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Country Language Region ISO App Link Button OT Audio OT Text NT Audio NT Text Size (MB) Project Link
Cote d'Ivoire Abidji Africa ABI Abidji WBT     210.476877 Abidji_WBT Abidji_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Guatemala Acateco Americas KNJ Acateco WBT   257.653262 Acateco_WBT Acateco_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Paraguay Ache Americas GUQ Ache       216.701589 Ache Ache-1.0.9.apk
Uganda Acholi Africa ACH Acholi 1985 BSU     142.905474 Acholi_BSU Acholi_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Peru Achuar Americas ACU Achuar BLI   P 283.403502 Achuar_BLI Achuar_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Peru Achuar Americas ACU Achuar TBL   P 283.189992 Achuar_TBL Achuar_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Adioukrou Africa ADJ Adioukrou 1998 WBT     198.309142 Adioukrou_WBT Adioukrou_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Agni Sanvi Africa ANY Agni Sanvi     191.769357 Agni_Sanvi Agni_Sanvi-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Agta, Pahanan Asia/Pacific APF Pahanan Agta     201.600142 Pahanan_Agta Pahanan_Agta-1.0.2.apk
Guatemala Aguacateco Americas AGU Aguacateco NVS   208.2684 Aguacateco_NVS Aguacateco_NVS-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Agutaynen Asia/Pacific AGN Agutaynen     214.829914 Agutaynen Agutaynen-1.0.3.apk
Ghana Akan: Akuapem Twi Africa AK1 Akan Akuapem Twi       140.359473 Akan_Akuapem_Twi Akan_Akuapem_Twi-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Asante Africa AK2 Akan Asante       146.530216 Akan_Asante Akan_Asante-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Fante Africa AK3 Akan Fante BSO       153.847756 Akan_Fante_BSO Akan_Fante_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Guyana Akawaio Americas AKE Akawaio BSS     226.63616 Akawaio_BSS Akawaio_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Myanmar Akeu Asia/Pacific AEU Akeu WBT     215.760672 Akeu_WBT Akeu_WBT-1.0.apk
Thailand Akha Asia/Pacific AHK Akha TBS     195.826637 Akha_TBS Akha_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Akoose Africa BSS Akoose     192.387485 Akoose Akoose-1.0.apk
Philippines Alangan Asia/Pacific ALJ Alangan     195.966922 Alangan Alangan-1.0.1.apk
Albania Albanian Eurasia/MENA ALS Albanian       147.172856 Albanian Albanian-1.0.11.apk
Russia Altai, Southern Eurasia/MENA ALT Altai South IBT     149.491494 Altai_South_IBT Altai_South_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Alune Asia/Pacific ALP JB Alune     197.334134 Alune_JB Alkitab_Alune-1.1.6.apk
Uganda Alur Africa ALZ Alur 1970 BSO     187.707178 Alur_BSO Alur_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Ambai Asia/Pacific AMK Ambai     291.490803 Ambai_WBT Ambai-1.0.1.apk
Papua New Guinea Anjam Asia/Pacific BOJ Anjam WBT     255.484091 Anjam_WBT Anjam_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Antipolo Ifugao Asia/Pacific IFY Antipolo Ifugao     216.208474 Antipolo_Ifugao Antipolo_Ifugao-1.0.3.apk
Region-wide Arabic Eurasia/MENA ARZ Old Testament     554.591691 Arabic_OT_VDV Arabic_OT_VDV-1.0.5.apk
Region-wide Arabic Eurasia/MENA ARB Arabic Sharif       153.4019 Arabic_Sharif Arabic_Sharif-1.0.4.apk
Region-wide Arabic Eurasia/MENA ARZ The Word   164.592131 Arabic_VDV The_Word-1.0.53.apk
Chad Arabic Chadian Africa SHU Arabic Chadian BSC       173.058261 Arabic_Chadian_BSC Arabic_Chadian_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Iraq Arabic Iraqi Eurasia/MENA ACM Arabic Iraqi       143.9262 Arabic_Iraqi Arabic_Iraqi-1.0.3.apk
Sudan Arabic Sudanese Africa APD Arabic Sudanese       164.005432 Arabic_Sudanese Arabic_Sudanese-1.0.3.apk
Egypt Arabic, Upper Egyptian Colloquial Eurasia/MENA AEC Arabic Upper Egyptian Colloquial     P   22.402472 Arabic_Upper_Egyptian_Colloquial Arabic_EBS-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Aralle-Tabulahan Pacific ATQ Aralle-Tabulahan Bible     264.36465 Aralle-Tabulahan_Bible Aralle-Tabulahan_Bible-1.0.apk
Armenia Armenian, Western Eurasia/MENA arm Armenian Western ACN     P   76.765806 Armenian_Western_ACN Armenian_W_ACN-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Arop-Lokep Asia/Pacific APR Arop-Lokep     306.663395 Arop-Lokep Arop-Lokep-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Arosi Asia/Pacific AIA Arosi 2004 WBT     205.545382 Arosi_WBT Arosi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Peru Ashaninca Americas CNI Ashaninca     269.933914 Ashaninca_WBT Ashaninca_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Peru Asheninka Ucayali-Yurua Americas CPB Asheninka Ucayali_Yurua     282.826765 Asheninka_Ucayali_Yurua Asheninka_Ucayali_Yurua-1.0.apk
Peru Asheninka, Pichis Americas CPU Asheninka Pichis     280.327448 Asheninka_Pichis Asheninka_Pichis-1.0.apk
Uganda Ateso Africa TEO Ateso BSU     163.422656 Ateso_BSU Ateso_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Suriname Aukaans Americas DJK Aukaans WBT     232.314937 Aukaans_WBT Aukaans_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Russia Avar Eurasia/MENA AVA Avar 2008 IBT     175.153245 Avar_IBT Avar_IBT-1.0.8.apk
Papua New Guinea Awa (PNG) Asia/Pacific AWB Awa TBL     190.007955 Awa_TBL Awa_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Peru Awajun Americas AGR Awajun BLI     226.96585 Awajun_BLI Awajun_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Ayangan Ifugao Asia/Pacific IFB Ayangan Ifugao     227.535734 Ayangan_Ifugao Ayangan_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Bolivia Aymara Americas AYM Aymara BSB       211.391808 Aymara_BSB Aymara_BSB-1.0.apk
Philippines Ayta Mag-antsi Asia/Pacific SGB Ayta Mag-antsi     236.80409 Ayta_Mag-antsi Ayta_Mag_antsi-1.0.2.apk
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani, North Eurasia/MENA AZE Azerbaijani Northern Kitab Shirketi     177.114948 Azerbaijani_Northern_Kitab_Shirketi Azerbaijani_No-1.0.11.apk
Iran Azerbaijani, South Eurasia/MENA AZB Azerbaijani South     170.535623 Azerbaijani_South Azerbaijani_So-1.0.14.apk
Cameroon Babungo Africa BAV Babungo WBT     194.93812 Babungo_WBT Babungo_WBT-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Baelelea Asia/Pacific BVC Baelelea     267.114706 Baelelea Baelelea-1.0.3.apk
Cameroon Bafia Africa KSF Bafia BSC       176.119103 Bafia_BSC Bafia_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Bafut Africa BFD Bafut WBT     217.822786 Bafut_WBT Bafut_WBT-1.0.apk
India Bagri South Asia BGQ Bagri     164.175713 Bagri Bagri-1.0.apk
South Sudan Baka Africa BDH Baka     266.641289 Baka_ Baka-1.0.apk
Cote D'Ivoire Bakwé Africa BJW Bakwe     147.543364 Bakwe Bakwe-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Balinese Asia/Pacific BAN Balinese TBV       285.885664 Balinese_TBV Balinese_TBV-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Balinese Pacific BAN Balinese TBV       292.170383 Balinese_TBV Balinese_TBV-1.0.4.apk
Pakistan Balochi, Southern Eurasia/MENA BCC Balochi Southern     P P 106.064922 Balochi_Southern Balochi_Southern-1.0.1.apk
Mali Bambara Africa BAM Bambara La Sainte P     306.511596 Bambara_La_Sainte Bambara_La_Sainte-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Bana Africa BCW Bana WBT     233.23081 Bana_WBT Bana_WBT-1.0.apk
Senegal Bandial Africa BQJ Bandial     207.605862 Bandial Bandial-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Bantoanon Asia/Pacific BNO Bantoanon P P 312.283656 Bantoanon Bantoanon-1.0.2.apk
Papua New Guinea Barai Asia/Pacific BBB Barai WBT     336.31679 Barai_WBT Barai_WBT-1.0.apk
South Sudan Bari Africa BFA Bari BSS 1979     211.880677 Bari_BSS Bari_BSS-1.0.6.apk
Benin Bariba Africa BBA Bariba BSB       150.518315 Bariba_BSB Bariba_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Bassa Africa BAA Bassa BSC       170.174773 Bassa_BSC Bassa_BSC-1.0.apk
Bangladesh Bawm Asia/Pacific BGR Bawm 2006 BBS     186.317238 Bawm_BBS Bawm_BBS-1.0.4.apk
Congo, Republic of the Beembe Africa BEQ Beembe     180.29417 Beembe Beembe-1.0.5.apk
Malaysia Begak Southeast Asia DBJ Begak Bible     P P 36.444253 Begak_Bible Begak_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bekwarra Africa BKV Bekwarra NBTT     207.43416 Bekwarra_NBTT Bekwarra_NBTT-1.0.apk
Belize Belize Kriol Americas BZJ Belize Kriol     177.89477 Belize_Kriol Belize_Kriol-1.0.5.apk
Liberia Belleh Africa BLH Belleh       192.841205 Belleh Belleh-1.0.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Asia/Pacific BNG Bengali Bangla Version     186.599648 Bengali_Bangla_Version Bengali_RBV-1.0.4.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Asia/Pacific BNG Bengali Common Language   200.168765 Bengali_Common_Language Bengali_CLV-1.0.9.apk
India Bengali Asia/Pacific BNG Bengali ERV     205.8942 Bengali_ERV Bengali_ERV-1.0.13.apk
Bangladesh Bengali Asia/Pacific BNG Bengali Mussolmani     185.875941 Bengali_Mussolmani Bengali_Mus-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Berom Africa BOM Berom     232.365011 Berom Berom-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bete-Bendi Africa BTT Bete Bendi     214.268401 Bete_Bendi Bete_Bendi-1.0.apk
India Bhojpuri Asia/Pacific BHJ Bhojpuri ROV       180.885452 Bhojpuri_ROV Bhojpuri_ROV-1.0.6.apk
Benin Biali Africa BEH Biali P P 193.445838 Biali Biali-1.0.apk
Philippines Bicolano Central Asia/Pacific BCL Bicolano Central BPV       180.048224 Bicolano_Central_BPV Bicolano_Central_BPV-1.0.apk
Philippines Bikol, Buhi’non Asia/Pacific UBL Bikol, Buhi'non       189.169431 Bikol,_Buhi'non Bikol,_Buhi'non-1.0.2.apk
Ghana Bimoba Africa BIM Bimoba WBT     183.072112 Bimoba_WBT Bimoba_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Binukid Asia/Pacific BKD Binukid     184.39981 Binukid Binukid_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Birifor, Northern Africa BFO Birifor Northern 1993 BSB     181.691763 Birifor_Northern_BSB Birifor_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Bisã Africa BQP Bisa       140.855688 Bisa Bisa-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bisã Africa BQP Busa-Bisa     146.881022 Busa-Bisa Busa_Bisa-1.0.1.apk
Vanuatu Bislama Asia/Pacific BIS Bislama BSP P   558.514464 Bislama_BSP Bislama_BSP-1.0.7.apk
Thailand Bisu Asia/Pacific BZI Bisu P P 266.266349 Bisu Bisu-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Bobo Madare, Southern Africa BWQ Bobo Madare South 2004 BSB     181.514492 Bobo_Madare_South_BSB Bobo_Madare_So_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Benin Boko Africa BQC Boko SIM       131.036233 Boko_SIM Boko_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Bokobaru Africa BUS Bokobaru SIM       142.192774 Bokobaru_SIM Bokobaru_SIM-1.0.apk
Malaysia Bonggi Asia/Pacific BDG Kitab Bonggi     P P 71.022526 Bonggi_Portions Kitab_Bonggi-1.0.13.apk
Peru Bora Americas BOA Bora BLI     229.159758 Bora_BLI Bora_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Borana Africa GA1 Borana 1994 BSK       155.477196 Borana_BSK Borana_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Laos Bru Eastern Asia/Pacific BRU Bru Eastern     213.866438 Bru_Eastern Bru_Eastern-1.0.4.apk
Panama Buglere Americas SAB Buglere WBT     377.439382 Buglere_WBT Buglere_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Bulgaria Bulgarian Eurasia/MENA BLG Bulgarian 1924       157.27848 Bulgarian_1924 Bulgarian_1924-1.0.apk
Bulgaria Bulgarian Eurasia/MENA BUL Bulgarian PR       148.821494 Bulgarian_PR Bulgarian_PR-1.0.apk
Cameroon Bum Africa BMV Bum CABTAL       195.413971 Bum_CABTAL Bum_CABTAL-1.0.apk
Cambodia Bunong Southeast Asia CMO Bunong     218.349005 Bunong Bunong-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bura Africa BWR Bura BSN       244.043342 Bura_BSN Bura_BSN-1.0.apk
Myanmar Burmese Asia/Pacific MYA Burmese Old Judson Version     199.220362 Burmese_Old_Judson_Version Burmese_OJV-1.0.5.apk
Myanmar Burmese Southeast Asia MYA Burmese MSB     200.037055 Burmese_MSB Burmese_MSB-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Burum-Mindik Pacific BMU Burum-Mindik PNG Bible     325.713395 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Burum-Mindik Pacific BMU Burum-Mindik PNG Bible N1     325.606911 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible_N1 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Bwanabwana Asia/Pacific TTE Bwanabwana WBT     199.277027 Bwanabwana_WBT Bwanabwana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Cacua Americas CBV Cacua BLI     244.16307 Cacua_BLI Cacua_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Canela Americas RAM Canela - TBL     S S 285.200729 Canela_-_TBL Canela_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Canela Americas RAM Canela LBB     S   284.335385 Canela_LBB Canela_LBB-1.0.1.apk
Peru Capanahua Americas KAQ Capanahua TBL     287.789906 Capanahua_TBL Capanahua_TBL-1.0.6.apk
Peru Caquinte Americas COT Caquinte LLB     331.472112 Caquinte_LLB Caquinte_LLB-1.0.apk
Colombia Carapana Americas CBC Carapana WBT     276.798394 Carapana_WBT Carapana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Suriname Carib Americas CAR Carib 2003 BSS     872.272538 Carib_BSS Carib_BSS-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Cebuano Asia/Pacific CEB Cebuano       238.281814 Cebuano Cebuano-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Central Ifugao Asia/Pacific IFA Central Ifugao     203.718266 Central__Ifugao Central_Ifugao_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Iraq Chaldean Eurasia/MENA CLD Chaldean     P 14.739993 Chaldean Chaldean-1.0.1.apk
Paraguay Chamacoco Americas CEG Chamacoco       202.871661 Chamacoco Chamacoco-1.0.11.apk
Malawi Chichewa Africa NYJ Chichewa 97 BLV       181.067147 Chichewa_97_BLV Chichewa_97_BLV-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Chin, Cho Southeast Asia MWQ Chin Cho CLV Bible       195.753494 Chin_Cho_CLV_Bible Chin_Cho_CLV_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Falam Southeast Asia FLM Chin Falam BSM       194.584219 Chin_Falam_BSM Chin_Falam_BSM-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Chin, Matu Southeast Asia CNK Chin Matu BSM       192.539972 Chin_Matu_BSM Chin_Matu_BSM-1.0.1.apk
Myanmar Chin, Mro-Khimi Asia/Pacific CMR Chin Mro Khimi     218.924591 Chin_Mro_Khimi Chin_Mro_Khimi-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Ngawn Southeast Asia CNW Chin Ngawn CL Bible       215.371725 Chin_Ngawn_CL_Bible Chin_Ngawn_CL_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Tiddim Asia/Pacific CT1 Chin Tiddim CLV 2004       215.701073 Chin_Tiddim_CLV Chin_Tiddim_CLV-1.0.7.apk
Myanmar Chin, Tiddim Southeast Asia CT1 Chin Tiddim CLV       215.900619 Chin_Tiddim_CLV Chin_Tiddim_CLV-1.0.11.apk
Mexico Chinantec de Ozumacin Americas CHZ Chinanteco de Ozumacin     188.076798 Chinanteco_de_Ozumacin Chinanteco_Ozu-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Chinanteco de Tepetotutla Americas CNT Chinanteco de Tepetotutla     171.476409 Chinanteco_de_Tepetotutla Chinanteco_de_Tepetotutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Chinanteco de Usila Americas CUC Chinanteco Usila     179.566422 Chinanteco_Usila Chinanteco_U-1.0.4.apk
China Chinese, Cantonese Asia/Pacific YUH Chinese Cantonese     152.561834 Chinese_Cantonese Chinese_Cantonese-1.0.10.apk
China Chinese, Mandarin Asia/Pacific CHN Mandarin Chinese UNV     274.601977 Mandarin_Chinese_UNV Mandarin_UNV-1.0.12.apk
Mozambique Chisena Africa SEH Chisena     196.720691 Chisena Chisena-1.0.5.apk
Guatemala Chorti Americas CAA Chortí   P 326.654874 Chorti_WBT Chorti_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Ecuador Cofan Americas CON Cofán WBT     219.93233 Cofán_WBT Cofan_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Canada Cree, Plains Americas CRK Cree, Plains     P   188.634727 Cree,_Plains Cree_Plains-1.0.2.apk
Russia Crimean Tatar Eurasia/MENA CRH Crimean Tatar IBT     176.825332 Crimean_Tatar_IBT Crimean_Tatar_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Cuiba Americas CUI Cuiba     318.989742 Cuiba Cuiba-1.0.3.apk
Peru Culina Americas CUL Culina     343.892469 Culina Culina-1.0.6.apk
Czechia Czech Eurasia/MENA CZC Czech CET       153.068948 Czech_CET Czech_CET-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Daba Africa DBQ Daba     245.390962 Daba Daba-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Dagara, Northern Africa DGI Dagara Northern 2004 BSB     189.035476 Dagara_Northern_BSB Dagara_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Dagbani Africa DAG Dagbani 2007 BSO       160.922568 Dagbani_BSO Dagbani_BSG-1.0.7.apk
Indonesia Dani, Central Grand Valley Asia/Pacific DNA Dani CGV       306.587845 Dani_CGV Dani_CGV-1.0.apk
Indonesia Dani, Central Grand Valley Pacific DNA Dani CGV       312.593165 Dani_CGV Dani_CGV-1.0.1.apk
Afghanistan Dari Eurasia/MENA PRS Dari   185.031893 Dari Dari-1.0.19.apk
Afghanistan Dari Eurasia/MENA PRS Dari English     322.760028 Dari_English Dari_English-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Dedua Asia/Pacific DED Dedua WBT     185.555326 Dedua_WBT Dedua_WBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Denya Africa ANV Denya WBT     235.453027 Denya_-_WBT Denya_WBT-1.0.apk
Colombia Desano Americas DES Desano 1984 WBT     271.861382 Desano_WBT Desano_WBT-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Dhopadhola Africa ADH Dhopadhola 2002 BSU     175.229586 Dhopadhola_BSU Dhopadhola_BSU-1.0.7.apk
South Sudan Didinga Africa DID Didinga     205.682529 Didinga Didinga-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Dii Africa DUR Dii BSC       164.399712 Dii_BSC Dii_BSC-1.0.1.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Padang Africa DIP Dinka Padang     169.103741 Dinka_Padang Dinka_Padang-1.0.8.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Rek Africa DIK Dinka Rek     174.103154 Dinka_Rek Dinka_Rek-1.0.6.apk
Benin Ditammari Africa TBZ Ditammari BSB       132.856022 Ditammari_BSB Ditammari_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Burkina Faso Dogose Africa DOS Dogose ANTBA     186.401678 Dogose_ANTBA Dogose_ANTBA-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Douala Africa DUA Douala BSC       173.596018 Douala_BSC Douala_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Doyayo Africa DOW Doyayo BSC       169.306564 Doyayo_BSC Doyayo_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Duri Pacific MVP Duri TDV Bible     213.674765 Duri_TDV_Bible Duri_TDV_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Dusun, Central Asia/Pacific DTP Dusun   276.061839 Dusun_BSM Baibol_Dusun-1.0.11.apk
Bhutan Dzongkha Asia/Pacific DZO Dzongkha CAP       218.971253 Dzongkha_CAP Dzongkha_CAP-1.0.7.apk
Nigeria Ebira Africa IGB Ebira BSN       181.679666 Ebira_BSN Ebira_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Edo Africa EDO Edo BSN       179.667929 Edo_BSN Edo_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Efik Africa EFK Efik BSN       168.948416 Efik_BSN Efik_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Eggon Africa EGO Eggon BSN       210.166608 Eggon_BSN Eggon_BSN-1.0.apk
Cameroon Ejagham Africa ETU Ejagham CAN       195.644496 Ejagham_CAN Ejagham_CAN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Ekajuk Africa EKA Ekajuk SU     205.168807 Ekajuk_SU Ekajuk_SU-1.0.apk
Kenya Ekegusii Africa GUZ Ekegusii 1990 BSK       182.18948 Ekegusii_BSK Ekegusii_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Nigeria Eleme Africa ELM Eleme BSN       262.034845 Eleme_BSN Eleme_BSN-1.0.apk
United States English Americas ENG English (WEB)   143.70246 English_Full_WEB English_Full_WEB-1.0.32.apk
United States English Americas ENG English KJV 619.834305 English_KJV English_KJV-1.0.8.apk
United States English Americas ENG English WEB     143.521317 English_NT_WEB English_NT_WEB-1.0.36.apk
Paraguay Enhlit Americas LEG Enhlit       238.940532 Enhlit Enhlit-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Eperã pedee Americas SJA Eperã pedee     238.259738 Eperã_pedee Epera_Pedee-1.0.3.apk
Papua New Guinea Ese Asia/Pacific MCQ Ese BL     208.225534 Ese_BL Ese_BL-1.0.apk
Russia Evenki Eurasia/MENA EVN Evenki     P   32.049069 Evenki Evenki-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Ewe, Ghana Africa EWE Ewe Ghana       190.912487 Ewe_Ghana_BSG Ewe_Ghana-1.0.7.apk
Cameroon Fali South Africa FAL Fali South BLI     156.188254 Fali_South_BLI Fali_South_BLI-1.0.apk
Gabon Fang Africa FAN Fang BSG       140.883785 Fang_BSG Fang_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Iran Farsi, Western Eurasia/MENA PES Farsi West TPV       219.456236 Farsi_West_TPV Farsi_West_TPV-1.0.21.apk
Solomon Islands Fataleka Asia/Pacific FAR Fataleka     266.000206 Fataleka Fataleka-1.0.3.apk
Fiji Fiji-Hindi Asia/Pacific HIF Fiji Hindi BSO     178.277078 Fiji_Hindi_BSO Fiji_Hindi_BSO-1.0.7.apk
Fiji Fijian Asia/Pacific FIJ Fijian New Version     186.573015 Fijian_New_Version Fijian_NV-1.0.7.apk
Benin Fon (Fongbe) Africa FON Fon (Fongbe)       180.801209 Fon_(Fongbe) Fon_(Fongbe)-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Fordata Asia/Pacific FRD Fordata     245.343457 Fordata Fordata-1.0.1.apk
France French Eurasia/MENA FRN French 1910 LS     147.940535 French_1910_LS French_1910_LS-1.0.7.apk
Nigeria Fulfulde Nigerian (Caka) Africa FUV Fulfulde Caka     164.109794 Fulfulde_Caka Fulfulde_Caka-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Fulfulde, Adamawa Africa FU1 Fulfulde, Adamawa       156.030279 Fulfulde,_Adamawa Fulfulde_Adamawa-1.0.apk
Niger Fulfulde, Central Eastern Niger Africa FUQ Fulfulde CE Niger       153.281137 Fulfulde_CE_Niger Fulfulde_CE_Niger-1.0.1.apk
Mali Fulfulde, Maasina Africa FFM Fulfulde Maasina     150.299125 Fulfulde_Maasina Fulfulde_Maasina-1.0.2.apk
Niger Fulfulde, Western Niger Africa FU3 Fulfulde W Niger     154.193117 Fulfulde_W_Niger Fulfulde_W_Niger-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Fuliiru Africa FLR Fuliiru Bible     235.377875 Fuliiru_Bible Fuliiru_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Ga Africa GAC Ga BSG       164.288315 Ga_BSG Ga_BSG-1.0.4.apk
Moldova Gagauz Eurasia/MENA GAG Gagauz 2006 IBT     150.87707 Gagauz_IBT Gagauz_IBT-1.0.4.apk
Papua New Guinea Gapapaiwa Pacific PWG Gapapaiwa WBT Bible     269.038824 Gapapaiwa_WBT_Bible Gapapaiwa_WBT_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Garab Africa KIA Garab     208.745633 Garab Garab-1.0.1.apk
Bangladesh Garo Asia/Pacific GRT Garo 2004 BBS     185.531906 Garo_BBS Garo_BBS-1.0.4.apk
South Sudan Gbaya Africa KRS Gbaya WBT Bible   P   251.698013 Gbaya_WBT_Bible Gbaya_WBT_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Gbaya Northwest Africa GYA Gbaya NW BSC       164.728496 Gbaya_NW_BSC Gbaya_NW_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Central African Republic Gbaya Southwest Africa GSO Gbaya Southwest 2005 BS     175.538318 Gbaya_Southwest_BS Gbaya_SW-1.0.6.apk
Solomon Islands Gela Asia/Pacific NLG Gela     226.373214 Gela Gela-1.0.1.apk
Georgia Georgian Eurasia/MENA GEO Georgian IBT       137.714616 Georgian_IBT Georgian_IBT-1.0.5.apk
Germany German Eurasia/MENA DEU German GNB     160.15748 German_GNB German_GNB-1.0.apk
Cameroon Ghomala Africa BBJ Ghomala BSC       146.775841 Ghomala_BSC Ghomala_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Gidar Africa GID Gidar BSC       175.245337 Gidar_BSC Gidar_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Gikuyu Africa KIU Gikuyu 1965 BSK       174.735172 Gikuyu_BSK Gikuyu_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Gitonga Africa TOH Gitonga 1996 BSM     200.946301 Gitonga_BSM Gitonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Liberia Grebo, Northern Africa GBO Grebo Northern     217.996108 Grebo_Northern Grebo_Northern-1.0.apk
Greece Greek Eurasia/MENA GRK Greek OT AVS     533.09653 Greek_OT_AVS Greek_OT_AVS-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek Eurasia/MENA GRK Greek EPT AVS 643.593563 Greek_EPT_AVS Greek_EPT-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek Eurasia/MENA GRK Greek SFT     148.913572 Greek_SFT Greek_SFT-1.0.3.apk
Greece Greek-Ancient Eurasia/MENA GRK Greek EPT     135.843089 Greek__EPT Greek_NT_EPT-1.1.9.apk
Colombia Guahibo Americas GUH Guahibo WBT     329.30469 Guahibo_WBT Guahibo_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Guajajara Americas GUB Guajajara - WBT     334.428029 Guajajara_-_WBT Guajajara_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Guambiano Americas GUM Guambiano BLI     238.472266 Guambiano_BLI Guambiano_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Colombia Guanano Americas GVC Guanano BLI     318.991186 Guanano_BLI Guanano_BLI-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Guarani Western Bolivian Americas GNW Guarani Western Bolivian       237.363393 Guarani_Western_Bolivian Guarani_W_Bol-1.0.9.apk
Paraguay Guarani, Paraguayan Americas GUG Guarani       169.439005 Guarani Guarani-1.0.11.apk
Bolivia Guarayo Americas GYR Guarayo       223.530422 Guarayo Guarayo-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Guayabero Americas GUO Guayabero WBT     268.1249 Guayabero_WBT Guayabero_WBT-1.0.apk
Panama Guaymi Americas GYM Guaymi 2004 WBT     286.122934 Guaymi_WBT Guaymi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Cameroon Gude Africa GDE Gude WBT     225.280767 Gude_WBT Gude_WBT-1.0.apk
Chad Gulei Africa GVL Gulei BSC       200.859968 Gulei_BSC Gulei_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Burkina Faso Gulmancema Africa GUX Gulmancema 2003 ABF     165.804642 Gulmancema_ABF Gulmancema_ABF-1.0.8.apk
Papua New Guinea Gumawana Pacific GVS Gumawana SBF       265.129015 Gumawana_SBF Gumawana_SBF-1.0.apk
Haiti Haitian Creole Americas HAT Haitian Creole       176.367635 Haitian_Creole Haitian_Creole-1.0.10.apk
Taiwan Hakka Southeast Asia HAK Hakka       181.648712 Hakka Hakka-1.0.9.apk
Philippines Hanunoo Asia/Pacific HNN Hanunoo     208.390658 Hanunoo Hanunoo-1.0.1.apk
Mauritania Hassaniyya Eurasia/MENA MEY Hassaniyya       205.250018 Hassaniyya Hassaniyya-1.0.apk
Nigeria Hausa Africa HUA Hausa 1979 BSO       153.659543 Hausa_BSO Hausa_BSN-1.0.9.apk
Nigeria Hausa Africa HAU Hausa CLV       188.642864 Hausa_CLV Hausa_CLV-1.0.apk
Israel Hebrew Eurasia/MENA HBR Hebrew Modern       143.477165 Hebrew_Modern Hebrew_Modern-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Higgi Africa HIG Higgi BLI     243.758062 Higgi_BLI Higgi_BLI-1.0.apk
Philippines Hiligaynon Southeast Asia HIL Hiligaynon Bible       220.911958 Hiligaynon_Bible Hiligaynon_Bible-1.0.apk
India Hindi Asia/Pacific HND Hindi Sab Ki     166.459117 Hindi_Sab_Ki Hindi_Sab_Ki-1.0.1.apk
India Hindi Asia/Pacific HND Hindi ERV     205.941821 Hindi_ERV Hindi_ERV-1.0.18.apk
India Hindi Asia/Pacific HND Hindi KJV     309.127404 Hindi_KJV Hindi_KJV-1.0.1.apk
Vietnam Hmong Daw Asia/Pacific MWW Hmong Daw 2000 UBS       167.790269 Hmong_Daw_UBS Hmong_Daw_UBS-1.0.4.apk
Peru Huambisa Americas HUB Huambisa WBT   226.896838 Huambisa_WBT huambisa_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Peru Huitoto Murui Americas HUU Huitoto Murui     267.262482 Huitoto_Murui Huitoto_Murui-1.0.5.apk
Colombia Huitoto, Minica Americas HTO Huitoto Minica     269.097034 Huitoto_Minica Huitoto_Minica-1.0.4.apk
Hungary Hungarian Eurasia/MENA HUN Hungarian 2014 RHNT     139.833162 Hungarian_RHNT Hungarian_RHNT-1.0.4.apk
Malaysia Iban Asia/Pacific IBA Bup Kudus   180.866974 Iban Iban_Bup_Kudus-1.0.13.apk
Nigeria Idoma Africa IDU Idoma BSN       210.419318 Idoma_BSN Idoma_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Igala Africa IGL Igala BSN       159.15044 Igala_BSN Igala_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Igbo Africa IGR Igbo Union Version       181.500996 Igbo_Union_Version Igbo_Union_Version-1.0.2.apk
Nigeria Igede Africa IGE Igede BSN       316.444254 Igede_BSN Igede_BSN-1.0.apk
Togo Igo Africa AHL Igo     P   40.820077 Igo Igo-1.0.3.apk
Nigeria Illo Busa Africa BQ1 Illo Busa     P   101.551014 Illo_Busa Illo_Busa-1.0.apk
Philippines Ilokano Asia/Pacific ILO Ilokano RIPV       203.742868 Ilokano_RIPV Ilokano_RIPV-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Asia/Pacific INZ Alkitab PB TSI Albata     251.851226 Indonesian_TSI Indonesian_TSI-1.0.9.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Pacific IND Indonesian IND Bible     225.774349 Indonesian_IND_Bible Indonesian_IND_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Pacific INZ Indonesian NTV     227.891981 Indonesian_NTV Indonesian_NTV-1.0.17.apk
Indonesia Indonesian Pacific INZ Indonesian NTV     227.891981 Indonesian_NTV Indonesian_NTV-1.0.18.apk
Colombia Inga Americas INB Inga WBT     263.472181 Inga_WBT Inga_WBT-1.0.apk
Nigeria Isoko Africa ISO Isoko BSN       188.769154 Isoko_BSN Isoko_BSN-1.0.apk
Philippines Itawit Asia/Pacific ITV Itawit STEP       216.784797 Itawit_STEP Itawit_STEP-1.0.apk
Nigeria Itsekiri Africa ITS Itsekiri BSN       208.019725 Itsekiri_BSN Itsekiri_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izere Africa FIZ Izere BLI     189.407209 Izere_BLI Izere_BLI-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izii Africa IZZ Izii BLI     195.147385 Izii_BLI Izii_BLI-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izon Africa IJC Izon BSN       266.63236 Izon_BSN Izon_BSN-1.0.apk
Jamaica Jamaican Creole Americas JAM Jamaican Creole BSW     179.329397 Jamaican_Creole_BSW Jamaican_Creole-1.0.6.apk
Nigeria Jju Africa KAJ Jju BSN       176.958843 Jju_BSN Jju_BSN-1.0.apk
Senegal Jola Kasa Africa CSK Jola Kasa 2008 BLI     218.144453 Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI-1.0.1.apk
Gambia Jola-Fogny Africa DYO Jola-Fogny 2011 BSG       205.018012 Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG-1.0.1.apk
Mali Jowulu Africa JOW Jowulu Bible       189.787913 Jowulu_Bible Jowulu_Bible-1.0.apk
India Juang South Asia JUN Juang     272.639715 Juang Juang-1.0.2.apk
Nigeria Jukun Africa JBU Jukun 1994     243.07411 Jukun_1994 Jukun_1994-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Jula Africa DYU Jula 1996 BSO     175.644744 Jula_BSO Jula_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Peru Junikuin Americas CBS Junikuin   315.958418 Junikuin Junikuin-1.0.1.apk
Togo Kabiye Africa KBP Kabiye 1995 BST       181.457663 Kabiye_BST Kabiye_BST-1.0.7.apk
Algeria Kabyle Eurasia/MENA KAB Kabyle     173.48571 Kabyle Kabyle-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Kachin Southeast Asia KAC Kachin Bible       205.238457 Kachin_Bible Kachin-Bible-1.0.3.apk
Malaysia Kadazan, Coastal Asia/Pacific KZJ Kadazan, Coastal     239.554186 Kadazan_NT Baibol_Kadazan-1.1.10.apk
Philippines Kagayanen Asia/Pacific CGC Kagayanen     225.553462 Kagayanen Kagayanen-1.0.2.apk
Peru Kakataibo Americas CBR Kakataibo TBL   269.602554 Kakataibo_TBL Kakataibo_TBL-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Kakwa Africa KEO Kakwa BSU     211.979089 Kakwa_BSU Kakwa_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Nigeria Kalabari Africa IJN Kalabari BSN       248.785218 Kalabari_BSN Kalabari_BSN-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalagan Eastern Asia/Pacific KQE Kalagan Eastern     244.494398 Kalagan_Eastern Kalagan_Eastern-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Butbut Asia/Pacific KYB Kalinga Butbut     198.116887 Kalinga_Butbut Kalinga_Butbut-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Lubuagan Southeast Asia KNB Kalinga Lubuagan     189.341584 Kalinga_Lubuagan Kalinga_Lubuagan-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Majukayong Asia/Pacific KMD Kalinga Majukayong     201.33945 Kalinga_Majukayong Kalinga_Majukayong-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Kandawo Asia/Pacific GAM Kandawo WBT     226.198603 Kandawo_WBT Kandawo_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Kandozi Americas CBU Kandozi     361.664282 Kandozi Kandozi-1.0.7.apk
Philippines Kankanaey Asia/Pacific KNE Kankanaey     205.54065 Kankanaey Kankanaey-1.0.2.apk
India Kannada Asia/Pacific ERV Kannada ERV     236.719508 Kannada_ERV Kannada_ERV-1.0.12.apk
Niger Kanuri, Manga Africa KBY Kanuri Manga     P P 85.688603 Kanuri_Manga Kanuri_Manga-1.0.apk
Cameroon Kapsiki Africa KVJ Kapsiki BSC       179.153855 Kapsiki_BSC Kapsiki_BSC-1.0.apk
Uzbekistan Karakalpak Eurasia/MENA KAA Karakalpak IBT     174.687741 Karakalpak_IBT Karakalpak-1.0.10.apk
Thailand Karen Pwo, Northern Asia/Pacific PWW Karen Pwo, Northern TBS     207.99944 Karen_Pwo_Northern_TBS Karen_Pwo_No_TBS-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Karimojong Africa KDJ Karimojong BSU     200.178561 Karimojong Karimojong_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Kayabi Americas KYZ Kayabi WBT     429.561043 Kayabi_WBT Kayabi_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Myanmar Kayah, Western Southeast Asia KYU Kayah Western UBS     295.511741 Kayah_Western_UBS Kayah_Western_BSM-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Kayapo Americas TXU Kayapo     321.569629 Kayapo Kayapo-1.0.5.apk
Kazakhstan Kazakh Eurasia/MENA KAZ Kazakh     197.481725 Kazakh Kazakh-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Ka’apor Americas URB Kaapor WBT     359.50751 Kaapor_-_WBT Kaapor_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kebu Africa KD1 Kebu     232.045693 Kebu Kebu-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Keliko Africa KBO Keliko Bible P P 310.854539 Keliko_Bible Keliko_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Kenyang Africa KEN Kenyang WBT     206.335683 Kenyang_WBT Kenyang_WBT-1.0.apk
Indonesia Ketengban Asia/Pacific XTE Ketengban WBT     489.098686 Ketengban_WBT Ketengban_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Russia Khakas Eurasia/MENA KJH Khakas       139.654201 Khakas Khakas-1.0.3.apk
Nigeria Khana Africa OGO Khana BSN       181.728199 Khana_BSN Khana_BSN-1.0.apk
Cambodia Khmer, Central Asia/Pacific KMH Khmer Central SV       204.240588 Khmer_Central_SV Khmer_Central_SV-1.0.4.apk
Thailand Khmer, Northern Asia/Pacific KXM Khmer Northern TBS     170.918764 Khmer_Northern_TBS Khmer_North_TBS-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Kiembu Africa EBU Kiembu 2002 BSO       182.90452 Kiembu_BSO Kiembu_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Kikamba Africa KIK Kikamba 1998 BSK       145.636016 Kikamba_BSK Kikamba_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Angola Kimbundu Africa KMB Kimbundu BSA       189.905915 Kimbundu_BSA Kimbundu_BSA-1.0.apk
Kenya Kimeru Africa MER Kimeru BSK 2010       180.861233 Kimeru_BSK Kimeru_BSK-1.1.5.apk
Chad Kimre Africa KQP Kimre WBT     214.668137 Kimre_WBT Kimre_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Kimyal of Korupun Pacific KPQ Kimyal of Korupun Bible     262.724883 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Kimyal of Korupun Pacific KPQ Kimyal of Korupun Bible N1     262.572074 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible_N1 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
Philippines Kinaray-a Asia/Pacific KRJ Kinaray-a WBT     206.286942 Kinaray-a_WBT Kinaray-a_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Tanzania Kinga Africa ZGA Kinga     284.826683 Kinga Kinga-1.0.apk
Rwanda Kinyarwanda Africa RUA Kinyarwanda       149.120153 Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda-1.0.11.apk
Rwanda Kinyarwanda Africa RUA Kinyarwanda English app     287.797955 Kinyarwanda_English_app Kinyarwanda_English_app-1.0.apk
Kyrgyzstan Kirghiz Eurasia/MENA KIR Kirghiz BSK       204.389931 Kirghiz_BSK Kirghiz-1.0.12.apk
Kiribati Kiribati Asia/Pacific GIL Kiribati       191.610004 Kiribati Kiribati-1.0.apk
Burundi Kirundi Africa RUN Kirundi BSB     139.062504 Kirundi_BSB Kirundi_BSB-1.0.2.apk
Burundi Kirundi Africa RUN Kirundi English     277.937057 Kirundi_English Kirundi_English-1.0.apk
Indonesia Kisar Asia/Pacific KJE Kisar     261.871586 Kisar Kisar-1.0.5.apk
Tanzania Kiswahili Africa SWA Kiswahili HNV       173.728408 Kiswahili_HNV Kiswahili_HNV-1.0.15.apk
Congo, Republic of the Kituba Africa MKW Kituba 2005 BS     196.799496 Kituba_BS Kituba_BS-1.0.5.apk
Colombia Kogi Americas KOG Kogi - WBT     305.677426 Kogi_WBT Kogi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Kolibugan Asia/Pacific SKN Kolibugan P P P P 172.396647 Kolibugan Kolibugan-1.0.3.apk
Cameroon Kom Africa BKM Kom BSC       185.937816 Kom_BSC Kom_BSC-1.0.apk
Mali Konabere Africa BBO Konabere       157.291488 Konabere Konabere-1.0.1.apk
India Konda-Dora Asia/Pacific KFC Konda Dora 2006 KSS       210.661856 Konda_Dora_KSS Konda_Dora_KSS-1.0.5.apk
Sierra Leone Kono Africa KNO Kono     218.023986 Kono Kono-1.0.6.apk
Korea, North Korean, North Asia/Pacific KO2 Korean North Chosun     208.73935 Korean_North_Chosun Korean_North_Chosun-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Koreguaje Americas COE Koreguaje WBT     216.959934 Koreguaje_WBT Koreguaje_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Koronadal Blaan Asia/Pacific BPR Koronadal Blaan 1995 WBT     181.385846 Koronadal_Blaan_WBT Koronadal_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Sierra Leone Krio Africa KRI Krio     187.04075 Krio Krio-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Kumam Africa KDI Kumam 2006 BSU     170.50653 Kumam_BSU Kumam_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Russia Kumyk Eurasia/MENA KUM Kumyk IBT     205.242485 Kumyk_IBT Kumyk_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Chad Kuo Africa XUO Kuo WBT     224.410017 Kuo_WBT Kuo_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kupsapiny Africa KPZ Kupsapiny 1995 BSU     170.621091 Kupsapiny_BSU Kupsapiny_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Sierra Leone Kuranko Africa KNK Kuranko     186.601546 Kuranko Kuranko-1.0.4.apk
Iraq Kurdish Behdini Eurasia/MENA KM1 Kurdish Behdini     134.753065 Kurdish_Behdini Kurdish_Behdini-1.0.apk
Turkey Kurdish Kurmanji Eurasia/MENA KMR Kurdish Kurmanji       222.569806 Kurdish_Kurmanji Kurdish_Kurmanji_UBS-1.0.26.apk
Nigeria Kutep Africa KUB Kutep WBT     265.641298 Kutep_WBT Kutep_WBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Kwanja Africa KNP Kwanja BSC       183.3099 Kwanja_BSC Kwanja_BSC-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Kwara'ae Pacific KWF Kwara'ae WBT     251.817016 Kwara'ae_WBT Kwara'ae_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Kyanga Africa TYE Kyanga     P   117.06239 Kyanga Kyanga-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lacid Southeast Asia LSI Lacid Bible       222.049634 Lacid_Buble Lacid_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Thailand Lahu Asia/Pacific LHU Lahu 1989 TBS     251.062106 Lahu_TBS Lahu_TBS-1.0.5.apk
Togo Lamba Africa LAS Lamba 1993 WBT     177.492522 Lamba_WBT Lamba_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Cameroon Lamnso Africa LNS Lamnso       183.620206 Lamnso Lamnso-1.0.apk
Uganda Lango Africa LAJ Lango 1978 BSU     147.226462 Lango_BSU Lango_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Congo, Republic of the Lari Africa LDI Lari 2007 BS     204.592258 Lari_BS Lari_BS-1.0.6.apk
Latvia Latvian Eurasia/MENA LAT Latvian NLIB       151.439985 Latvian_NLIB Latvian_NLIB-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Lauje Asia/Pacific LAW Lauje     361.324457 Lauje Lauje-1.0.1.apk
Thailand Lawa, Western Southeast Asia LCP Lawa Western     181.64644 Lawa_Western Lawa_Western-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lemi Asia/Pacific CEK Lemi     234.437541 Lemi Lemi-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lhaovo Southeast Asia MHX Lhaovo       227.876747 Lhaovo Lhaovo-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Limba West Africa LIA Limba West     216.24691 Limba_West Limba_West-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Limbum Africa LIM Limbum BSC       176.422613 Limbum_BSC Limbum_BSC-1.0.apk
Thailand Lisu Asia/Pacific LIS Lisu NTCM     172.444042 Lisu_NTCM Lisu_NTCM-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Lobiri Africa LOB Lobiri 1984 BSO     155.719641 Lobiri_BSO Lobiri_BSO-1.0.4.apk
Benin Lokpa Africa DOP Lokpa BSB       161.556887 Lokpa_BSB Lokpa_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Luang Asia/Pacific LEX Alkitab Luang     288.522089 Alkitab_Luang Alkitab_Luang-1.0.10.apk
Uganda Luganda Africa LUG Luganda 2003 BSU       155.909418 Luganda_BSU Luganda_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Uganda Lugbara Africa LGG Lugbara BSU     196.217117 Lugbara_BSU Lugbara_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Lugungu Africa RUB Lugungu       267.085043 Lugungu Lugungu-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Lukakamega Africa IDA Lukakamega 2002 BSK       211.293744 Lukakamega_BSK Lukakamega_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lumasaaba Africa MYX Lumasaaba 2008 BSU     203.393842 Lumasaaba_BSU Lumasaaba_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Malaysia Lun Bawang - Lun Dayah Asia/Pacific LND Bala Luk Do   198.032642 Lun_Bawang Lunbawang-1.0.11.apk
Kenya Luo Africa LUO Luo 1978 BSK       162.445744 Luo_BSK Luo_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lusamya-Lugwe Africa LSM Lusamya- Lugwe 2010 BSU     252.455251 Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Lusoga Africa XOG Lusoga     172.678739 Lusoga Lusoga-1.0.6.apk
South Sudan Luwo Africa LWO Luwo WBT     225.452207 Luwo_WBT Luwo_WBT-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Maale Africa MDY Maale 2007 BSE     182.263198 Maale_BSE Maale_BSE-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Maasai Africa MET Maasai BSV       141.735192 Maasai_BSV Maasai_BSV-1.0.4.apk
Macedonia Macedonian Eurasia/MENA MKD Macedonian       154.253469 Macedonian Macedonian-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Macuna Americas MYY Macuna SBI     232.912056 Macuna_SBI Macuna_SBI-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Madi Africa MHI Madi BSU       178.537923 Madi_BSU Madi_BSU-1.0.7.apk
India Magahi Asia/Pacific MAG Magahi       175.094825 Magahi Magahi-1.0.6.apk
India Maithili Asia/Pacific MAI Maithili WBT       218.019397 Maithili_WBT Maithili_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Paraguay Maka Americas MCA Maka 2013 WBT     245.254858 Maka_WBT Maka_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Cameroon Makaa Africa MCP Makaa       186.98549 Makaa Makaa-1.0.apk
Mozambique Makhuwa Africa VMW Makhuwa     189.213994 Makhuwa Makhuwa-1.0.8.apk
Madagascar Malagasy Africa MLG FIAFI     163.610386 Malagasy Malagasy-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Malay Asia/Pacific ZLM AVB   164.493194 Malay_AVB Malay_AVB-1.1.11.apk
Malaysia Malay Bahasa Asia/Pacific MLY Malay Bahasa   207.245745 Malay_Bahasa Malay_Bahasa-1.0.4.apk
India Malayalam Asia/Pacific MJS Malayalam     200.039945 Malayalam Malayalam-1.0.15.apk
Cameroon Mambila Africa MCU Mambila WBT     213.916942 Mambila_WBT Mambila_WBT-1.0.apk
Nigeria Mambila, Nigeria Africa MZK Mambila Nigeria     292.157056 Mambila_Nigeria Mambila_Nigeria-1.0.apk
Ghana Mampruli Africa MAW Mampruli WBT     204.099524 Mampruli_WBT Mampruli_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Brazil Manchineri Americas MPD Manchineri NTM       245.169312 Manchineri_NTM Manchineri_NTM-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Mandara Africa MFI Mandara WBT     249.96327 Mandara_WBT Mandara_WBT-1.0.apk
Gambia Mandinka Africa MNK Mandinka 2011 BSG       184.404992 Mandinka_2011_BSG Mandinka_2011_BSG-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Mangali Southeast Asia KML Mangali   194.174756 Mangali Mangali-1.0.apk
Philippines Manobo, Obo Asia/Pacific OBO Minonuvu     253.376086 Minonuvu Minonuvu-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Manobo, Western Bukidnon Asia/Pacific MBB Manobo Western Bukidnon WPS     255.056614 Manobo_Western_Bukidnon_WPS W_Bukidnon_WPS-1.0.7.apk
Liberia Manya Africa MZJ Gods Word in Maniyakan     P P 243.055187 Manya Manya-1.0.2.apk
Chile Mapudungun Americas ARU Mapudungun CBS     233.713747 Mapudungun_CBS Mapudungun_CBS-1.0.apk
Philippines Maranao Asia/Pacific MRW Maranao   211.860195 Maranao Maranao-1.0.3.apk
India Marathi Asia/Pacific MAR Marathi     207.29753 Marathi Marathi_BLI-1.0.13.apk
Nigeria Margi Africa MRT Margi BSN       202.60128 Margi_BSN Margi_BSN-1.0.apk
Marshall Islands Marshallese Asia/Pacific MAH Marshallese 2009 WGM       152.392833 Marshallese_WGM Marshallese_WGM-1.0.4.apk
Vanuatu Maskelynes Asia/Pacific KLV Maskelynes     195.054756 Maskelynes Maskelynes-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Massana Africa MCN Massana BSC       163.782535 Massana_BSC Massana_BSC-1.0.apk
Philippines Matigsalug Asia/Pacific MBT Matigsalug WBT     206.81233 Matigsalug_WBT Matigsalug_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Peru Matsigenka Americas MCB Matsigenka     344.721344 Matsigenka Matsigenka_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Maya, Yucatan Americas YUA Maya Yucatan BSM       199.354193 Maya_Yucatan_BSM Maya_Yucatan_BSM-1.0.apk
Nicaragua Mayangna Americas YAN Mayangna       222.739561 Mayangna Mayangna-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Mayo Americas MFY Mayo WBT     222.95393 Mayo_WBT Mayo_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Mayoyao Ifugao Asia/Pacific IFU Mayoyao Ifugao 2004 WPS     232.549342 Mayoyao_Ifugao_WPS Mayoyao_WPS-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Mazahua, Central Americas MAZ Mazahua Central LLB     279.213489 Mazahua_Central_LLB Mazahua_Central_LLB-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazatec San Jeronimo Americas MAA Mazateco San Jeronimo     187.482488 Mazateco_San_Jeronimo_-_SJV Mazateco_San_Jeronimo_SJV-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazateco de Ayautla Americas VMY Mazateco de Ayautla BLI     169.925452 Mazateco_de_Ayautla Mazateco_de_Ayautla_BLI-1.0.apk
Cameroon Medumba Africa BYV Medumba BSC       152.756238 Medumba_BSC Medumba_BSC-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Melpa Asia/Pacific MED Melpa WBT       219.533434 Melpa_WBT Melpa_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Mende Africa MEN Mende 2002 BSSL     183.820985 Mende_BSSL Mende_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Meyah Pacific MEJ Meyah YSS     350.143436 Meyah_YSS Meyah_YSS-1.0.apk
Togo Mina Africa GEJ Mina 2004 BSO     192.021013 Mina_BSO Mina_BSO-1.0.7.apk
Mali Miniyanka Africa MYK Miniyanka WBT     188.699397 Miniyanka_WBT Miniyanka_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Nicaragua Miskito Americas MIQ Miskito (Miskitu) SBN       226.9258 Miskito_SBN Miskito_SBN-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Mixe Quetzaltepec Americas PXM Mixe Quetzaltepec       178.043721 Mixe_Quetzaltepec Mixe_Quetzaltepec-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe Totontepec Americas MTO Mixe Totontepec     234.461018 Mixe_Totontepec Mixe_Totontepec-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Atitlan Americas NEQ Mixe de Atitlan BLI       171.517294 Mixe_de_Atitlan_BLI Mixe_de_Atitlan_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Coatlan Americas MCO Mixe de Coatlan     213.444161 Mixe_de_Coatlan Mixe_de_Coatlan-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Mazatlan Tutla Americas MZL Mixe de Mazatlan Tutla       239.788087 Mixe_de_Mazatlan_Tutla Mixe_de_Mazatlan_Tutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Ayutla Americas MIY Mixtec Ayutla     213.816371 Mixtec_Ayutla Mixtec_Ayutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Diuxi-Tilantongo Americas XTD Mixtec Diuxi     283.084452 Mixtec_Diuxi Mixteco_Diuxi-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Magdalena Peñasco Americas XTM Mixteco Magdalena Penasco     234.545152 Mixteco_Magdalena_Penasco Mixteco_Magdalena_Penasco-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec, Pinotepa Nacional Americas MIO Mixteco Pinotepa Nacional     230.333177 Mixteco_Pinotepa_Nacional Mixteco_Pinotepa_Nacional-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec, Zacatepeco Americas MZA Mixteco Zacatepeco     262.001474 Mixteco_Zacatepeco Mixtec_Zacatepeco-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Atatláhuca Americas MIB Mixteco de Atatláhuca TBL     232.734808 Mixteco_de_Atatláhuca_TBL Mixteco_de_Atatlahuca-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Santiago Yosundúa Americas MPM Mixteco de Santiago Yosundua     262.502982 Mixteco_de_Santiago_Yosundua Mixteco_de_Santiago_Yosundua-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Tezoatlan Americas MXB Mixteco de Tezoatlan     250.153082 Mixteco_de_Tezoatlan Mixteco_de_Tezoatlan-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco del Sur de Puebla Americas MIT Mixteco Sur Puebla     264.027579 Mixteco_sur_Puebla Mixteco_sur_Puebla-1.0.apk
Togo Moba Lok Africa MFQ Moba Lok 2007 BSO     185.004783 Moba_Lok_BSO Moba_Lok_BSO-1.0.8.apk
Cameroon Mofa Africa MAF Mofa BSC       186.714684 Mofa_BSC Mofa_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mofu-Gudur Africa MIF Mofu Gudur WBT     204.663998 Mofu_Gudur_WBT Mofu_Gudur_WBT-1.0.apk
Benin Mokole Africa MKL Mokole SIM       176.811996 Mokole_SIM Mokole_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Papua New Guinea Molima Asia/Pacific MOX Molima     268.846178 Molima Molima-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Moore Africa MHM Moore 1998 RCV     166.60194 Moore_RCV Moore_RCV-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Moore Africa MHM Moore 1998 Protestant Version P   274.999078 Moore_PV Moore_Pro-1.0.11.apk
South Sudan Moru Africa MGD Moru BSO 1996     214.627105 Moru_BSO Moru_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Moskona Pacific MTJ Moskona YSS     356.084778 Moskona_YSS Moskona_YSS-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mousgoum Africa MUG Mousgoum BSC       152.205466 Mousgoum_BSC Mousgoum_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Mumuye Africa MZM Mumuye     271.054276 Mumuye Mumuye-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mundani Africa MNF Mundani CABTAL     185.405318 Mundani_CABTAL Mundani_CABTAL-1.0.apk
South Sudan Murle Africa MUR Murle 1996 BLI     192.082414 Murle_BLI Murle_BLI-1.0.3.apk
Cameroon Muyang Africa MUY Muyang WBT     212.969692 Muyang_WBT Muyang_WBT-1.0.apk
Nigeria Mwaghavul Africa SUR Mwaghavul WBT     265.666185 Mwaghavul_WBT Mwaghavul_WBT-1.0.apk
Mozambique Mwani Africa WMW Mwani WBT 2013     191.053453 Mwani_WBT Mwani_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Brazil Nadeb Americas MBJ Nadeb     217.898955 Nadeb Nadeb-1.0.apk
Vanuatu Nafe Asia/Pacific TNK Nafe WBT     208.481302 Nafe_WBT Nafe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Nahnu Otomi Mezquital Americas OTE Nahnu Otomi Mezquital     191.334518 Nahnu_Otomi_Mezquital Nahnu_Otomi_Mezquital-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Highland Puebla Americas AZZ Nahuatl Highland Puebla     343.337613 Nahuatl_Highland_Puebla Nahuatl_Highland_Puebla-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Central Americas NCH Nahuatl Huasteca Central BLI     229.902006 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Central_BLI Nahuatl_Huasteca_Central_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Eastern Americas NHE Nahuatl Huasteca Eastern     234.10957 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Eastern Nahuatl_Huasteca_Eastern-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Western Americas NHW Nahuatl Huasteca Western     227.216031 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Western Nahuatl_Huasteca_Western-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Norte Puebla Americas NCJ Nahuatl Norte Puebla     242.279461 Nahuatl_Norte_Puebla Nahuatl_Norte_Puebla-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Norte de Oaxaca Americas NHY Nahuatl Norte Oaxaca BLI     192.905432 Nahuatl_Norte_Oaxaca_BLI Nahuatl_Norte_Oaxaca_BLI-1.0.apk
Colombia Nasa Yuwe Americas PBB Nasa Yuwe WBT     185.973594 Nasa_Yuwe Nasa_Yuwe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Benin Nateni Africa NTM Nateni P P 271.000608 Nateni Nateni-1.0.apk
Ghana Nawuri Africa NAW Nawuri     205.491356 Nawuri Nawuri-1.0.1.apk
Zimbabwe Ndebele, Zimbabwe Africa NDE Ndebele BSZ       160.735025 Ndebele_BSZ Ndebele_BSZ-1.0.3.apk
Vanuatu Nen-naka Asia/Pacific TNN Nen Naka WBT     220.569179 Nen_Naka_WBT Nen_naka_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Nepal Nepali Asia/Pacific NEP Nepali NRV       160.599418 Nepali_NRV Nepali_NRV-1.0.10.apk
Nepal Newar Asia/Pacific NEW Newar Revised       173.392908 Newar_Revised Newar_Revised-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Newari Asia/Pacific NEW Newari 1986 NBS       188.135857 Newari_NBS Newari_NBS-1.0.5.apk
Cameroon Ngiemboon Africa NNH Ngiemboon BSC       171.405813 Ngiemboon_BSC Ngiemboon_BSC-1.0.apk
Myanmar Ngochang Southeast Asia ACN Ngochang Bible       197.877788 Ngochang_Bible Ngochang_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Nigerian Pidgin Africa PCM Nigerian Pidgin SC     147.828369 Nigerian_Pidgin_SC Nigerian_Pidgin_SC-1.0.apk
Nigeria Ninzo Africa NIN Ninzo WBT     272.504437 Ninzo_WBT Ninzo_WBT-1.0.apk
Paraguay Nivacle Americas CAG Nivacle 1995 BSO       221.692996 Nivacle_BSO Nivacle_BSO-1.0.11.apk
Russia Nogai Eurasia/MENA NOG Nogai IBT     157.818362 Nogai_IBT Nogai_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Nomaande Africa LEM Nomaande WBT     249.597319 Nomaande_WBT Nomaande_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Nomatsiguenga Americas NOT Nomatsiguenga     315.074206 Nomatsiguenga Nomatsiguenga-1.0.apk
South Sudan Nuer Africa NUS Nuer BSO 1999     161.820801 Nuer_BSO Nuer_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Cameroon Nugunu Africa YAS Nugunu       185.8175 Nugunu_ Nugunu-1.0.apk
Nigeria Nupe Africa NUP Nupe BSN       200.803192 Nupe_BSN Nupe_BSN-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Nyindrou Asia/Pacific LID Nyindrou WBT     294.438538 Nyindrou_WBT Nyindrou_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Gabon Nzebi Africa NZB Nzebi 1978 BSG       211.821037 Nzebi_BSG Nzebi_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Nigeria Obolo Africa ANN Obolo WBT     193.594591 Obolo_WBT Obolo_WBT-1.0.apk
Canada Ojibwe Americas OJB Ojibwe (CBS)       354.200505 Ojibwe_CBS Ojibwe_CBS-1.0.6.apk
Cameroon Oku Africa OKU Oku       161.932792 Oku Oku-1.0.apk
Kenya Oluluyia Africa LUY Oluluyia 2002 BSK       228.714532 Oluluyia_BSK Oluluyia_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Papua New Guinea Omwunra-Toqura Asia/Pacific OM1 Omwunra Toqura     248.67473 Omwunra_Toqura Omwunra_Toqura-1.0.2.apk
India Oriya Asia/Pacific ORY Oriya BLI     205.561413 Oriya_BLI Oriya_BLI-1.0.9.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, Eastern Africa HAE Oromo Eastern 2005 BSE       213.742273 Oromo_Eastern_BSE Oromo_Estrn_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, West Central Africa GAZ Oromo West Central 1993 BSE       179.135896 Oromo_West_Central_BSE Oromo_WC_BSE-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Orya Asia/Pacific URY Orya     237.617279 Orya Orya-1.0.5.apk
Mongolia Outer Mongolian Asia/Pacific KHK Outer Mongolian       136.591783 Outer_Mongolian Outer_Mongolian-1.0.7.apk
Solomon Islands Owa Asia/Pacific STN Owa BSP     238.887876 Owa_BSP Owa_BSP-1.0.4.apk
Palau Palauan Asia/Pacific PAU Palauan UBS       167.161802 Palauan_UBS Palauan_UBS-1.0.apk
Philippines Palawano, Brooke's Point Asia/Pacific PLW Palawano, Brooke's Point     208.385286 Palawano_Brooks_Point Palawano_BP_-1.0.2.apk
Mexico Pame, Central Americas PBS Pame Central Bible     S   20.281631 Pame_Central_Bible Pame_Central_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Pampangan Asia/Pacific PAM Pampangan       185.360036 Pampangan Pampangan-1.0.apk
Philippines Pangasinan Asia/Pacific PAG Pangasinan       193.440581 Pangasinan Pangasinan-1.0.apk
Philippines Paranan Asia/Pacific PRF Paranan PBS     177.78887 Paranan_PBS Paranan_PBS-1.0.2.apk
Brazil Parecis Americas PAB Parecís BLI     309.677341 Parecís_BLI Parecis_BLI-1.0.8.apk
Guyana Patamona Americas PBC Patamona     249.076933 Patamona Patamona-1.0.10.apk
Brazil Paumarí Americas PAD Paumarí BLI     372.100537 Paumarí_BLI Paumari_BLI-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Penan, Eastern Asia/Pacific PEZ Penan Eastern     213.799817 Penan_Eastern Penan_Eastern-1.0.1.apk
Chad Peve Africa LME Peve BSC       182.041084 Peve_BSC Peve_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Pidgin Africa WES Pidgin BSC       175.371997 Pidgin_BSC Pidgin_BSC-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Pijin Asia/Pacific PIS Pijin 2007 WBT     218.695375 Pijin_WBT Pijin_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Pinyin Africa PNY Pinyin       177.699837 Pinyin Pinyin-1.0.apk
Colombia Piratapuyo Americas PIR Piratapuyo WBT     261.802423 Piratapuyo_WBT Piratapuyo_WBT-1.0.apk
Australia Pitjantjatjara Asia/Pacific PJT Pitjantjatjara     302.486661 Pitjantjatjara Pitjantjatjara-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Pokoot Africa PKO Pokoot 2008 BSK       183.038889 Pokoot_BSK Pokoot_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Poland Polish Eurasia/MENA POL Polish NCT       146.439177 Polish_NCT Polish_NCT-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Portuguese Americas POR Portuguese       254.551125 Portuguese Portuguese-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Portuguese Americas POR Portuguese ARA       151.160195 Portuguese_ARA Portuguese_ARA-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Portuguese Americas POR Portuguese ARC       149.41156 Portuguese_ARC Portuguese_ARC-1.0.apk
Colombia Puinave Americas PUI Puinave SM     200.814594 Puinave_SM Puinave_SM-1.0.3.apk
Peru Quechua Ambo-Pasco Americas QVA Quechua Ambo-Pasco       221.978265 Quechua_Ambo-Pasco Quechua_Ambo-Pasco_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Ayacucho Americas QUY Quechua Ayacucho       192.946664 Quechua_Ayacucho Quechua_Ayacucho-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Cajamarca Americas QVC Quechua Cajamarca     255.049908 Quechua_Cajamarca Quechua_Cajamarca-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Cuzco Americas QUZ Quechua Cuzco 2004 BSO       182.351348 Quechua_Cuzco_BSO Quechua_Cuzco-1.0.6.apk
Peru Quechua Eastern Apurimac Americas QVE Quechua E Apurimac     266.728307 Quechua_E_Apurimac Quechua_E_Apurimac-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo Americas QEJ Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo     202.227518 Quechua_Huamalies Quechua_Huamalies-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Huaylas Americas QWH Quechua Huaylas     222.510482 Quechua_Huaylas Quechua_Huaylas-1.0.4.apk
Peru Quechua Huaylla Wanca Americas QVW Quechua H Wanca     205.676562 Quechua_Huaylla_Wanca_ Quechua_H_Wanca-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Lambayeque Americas QUF Quechua Lambayeque     244.851371 Quechua_Lambayeque Quechua_Lambayeque-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Margos Americas QVM Quechua Margos     218.152129 Quechua_Margos Quechua_Margos-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua San Martin Americas QVS Quechua San Martin     284.193154 Quechua_San_Martin Quechua_San_Mar-1.0.2.apk
Peru Quechua Southern Pastaza Americas QUP Quechua Southern Pastaza     309.460818 Quechua_Southern_Pastaza Quechua_Southern_P-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Quechua, South Bolivian Americas QUH Quechua BSB 2014       249.905885 Quechua_BSB Quechua_RBV-1.0.8.apk
Guatemala Quiche Joyabaj Americas QUJ Quiche Joyabaj (1999 PMC)     232.350202 Quiche_Joyabaj_PMC Quiche_Joyabaj_PMC-1.0.6.apk
Nepal Rajbanshi Asia/Pacific RJS Rajbanshi       169.213917 Rajbanshi Rajbanshi-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Rampi Pacific LJE Rampi Bible     201.207279 Rampi_Bible Rampi_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Rampi Pacific LJE Rampi Bible N1     201.102456 Rampi_Bible_N1 Rampi_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
Chile Rapa Nui Americas RAP Rapa Nui     225.558644 Rapa_Nui Rapa_Nui-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Rejang Lebong Asia/Pacific REJ Rejang Lebong       181.718021 Rejang_Lebong Rejang_Lebong-1.0.3.apk
Chile Romane Vlax Americas RMY Romane Vlax CVV       164.380255 Romane_Vlax_CVV Romane_Vlax_CVV-1.0.apk
Germany Romani, Sinti Eurasia/MENA RMO Romani Sinti       190.757244 Romani_Sinti Romani_Sinti-1.0.9.apk
Romania Romanian Eurasia/MENA RON Romanian IV       165.530023 Romanian_IV Romanian_IV-1.0.7.apk
Philippines Romblomanon Asia/Pacific ROL Romblomanon     191.514378 Romblomanon Romblomanon-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana Asia/Pacific RUG Roviana       221.533818 Roviana Roviana-1.0.5.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana Asia/Pacific RUG Roviana - WBT   224.166663 Roviana_WBT Roviana_WBT-35.0.4.apk
Uganda Runyankore-Rukiga Africa NYN Runyankore Rukiga 1989 BSU     150.51035 Runyankore_Rukiga_BSU Runyankore_Rukiga-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Runyoro-Rutoro Africa NYO Runyoro-Rutoro BSU     184.870421 Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU-1.0.1.apk
Russia Russian Eurasia/MENA RUS Russian CARS     163.279392 Russian_CARS Russian_CARS-1.0.2.apk
Russia Russian Eurasia/MENA RUS Russian NT SB76     167.847526 Russian_NT_SB76 Russian_NT_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Russia Russian Eurasia/MENA RUS Russian SB76     690.382571 Russian_SB76 Russian_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Saint Lucia Saint Lucian Creole Americas DOM Saint Lucian Creole 1999 WBT     186.821962 Saint_Lucian_Creole_WBT St_Lucian_Creole-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Samareno Asia/Pacific WAR Samareno       196.740725 Samareno Samareno-1.0.2.apk
Cameroon Samba Leko Africa NDI Samba Leko       221.020046 Samba_Leko Samba_Leko-1.0.apk
Philippines Sambal, Botolan Asia/Pacific SBL Sambali Botolan     226.698858 Sambali_Botolan Sambali_Botolan-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Sambali Asia/Pacific XSB Sambali WBT     223.560606 Sambal_-_WYI Sambal_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Samoa Samoan Asia/Pacific SMO Samoan BSP     196.233403 Samoan_BSP Samoan_BSP-1.0.12.apk
Burkina Faso San Africa SBD San 1995 BSO     171.722205 San_BSO San_BSO-1.0.4.apk
Colombia San Andrés Islander Creole Americas ICR San Andres Islander Creole     184.02547 San_Andres_Islander_Creole San_Andres_Islander_Creole-1.0.apk
Central African Republic Sango Africa SAG Sango 2003 BS     205.187292 Sango_BS Sango_BS-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Sanumá Americas XSU Sanumá MEA     369.020769 Sanumá_MEA Sanuma_MEA-1.0.7.apk
Suriname Saramaccan Americas SRM Saramaccan     242.494825 Saramaccan Saramaccan_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Sarangani Blaan Asia/Pacific BPS Sarangani Blaan 1998 WPS     192.896621 Sarangani_Blaan_WPS Sarangani_WPS-1.0.5.apk
Suriname Sarnami Hindi Americas HNS Sarnami Hindi     198.267836 Sarnami_Hindi Sarnami_Hindi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Malaysia Semai Asia/Pacific SEA Alkitab Semai   P P P 87.848975 Semai Alkitab_Semai-3.0.5.apk
Indonesia Serawai Asia/Pacific PSE Serawai       208.453273 Serawai Serawai-1.0.3.apk
Myanmar Shan Asia/Pacific SHN Shan TBS     290.967545 Shan_TBS Shan_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Shanga Africa SHO Shanga     P P 127.246112 Shanga Shanga-1.0.apk
Peru Sharanahua Americas MCD Sharanahua     335.549462 Sharanahua Sharanahua-1.0.5.apk
Peru Shawi Americas CBT Shawi     198.960888 Shawi Shawi-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Sherpa Asia/Pacific XSR Sherpa     164.498747 Sherpa Sherpa-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Shilluk Africa SHK Shilluk - BSS     185.262911 Shilluk_BSS Shilluk_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Peru Shipibo Americas SHP Shipibo WBT   P 239.93591 Shipibo_WBT Shipibo_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Ecuador Shuar Americas JIV Shuar AIE       198.407159 Shuar_AIE Shuar_AIE-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Sinama Asia/Pacific SML Sinama BL     208.746601 Sinama_BL Sinama_BL-1.0.2.apk
Pakistan Sindhi Eurasia/MENA SND Sindhi BSP       178.502417 Sindhi_BSP Sindhi_BSP-1.0.2.apk
Sri Lanka Sinhala Asia/Pacific SNH Sinhala NR       237.408227 Sinhala_NR Sinhala_NR-1.0.7.apk
Colombia Siriano Americas SRI Siriano WBT     243.097239 Siriano_WBT Siriano_WBT-1.0.apk
Slovakia Slovak Eurasia/MENA SLO Slovak 1997 SBS       150.9442 Slovak_SBS Slovak_SBS-1.0.5.apk
Slovenia Slovenian Eurasia/MENA SLV Slovenian SSP       147.194765 Slovenian_SSP Slovenian_SSP-1.0.4.apk
Benin Sola Africa SOY Sola SIM       175.761067 Sola_SIM Sola_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Somalia Somali Africa SOM Somali       629.561777 Somali Somali-1.0.8.apk
Somalia Somali Africa SOM Somali TVI       200.340756 Somali_TVI Somali_TVI-1.0.11.apk
Mali Songhay, Timbuktu Africa KHQ Songhay Timbuktu     149.590926 Songhay_Timbuktu Songhay_Timbuktu-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Sougb Pacific MNX Sougb       456.89542 Sougb Sougb-1.0.apk
Mexico Spanish Americas SPN Español BDA     162.758262 Español_BDA Espanol_BDA-1.0.8.apk
Colombia Spanish Americas SPN Español WTC   172.623203 Español_WTC Espanol_WTC-1.0.20.apk
Colombia Spanish Americas SPN Espanol PDT       146.640008 Espanol_PDT Espanol_PDT-1.0.apk
Suriname Sranan Tongo Americas SRN Sranan Tongo- BSS     179.143657 Sranan_Tongo_BSS Sranan_Tongo_BSS-1.0.7.apk
United States St. Lawrence Island Yupik Americas ESS St Lawrence Island Yupik     246.082873 St_Lawrence_Island_Yupik St_Lawrence_Is_Yupik-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Suba Africa SXB Suba     2657.790666 Suba Suba-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Sudest Asia/Pacific TGO Sudest 2014     187.229154 Sudest Sudest-1.0.3.apk
India Surgujia Asia/Pacific SGJ Surgujia     P P 16.612919 Surgujia Surgujia-1.0.1.apk
Guinea Susu Africa SUS Susu PBT     162.122031 Susu_PBT Susu_PBT-1.0.1.apk
Sweden Swedish Eurasia/MENA SWE Swedish 2015 SSF     167.012002 Swedish_SSF Swedish_SSF-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Taa Pacific PMF Taa NTM Bible     294.685453 Taa_NTM_Bible Taa_NTM_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Taabwa Africa TAP Taabwa Bible       196.344625 Taabwa_Bible Taabwa_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Tadyawan Asia/Pacific TDY Tadyawan     S S 120.48995 Tadyawan Tadyawan-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tagalog Asia/Pacific TGL Tagalog 2012 MBB       199.279044 Tagalog_MBB Tagalog_MBB-1.0.8.apk
Indonesia Tagulandang Pacific SXN Tagulandang TTV       235.065012 Tagulandang_TTV Tagulandang_TTV-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tagulandang Pacific SXN Tagulandang TTV       234.951919 Tagulandang_TTV_N1 Tagulandang_TTV_N1-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tagulandang Pacific SXN Tagulandang TTV       235.064817 Tagulandang_TTV Tagulandang_TTV-1.0.1.apk
Vietnam Tai Dam Asia/Pacific BLT Tai Dam     175.433439 Tai_Dam Tai_Dam-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Taita Africa DAV Taita       2147.731881 Taita Taita-1.0.apk
Taiwan Taiwanese (Min Nan) Asia/Pacific NAN Taiwanese TTV       165.171665 Taiwanese_TTV Taiwanese_TTV-1.0.6.apk
Tajikistan Tajik Eurasia/MENA TGK Tajik (1999 IBT)     178.449801 Tajik_IBT Tajik-1.0.9.apk
Niger Tamajaq Africa TTQ Tamajaq     1819.856705 Tamajaq Tamajaq-1.0.apk
Nepal Tamang, Eastern Asia/Pacific TAJ Tamang East 2011     199.287871 Tamang_East_2011 Tamang_East_2011-1.0.3.apk
India Tamil Asia/Pacific TCV Tamil ERV     238.537776 Tamil_ERV Tamil_ERV-1.0.12.apk
Vanuatu Tangoa Asia/Pacific TGP Tangoa WBT     176.495816 Tangoa_WBT Tangoa_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Taiwan Tao Asia/Pacific TAO Tao     273.764322 Tao Tao-1.0.3.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt Eurasia/MENA SHI Awal An Rbbi     186.673859 Awal_An_Rbbi Awal_An_Rbbi-1.0.3.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt Eurasia/MENA SHI Tashelhayt P   186.655011 Tashelhayt Tashelhayt-1.0.4.apk
Russia Tatar Eurasia/MENA TTR Tatar 2001 IBT     159.756509 Tatar_IBT Tatar-1.0.8.apk
Philippines Tawbuid Occidental Asia/Pacific TWB Tawbuid     194.535794 Tawbuid Tawbuid-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tboli Asia/Pacific TBL Tboli WYI     243.406571 Tboli_-_WYI Tboli_WYI-1.0.1.apk
Guatemala Tektiteko Americas TTC Tektiteko WBT     238.213933 Tektiteko_WBT Tektiteko_WBT-1.0.1.apk
India Telugu Asia/Pacific TCW Telugu ERV   197.579852 Telugu_ERV Telugu_ERV-1.0.14.apk
Mexico Tenek de San Luis Potosi Americas HU1 Tenek de San Luis Potosi     177.195803 Tenek_de_San_Luis_Potosi Tenek_de_San_Luis_Potosi-1.0.apk
South Sudan Tennet Africa TEX Tennet     225.186781 Tennet Tennet-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Terena Americas TER Terena 1994 LBB     300.588821 Terena_LBB Terena_LBB-1.0.8.apk
Thailand Thai Asia/Pacific THA Thai     213.959622 Thai Thai_TSV-1.0.6.apk
Thailand Thai Southeast Asia THA Thai     218.269629 Thai Thai_TSV-1.0.9.apk
Thailand Thai, Northern Asia/Pacific NOD Thai Northern     173.218345 Thai_Northern Thai_Northern-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Themne Africa TEM Themne BSSL     182.296834 Themne_BSSL Themne_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
Peru Ticuna Americas TCA Ticuna (Brasil) - TBL     311.090089 Ticuna_TBL Ticuna_TBL-1.0.10.apk
Ethiopia Tigrinya Africa TIR Tigrinya 1991 BSE     153.248013 Tigrinya_BSE Tigrinya_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Tii Asia/Pacific TXQ Tii     301.864072 Tii Tii-1.0.apk
Cameroon Tikar Africa TIK Tikar     191.550369 Tikar_ Tikar-1.0.apk
Nigeria Tiv Africa TIV Tiv BSN       183.16009 Tiv_BSN Tiv_BSN-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Asia/Pacific TPI Tok Pisin       218.626053 Tok_Pisin Tok_Pisin-1.0.8.apk
Malaysia Tombonuo Asia/Pacific TXA Kitab Tombonuo P P 329.850172 Tombonuo Kitab_Tombonuo-1.0.11.apk
Suriname Trio Americas TRI Trio UFM     270.411478 Trio_UFM Trio_UFM-1.0.7.apk
Colombia Tucano Americas TUO Tucano WBT     239.483878 Tucano_WBT Tucano_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Tukano Americas TU1 Tukano     241.684226 Tukano Tukano-1.0.5.apk
Chad Tumak Africa TMC Tumak BIV     217.14439 Tumak_BIV Tumak_BIV-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Tupuri Africa TUI Tupuri BSC       185.319744 Tupuri_BSC Tupuri_BSC-1.0.apk
Kenya Turkana Africa TUV Turkana 2001 BSK       193.486585 Turkana_BSK Turkana_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Turkey Turkish Eurasia/MENA TRK Turkish Halk Dilinde     154.748876 Turkish_Halk_Dilinde Turkish_Halk_Dilinde-1.0.8.apk
Turkey Turkish Eurasia/MENA TRK Turkish Kutsal Kitap 2009   157.183783 Turkish_Kutsal_Kitap Turkish_BST-1.0.12.apk
Turkmenistan Turkmen Eurasia/MENA TUK Turkmen     511.586232 Turkmen Turkmen-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Tuwali Ifugao Asia/Pacific IFK Tuwali Ifugao BL     210.344188 Tuwali_Ifugao_BL Tuwali_Ifugao_BL-1.0.4.apk
Colombia Tuyuca Americas TUE Tuyuca WBT     193.596618 Tuyuca_WBT Tuyuca_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Txitxopi Africa CCE Txitxopi 1999 BSO     218.772345 Txitxopi_BSO Txitxopi-1.0.7.apk
Nigeria Tyap Africa KCG Tyap WBT     231.189822 Tyap_WBT Tyap_WBT-1.0.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Bachajon Americas TZB Bachajon Tzeltal       203.635943 Bachajon_Tzeltal Bachajon_Tzeltal-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Oxchuc Americas TZH Tzeltal Oxchucl       220.677228 Tzeltal_Oxchucl Oxchuc_Tzeltal-1.0.6.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chamula Americas TZC Chamula Tzotzil       243.114879 Chamula_Tzotzil Chamula_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chenalho Americas TZE Chenalho Tzotzil       224.514895 Chenalho_Tzotzil Chenalho_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Colombia U'wa Americas TUF U'wa WBT     303.837149 U'wa_WBT Uwa_WBT-1.0.apk
Brazil UaiUai Americas WAW UaiUai 2001 UFMI       334.838968 UaiUai_UFMI UaiUai_UFMI-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Umbu Ungu - Andelale Pacific UBU Umbu Ungu - Andelale     334.839089 Umbu_Ungu_-_Andelale Umbu_Ungu_Andelale-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Umbu Ungu - Andelale Pacific UBU Umbu Ungu - Andelale N1     334.709225 Umbu_Ungu_-_Andelale_N1 Umbu_Ungu_Andelale_N1-1.0.apk
Angola Umbundu Africa UMB Umbundu BSA       183.257774 Umbundu_BSA Umbundu_BSA-1.0.apk
Thailand Urak Lawoi Asia/Pacific URK Urak Lawoi TBS     218.364874 Urak_Lawoi_TBS Urak_Lawoi_TBS-1.0.apk
Peru Urarina Americas URA Urarina 2006 BLI     256.828878 Urarina_BLI Urarina_BLI-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Urat Asia/Pacific URT Urat     247.567249 Urat Urat-1.0.apk
India Urdu Asia/Pacific URD Urdu KJV     355.92612 Urdu_KJV Urdu_KJV-1.0.1.apk
India Urdu Asia/Pacific URD Urdu NT     213.667848 Urdu_NT Urdu_NT_India-1.0.18.apk
Vanuatu Uripiv Asia/Pacific UPV Uripiv     232.344735 Uripiv Uripiv-1.0.1.apk
Uzbekistan Uzbek, Northern Eurasia/MENA UZB Uzbek Northern IBT     182.945709 Uzbek_Northern__IBT Uzbek_No-1.0.11.apk
Vietnam Vietnamese Asia/Pacific VIE Vietnamese Old Version       139.952489 Vietnamese_Old_Version Vietnamese-1.0.8.apk
Benin Waama Africa WWA Waama WBT     172.954752 Waama_WBT Waama_WBT-1.0.apk
Colombia Waimaja Americas BAO Waimaja WBT     225.668266 Waimaja_WBT Waimaja_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Guyana Wapishana Americas WAP Wapishana     288.110141 Wapishana Wapishana-1.0.6.apk
Suriname Wayana Americas WAY Wayana WT       250.535085 Wayana_WT Wayana_WT-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Wayuu Americas GUC Wayuu     254.557506 Wayuu Wayuu_TBL-1.0.5.apk
Panama Wounaan Americas NOA Wounaan (Woun Meu) -     259.981262 Wounaan Wounaan_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Mozambique Xichangana Africa TS1 Xichangana     198.83935 Xichangana Xichangana-1.0.8.apk
Mozambique Xirhonga Africa RNG Xirhonga BSM       193.346809 Xirhonga_BSM Xirhonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Mozambique Xitshwa Africa TSC Xitshwa BSM       199.326637 Xitshwa_BSM Xitshwa_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Yakan Asia/Pacific YKA Yakan     204.640925 Yakan Yakan-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Yamba Africa YAM Yamba WBT     275.025736 Yamba_WBT Yamba_WBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Yambetta Africa YAT Yambetta       201.370063 Yambetta Yambetta-1.0.apk
Peru Yaminahua Americas YAA Yaminahua       335.132448 Yaminahua Yaminahua-1.0.1.apk
Peru Yanesha Americas AME Yanesha     385.23485 Yanesha Yanesha-1.0.6.apk
Venezuela Yanomamö Americas GUU Yanomamo       299.814732 Yanomamo Yanomamo-1.0.1.apk
Tanzania Yao Africa YAO Yao Bible       196.971169 Yao_Bible Yao_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Yemba Africa YBB Yemba       191.301611 Yemba Yemba-1.0.apk
Peru Yine Americas PIB Yine     204.071638 Yine Yine-1.0.5.apk
Nigeria Yoruba Africa YOR Yoruba 1960 BSN       180.547891 Yoruba_1960_BSN Yoruba_1960_BSN-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Yoruba Africa YOR Yoruba 2004       167.605515 Yoruba_2004 Yoruba_2004-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Yucuna Americas YCN Yucuna WBT     223.194033 Yucuna_WBT Yucuna_WBT-1.0.apk
South Sudan Zande Africa ZNE Zande BSO 2011     215.204993 Zande_BSO Zande_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Guevea de Humboldt Americas ZPG Zapotec Guevea de Humboldt     189.130466 Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de Yalálag Americas ZPU Zapoteco de Yalalag       154.050749 Zapoteco_de_Yalalag Zapoteco_de_Yalalag-1.0.2.apk
Niger Zarma Africa DJE Zarma BSC       151.060454 Zarma_BSC Zarma_BSC-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Zokam Asia/Pacific CTD Zokam ZIV     180.265162 Zokam_ZIV Zokam_ZIV-1.0.apk
Cameroon Zulgo Africa GND Zulgo WBT     340.772659 Zulgo_WBT Zulgo_WBT-1.0.apk
Myanmar Zyphe Asia/Pacific ZYP Zyphe     222.764363 Zyphe Zyphe-1.0.apk
Myanmar Zyphe Southeast Asia ZYP Zyphe Bible     227.597544 Zyphe_Bible Zyphe_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Paraguay Énxet Americas ENX Enxet       219.70033 Enxet Enxet-1.0.8.apk

A ✓ indicates a full Old or New Testament (OT/NT) in Audio or Text, P indicates full books of an incomplete Testament, and S indicates partial books.