia/Pacific Omwunra_Toqura Omwunra_Toqura-1.0.2.apk
India Oriya Oriya BLI     205 Asia/Pacific Oriya_BLI Oriya_BLI-1.0.9.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, Eastern Oromo Eastern 2005 BSE       213 Africa Oromo_Eastern_BSE Oromo_Estrn_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, West Central Oromo West Central 1993 BSE       179 Africa Oromo_West_Central_BSE Oromo_WC_BSE-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Orya Orya     237 Asia/Pacific Orya Orya-1.0.5.apk
Mongolia Outer Mongolian Outer Mongolian       136 Asia/Pacific Outer_Mongolian Outer_Mongolian-1.0.7.apk
Solomon Islands Owa Owa BSP     239 Asia/Pacific Owa_BSP Owa_BSP-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Palawano, Brooke's Point Palawano, Brooke's Point     208 Asia/Pacific Palawano_Brooks_Point Palawano_BP_-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Paranan Paranan PBS     177 Asia/Pacific Paranan_PBS Paranan_PBS-1.0.2.apk
Brazil Parecis Parecís BLI     309 Americas Parecís_BLI Parecis_BLI-1.0.8.apk
Guyana Patamona Patamona     249 Americas Patamona Patamona-1.0.10.apk
Brazil Paumarí Paumarí BLI     372 Americas Paumarí_BLI Paumari_BLI-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Penan, Eastern Penan Eastern     213 Asia/Pacific Penan_Eastern Penan_Eastern-1.0.1.apk
Chad Peve Peve BSC       182 Africa Peve_BSC Peve_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Solomon Islands Pijin Pijin 2007 WBT       218 Asia/Pacific Pijin_WBT Pijin_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Australia Pitjantjatjara Pitjantjatjara     302 Asia/Pacific Pitjantjatjara Pitjantjatjara-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Pokoot Pokoot 2008 BSK       183 Africa Pokoot_BSK Pokoot_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Poland Polish Polish NCT       146 Eurasia/MENA Polish_NCT Polish_NCT-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Portuguese Portuguese       254 Americas Portuguese Portuguese-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Portuguese Portuguese ARA       151 Americas Portuguese_ARA Portuguese_ARA-1.0.4.apk
Colombia Puinave Puinave SM     200 Americas Puinave_SM Puinave_SM-1.0.3.apk
India Punjabi Punjabi OV       171 Asia/Pacific Punjabi_OV Punjabi_OV-1.0.3.apk
Peru Quechua Ayacucho Quechua Ayacucho       192 Americas Quechua_Ayacucho Quechua_Ayacucho-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Cuzco Quechua Cuzco 2004 BSO       182 Americas Quechua_Cuzco_BSO Quechua_Cuzco-1.0.6.apk
Peru Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo     202 Americas Quechua_Huamalies Quechua_Huamalies-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Huaylas Quechua Huaylas     222 Americas Quechua_Huaylas Quechua_Huaylas-1.0.4.apk
Peru Quechua San Martin Quechua San Martin     284 Americas Quechua_San_Martin Quechua_San_Mar-1.0.2.apk
Peru Quechua Southern Pastaza Quechua Southern Pastaza     309 Americas Quechua_Southern_Pastaza Quechua_Southern_P-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Quechua, South Bolivian Quechua BSB 2014       249 Americas Quechua_BSB Quechua_RBV-1.0.8.apk
Guatemala Quiche Joyabaj Quiche Joyabaj (1999 PMC)     232 Americas Quiche_Joyabaj_PMC Quiche_Joyabaj_PMC-1.0.6.apk
Nepal Rajbanshi Rajbanshi       169 Asia/Pacific Rajbanshi Rajbanshi-1.0.2.apk
Chile Rapa Nui Rapa Nui       225 Americas Rapa_Nui Rapa_Nui-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Rejang Lebong Rejang Lebong       181 Asia/Pacific Rejang_Lebong Rejang_Lebong-1.0.3.apk
Germany Romani, Sinti Romani Sinti       190 Eurasia/MENA Romani_Sinti Romani_Sinti-1.0.9.apk
Romania Romanian Romanian IV       165 Eurasia/MENA Romanian_IV Romanian_IV-1.0.7.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana Roviana       221 Asia/Pacific Roviana Roviana-1.0.5.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana Roviana - WBT   224 Asia/Pacific Roviana_WBT Roviana_WBT-35.0.4.apk
Uganda Runyankore-Rukiga Runyankore Rukiga 1989 BSU     150 Africa Runyankore_Rukiga_BSU Runyankore_Rukiga-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Runyoro-Rutoro Runyoro-Rutoro BSU     184 Africa Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU-1.0.1.apk
Russia Russian Russian CARS     163 Eurasia/MENA Russian_CARS Russian_CARS-1.0.2.apk
Russia Russian Russian NT SB76     167 Eurasia/MENA Russian_NT_SB76 Russian_NT_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Russia Russian Russian SB76     690 Eurasia/MENA Russian_SB76 Russian_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Saint Lucia Saint Lucian Creole Saint Lucian Creole 1999 WBT     186 Americas Saint_Lucian_Creole_WBT St_Lucian_Creole-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Samareno Samareno       196 Asia/Pacific Samareno Samareno-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Sambal, Botolan Sambali Botolan     226 Asia/Pacific Sambali_Botolan Sambali_Botolan-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Sambali Sambali WBT     223 Asia/Pacific Sambal_-_WYI Sambal_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Samoa Samoan Samoan BSP       196 Asia/Pacific Samoan_BSP Samoan_BSP-1.0.9.apk
Burkina Faso San San 1995 BSO     171 Africa San_BSO San_BSO-1.0.4.apk
Central African Republic Sango Sango 2003 BS     205 Africa Sango_BS Sango_BS-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Sanumá Sanumá MEA     369 Americas Sanumá_MEA Sanuma_MEA-1.0.7.apk
Suriname Saramaccan Saramaccan     242 Americas Saramaccan Saramaccan_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Sarangani Blaan Sarangani Blaan 1998 WPS     192 Asia/Pacific Sarangani_Blaan_WPS Sarangani_WPS-1.0.5.apk
Suriname Sarnami Hindi Sarnami Hindi     198 Americas Sarnami_Hindi Sarnami_Hindi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Malaysia Semai Alkitab Semai   P P P 87 Asia/Pacific Semai Alkitab_Semai-3.0.5.apk
Indonesia Serawai Serawai       208 Asia/Pacific Serawai Serawai-1.0.3.apk
Myanmar Shan Shan TBS     290 Asia/Pacific Shan_TBS Shan_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Peru Sharanahua Sharanahua     335 Americas Sharanahua Sharanahua-1.0.5.apk
Peru Shawi Shawi     197 Americas Shawi Shawi-1.0.1.apk
Nepal Sherpa Sherpa     164 Asia/Pacific Sherpa Sherpa-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Shilluk Shilluk - BSS     185 Africa Shilluk_BSS Shilluk_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Peru Shipibo Shipibo WBT   P 239 Americas Shipibo_WBT Shipibo_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Ecuador Shuar Shuar AIE       198 Americas Shuar_AIE Shuar_AIE-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Sinama Sinama BL     208 Asia/Pacific Sinama_BL Sinama_BL-1.0.2.apk
Pakistan Sindhi Sindhi BSP       178 Eurasia/MENA Sindhi_BSP Sindhi_BSP-1.0.2.apk
Sri Lanka Sinhala Sinhala NR       237 Asia/Pacific Sinhala_NR Sinhala_NR-1.0.7.apk
Slovakia Slovak Slovak 1997 SBS       150 Eurasia/MENA Slovak_SBS Slovak_SBS-1.0.5.apk
Slovenia Slovenian Slovenian SSP       147 Eurasia/MENA Slovenian_SSP Slovenian_SSP-1.0.4.apk
Somalia Somali Somali       629 Africa Somali Somali-1.0.8.apk
Somalia Somali Somali TVI       200 Africa Somali_TVI Somali_TVI-1.0.11.apk
Mali Songhay, Timbuktu Songhay Timbuktu     149 Africa Songhay_Timbuktu Songhay_Timbuktu-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Spanish Español BDA     162 Americas Español_BDA Espanol_BDA-1.0.8.apk
Colombia Spanish Español WTC   172 Americas Español_WTC Espanol_WTC-1.0.20.apk
Suriname Sranan Tongo Sranan Tongo- BSS     179 Americas Sranan_Tongo_BSS Sranan_Tongo_BSS-1.0.7.apk
United States St. Lawrence Island Yupik St Lawrence Island Yupik     246 Americas St_Lawrence_Island_Yupik St_Lawrence_Is_Yupik-1.0.1.apk
Papua New Guinea Sudest Sudest 2014     187 Asia/Pacific Sudest Sudest-1.0.3.apk
India Surgujia Surgujia     P P 16 Asia/Pacific Surgujia Surgujia-1.0.1.apk
Sweden Swedish Swedish 2015 SSF     167 Eurasia/MENA Swedish_SSF Swedish_SSF-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Tadyawan Tadyawan     S S 120 Asia/Pacific Tadyawan Tadyawan-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tagalog Tagalog 2012 MBB       199 Asia/Pacific Tagalog_MBB Tagalog_MBB-1.0.8.apk
Vietnam Tai Dam Tai Dam     175 Asia/Pacific Tai_Dam Tai_Dam-1.0.5.apk
Taiwan Taiwanese (Min Nan) Taiwanese TTV       165 Asia/Pacific Taiwanese_TTV Taiwanese_TTV-1.0.6.apk
Tajikistan Tajik Tajik (1999 IBT)     178 Eurasia/MENA Tajik_IBT Tajik-1.0.9.apk
Nepal Tamang, Eastern Tamang East 2011     199 Asia/Pacific Tamang_East_2011 Tamang_East_2011-1.0.3.apk
India Tamil Tamil ERV     238 Asia/Pacific Tamil_ERV Tamil_ERV-1.0.12.apk
India Tamil Tamil Old Version       168 Asia/Pacific Tamil_Old_Version Tamil_OV-1.0.5.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt Awal An Rbbi     186 Eurasia/MENA Awal_An_Rbbi Awal_An_Rbbi-1.0.3.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt Tashelhayt P   186 Eurasia/MENA Tashelhayt Tashelhayt-1.0.4.apk
Russia Tatar Tatar 2001 IBT     159 Eurasia/MENA Tatar_IBT Tatar-1.0.8.apk
Philippines Tawbuid Occidental Tawbuid     194 Asia/Pacific Tawbuid Tawbuid-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tboli Tboli WYI     243 Asia/Pacific Tboli_-_WYI Tboli_WYI-1.0.1.apk
Guatemala Tektiteko Tektiteko WBT     238 Americas Tektiteko_WBT Tektiteko_WBT-1.0.1.apk
India Telugu Telugu ERV   197 Asia/Pacific Telugu_ERV Telugu_ERV-1.0.14.apk
India Telugu Telugu Old Version       182 Asia/Pacific Telugu_Old_Version Telugu_OV-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Terena Terena 1994 LBB     300 Americas Terena_LBB Terena_LBB-1.0.8.apk
Thailand Thai Thai     213 Asia/Pacific Thai Thai_TSV-1.0.6.apk
Thailand Thai, Northern Thai Northern     173 Asia/Pacific Thai_Northern Thai_Northern-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Themne Themne BSSL     182 Africa Themne_BSSL Themne_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
Peru Ticuna Ticuna (Brasil) - TBL     311 Americas Ticuna_TBL Ticuna_TBL-1.0.10.apk
Ethiopia Tigrinya Tigrinya 1991 BSE     153 Africa Tigrinya_BSE Tigrinya_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Tok Pisin       218 Asia/Pacific Tok_Pisin Tok_Pisin-1.0.8.apk
Malaysia Tombonuo Kitab Tombonuo P P 329 Asia/Pacific Tombonuo Kitab_Tombonuo-1.0.11.apk
Suriname Trio Trio UFM       269 Americas Trio_UFM Trio_UFM-1.0.6.apk
Colombia Tucano Tucano WBT     239 Americas Tucano_WBT Tucano_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Tukano Tukano     241 Americas Tukano Tukano-1.0.5.apk
Chad Tumak Tumak BIV     217 Africa Tumak_BIV Tumak_BIV-1.0.4.apk
Kenya Turkana Turkana 2001 BSK       193 Africa Turkana_BSK Turkana_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Turkey Turkish Turkish Halk Dilinde     154 Eurasia/MENA Turkish_Halk_Dilinde Turkish_Halk_Dilinde-1.0.8.apk
Turkey Turkish Turkish Kutsal Kitap 2009   157 Eurasia/MENA Turkish_Kutsal_Kitap Turkish_BST-1.0.12.apk
Turkmenistan Turkmen Turkmen     511 Eurasia/MENA Turkmen Turkmen-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Tuwali Ifugao Tuwali Ifugao BL     210 Asia/Pacific Tuwali_Ifugao_BL Tuwali_Ifugao_BL-1.0.4.apk
Colombia Tuyuca Tuyuca WBT     193 Americas Tuyuca_WBT Tuyuca_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Txitxopi Txitxopi 1999 BSO     218 Africa Txitxopi_BSO Txitxopi-1.0.7.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Bachajon Bachajon Tzeltal       203 Americas Bachajon_Tzeltal Bachajon_Tzeltal-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Oxchuc Tzeltal Oxchucl       220 Americas Tzeltal_Oxchucl Oxchuc_Tzeltal-1.0.6.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chamula Chamula Tzotzil       243 Americas Chamula_Tzotzil Chamula_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chenalho Chenalho Tzotzil       224 Americas Chenalho_Tzotzil Chenalho_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Brazil UaiUai UaiUai 2001 UFMI       334 Americas UaiUai_UFMI UaiUai_UFMI-1.0.6.apk
Peru Urarina Urarina 2006 BLI     256 Americas Urarina_BLI Urarina_BLI-1.0.6.apk
India Urdu Urdu KJV     355 Asia/Pacific Urdu_KJV Urdu_KJV-1.0.1.apk
India Urdu Urdu NT     213 Asia/Pacific Urdu_NT Urdu_NT_India-1.0.18.apk
Uzbekistan Uzbek, Northern Uzbek Northern IBT     182 Eurasia/MENA Uzbek_Northern__IBT Uzbek_No-1.0.11.apk
Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese Old Version       139 Asia/Pacific Vietnamese_Old_Version Vietnamese-1.0.8.apk
Colombia Waimaja Waimaja WBT     225 Americas Waimaja_WBT Waimaja_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Guyana Wapishana Wapishana     288 Americas Wapishana Wapishana-1.0.6.apk
Suriname Wayana Wayana WT       250 Americas Wayana_WT Wayana_WT-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Wayuu Wayuu     254 Americas Wayuu Wayuu_TBL-1.0.5.apk
Panama Wounaan Wounaan (Woun Meu) -     259 Americas Wounaan Wounaan_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Mozambique Xichangana Xichangana     198 Africa Xichangana Xichangana-1.0.8.apk
Mozambique Xirhonga Xirhonga BSM       193 Africa Xirhonga_BSM Xirhonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Mozambique Xitshwa Xitshwa BSM       199 Africa Xitshwa_BSM Xitshwa_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Yakan Yakan     204 Asia/Pacific Yakan Yakan-1.0.apk
Peru Yaminahua Yaminahua       335 Americas Yaminahua Yaminahua-1.0.1.apk
Peru Yanesha Yanesha     385 Americas Yanesha Yanesha-1.0.6.apk
Venezuela Yanomamö Yanomamo       299 Americas Yanomamo Yanomamo-1.0.1.apk
Peru Yine Yine     204 Americas Yine Yine-1.0.5.apk
Nigeria Yoruba Yoruba 1960 BSN       180 Africa Yoruba_1960_BSN Yoruba_1960_BSN-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Yoruba Yoruba 2004       167 Africa Yoruba_2004 Yoruba_2004-1.0.2.apk
South Sudan Zande Zande BSO 2011     215 Africa Zande_BSO Zande_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Guevea de Humboldt Zapotec Guevea de Humboldt     189 Americas Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de Yalálag Zapoteco de Yalalag       154 Americas Zapoteco_de_Yalalag Zapoteco_de_Yalalag-1.0.2.apk
Paraguay Énxet Enxet       219 Americas Enxet Enxet-1.0.8.apk

A ✓ indicates a full Old or New Testament (OT/NT) in Audio or Text, P indicates full books of an incomplete Testament, and S indicates partial books.