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Country Language ISO Region App Link Button OT Audio OT Text NT Audio NT Text Size (MB) Project Link
Indonesia Abawiri flh Pacific Abawiri Bible     P P 39.28117 Abawiri_Bible Abawiri_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Abidji abi Africa Abidji WBT     210.476877 Abidji_WBT Abidji_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Guatemala Acateco knj Americas Acateco WBT   257.653262 Acateco_WBT Acateco_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Paraguay Ache guq Americas Ache Bible       215.316482 Ache Ache_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Achi acr Americas Achi Bible     210.010186 Achi_Bible Achi_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Acholi ach Africa Acholi Bible     150.205452 Acholi_Bible Acholi_Bible-1.0.8.apk
Peru Achuar acu Americas Achuar BLI   P 283.403502 Achuar_BLI Achuar_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Peru Achuar acu Americas Achuar TBL   P 283.189992 Achuar_TBL Achuar_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Ghana Adele ade Africa Adele Bible     245.892803 Adele_Bible Adele_Bible-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Adioukrou adj Africa Adioukrou 1998 WBT     198.309142 Adioukrou_WBT Adioukrou_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Agni Sanvi any Africa Agni Sanvi     191.769357 Agni_Sanvi Agni_Sanvi-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Agta, Pahanan apf Asia/Pacific Pahanan Agta     201.600142 Pahanan_Agta Pahanan_Agta-1.0.2.apk
Guatemala Aguacateco agu Americas Aguacateco NVS   208.2684 Aguacateco_NVS Aguacateco_NVS-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Agutaynen agn Asia/Pacific Agutaynen     214.829914 Agutaynen Agutaynen-1.0.3.apk
India Ahirani ahr South Asia Ahirani Bible   P 28.736747 Ahirani_Bible Ahirani_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Akan: Akuapem Twi aka Africa Akan Akuapem Twi       140.359473 Akan_Akuapem_Twi Akan_Akuapem_Twi-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Asante aka Africa Akan Asante       146.530216 Akan_Asante Akan_Asante-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Akan: Fante aka Africa Akan Fante BSO       153.847756 Akan_Fante_BSO Akan_Fante_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Guyana Akawaio ake Americas Akawaio BSS     226.63616 Akawaio_BSS Akawaio_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Myanmar Akeu aeu Asia/Pacific Akeu WBT     215.760672 Akeu_WBT Akeu_WBT-1.0.apk
Thailand Akha ahk Asia/Pacific Akha TBS     195.826637 Akha_TBS Akha_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Akoose bss Africa Akoose Bible     199.796833 Akoose_Bible Akoose_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Alangan alj Southeast Asia Alangan Bible     203.592968 Alangan_Bible Alangan_Bible-1.0.apk
Albania Albanian als Eurasia/MENA Albanian       147.172856 Albanian Albanian-1.0.11.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Alladian ald Africa Alladian Bible       232.917786 Alladian_Bible Alladian_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Altai, Southern alt Eurasia/MENA Altai South IBT     149.491494 Altai_South_IBT Altai_South_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Alune alp Asia/Pacific JB Alune     197.334134 Alune_JB Alkitab_Alune-1.1.6.apk
Uganda Alur alz Africa Alur 1970 BSO     187.707178 Alur_BSO Alur_BSO-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Ambai amk Asia/Pacific Ambai     291.490803 Ambai_WBT Ambai-1.0.1.apk
Ethiopia Amharic amh Africa Amharic Orthodox Bible     187.535113 Amharic_Orthodox_Bible Amharic_Orthodox_Bible-1.0.apk
Taiwan Amis ami Southeast Asia Amis Bible     560.533206 Amis_Bible Amis_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Papua New Guinea Anjam boj Asia/Pacific Anjam WBT     255.484091 Anjam_WBT Anjam_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Antipolo Ifugao ify Asia/Pacific Antipolo Ifugao     216.208474 Antipolo_Ifugao Antipolo_Ifugao-1.0.3.apk
Ghana Anufo cko Africa Anufo Bible     213.511435 Anufo_Bible Anufo_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Peru Arabela arl Americas Arabela Bible     285.863494 Arabela_Bible Arabela_Bible-1.0.apk
Region-wide Arabic arb Eurasia/MENA Old Testament     554.591691 Arabic_OT_VDV Arabic_OT_VDV-1.0.5.apk
Region-wide Arabic arb Eurasia/MENA Arabic Sharif       153.4019 Arabic_Sharif Arabic_Sharif-1.0.4.apk
Chad Arabic Chadian shu Africa Arabic Chadian BSC       173.058261 Arabic_Chadian_BSC Arabic_Chadian_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Iraq Arabic Iraqi arb Eurasia/MENA Arabic Iraqi       143.9262 Arabic_Iraqi Arabic_Iraqi-1.0.3.apk
Sudan Arabic Sudanese apd Africa Arabic Sudanese       164.005432 Arabic_Sudanese Arabic_Sudanese-1.0.3.apk
Egypt Arabic, Upper Egyptian Colloquial aec Eurasia/MENA Arabic Upper Egyptian Colloquial     P   22.402472 Arabic_Upper_Egyptian_Colloquial Arabic_EBS-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Aralle-Tabulahan atq Pacific Aralle-Tabulahan Bible     264.36465 Aralle-Tabulahan_Bible Aralle-Tabulahan_Bible-1.0.apk
Armenia Armenian, Western hyw Eurasia/MENA Armenian Western ACN     P   76.765806 Armenian_Western_ACN Armenian_W_ACN-1.0.6.apk
Lebanon Armenian, Western hyw Eurasia/MENA Armenian Western Bible     196.600184 Armenian_Western_Bible Armenian_Western_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Arop-Lokep apr Asia/Pacific Arop-Lokep     306.663395 Arop-Lokep Arop-Lokep-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Arosi aia Asia/Pacific Arosi 2004 WBT     205.545382 Arosi_WBT Arosi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
India Asamiya Sadri sck South Asia Asamiya Sadri     P P 41.203352 Asamiya_Sadri Asamiya_Sadri-1.0.2.apk
Peru Ashaninca cni Americas Ashaninca     269.933914 Ashaninca_WBT Ashaninca_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Peru Asheninka Pajonal cjo Americas Asheninka Pajonal Bible     294.231289 Asheninka_Pajonal_Bible Asheninka_Pajonal_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Asheninka Ucayali-Yurua cpb Americas Asheninka Ucayali_Yurua     282.826765 Asheninka_Ucayali_Yurua Asheninka_Ucayali_Yurua-1.0.apk
Peru Asheninka, Pichis cpu Americas Asheninka Pichis     280.327448 Asheninka_Pichis Asheninka_Pichis-1.0.apk
Turkey Assyrian aii Eurasia/MENA Assyrian Bible       191.789527 Assyrian_Bible Assyrian_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Ateso teo Africa Ateso BSU     163.422656 Ateso_BSU Ateso_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Suriname Aukaans djk Americas Aukaans WBT     232.314937 Aukaans_WBT Aukaans_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Russia Avar ava Eurasia/MENA Avar 2008 IBT     175.153245 Avar_IBT Avar_IBT-1.0.8.apk
South Sudan Avokaya avu Africa Avokaya Bible     353.66315 Avokaya_Bible Avokaya_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Awa (Ecuador) kwi Americas Awa-Cuaiquer Bible     316.570754 Awa-Cuaiquer_Bible Awa-Cuaiquer_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Awa (PNG) awb Asia/Pacific Awa TBL     190.007955 Awa_TBL Awa_TBL-1.0.3.apk
India Awadhi awa Asia/Pacific Awadhi Bible     216.517469 Awadhi_Bible Awadhi_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Peru Awajun agr Americas Awajun BLI     226.96585 Awajun_BLI Awajun_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Ayangan Ifugao ifb Asia/Pacific Ayangan Ifugao     227.535734 Ayangan_Ifugao Ayangan_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Bolivia Aymara aym Americas Aymara BSB     253.136909 Aymara_BSB Aymara_BSB-1.0.2.apk
Paraguay Ayor� ayo Americas Ayore Bible     277.044159 Ayore_Bible Ayore_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Ayta Mag-antsi sgb Asia/Pacific Ayta Mag-antsi     236.80409 Ayta_Mag-antsi Ayta_Mag_antsi-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Ayta, Abellen abp Southeast Asia Ayta Abellen Bible     210.843396 Ayta_Abellen_Bible Ayta_Abellen_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Ayta, Mag-Indi blx Southeast Asia Ayta Mag-Indi Bible     227.289061 Ayta_Mag-Indi Ayta_Mag-Indi-1.0.apk
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani, North azj Eurasia/MENA Azerbaijani Northern Kitab Shirketi     177.114948 Azerbaijani_Northern_Kitab_Shirketi Azerbaijani_No-1.0.11.apk
Iran Azerbaijani, South azb Eurasia/MENA Azerbaijani South Bible 746.046084 Azerbaijani_South_Bible Azerbaijani_So_Bible-1.0.20.apk
Cameroon Babungo bav Africa Babungo WBT     194.93812 Babungo_WBT Babungo_WBT-1.0.apk
Indonesia Bada bhz Pacific Bada Bible     196.819282 Bada_Bible Bada_Bible-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Baelelea bvc Asia/Pacific Baelelea     267.114706 Baelelea Baelelea-1.0.3.apk
Cameroon Bafia ksf Africa Bafia BSC       176.119103 Bafia_BSC Bafia_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Bafut bfd Africa Bafut WBT     217.822786 Bafut_WBT Bafut_WBT-1.0.apk
India Bagri bgq South Asia Bagri     164.175713 Bagri Bagri-1.0.apk
South Sudan Baka bdh Africa Baka     266.641289 Baka_ Baka-1.0.apk
Cote D'Ivoire Bakwé bjw Africa Bakwe     147.543364 Bakwe Bakwe-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Balantak blz Pacific Balantak Bible FBV     209.717586 Balantak_Bible_FBV Balantak_Bible_FBV-1.0.apk
Indonesia Balinese ban Pacific Balinese TBV       292.170383 Balinese_TBV Balinese_TBV-1.0.4.apk
Pakistan Balochi, Southern bcc Eurasia/MENA Balochi Southern     P P 106.064922 Balochi_Southern Balochi_Southern-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Bambam ptu Pacific Bambam Bible     213.162322 Bambam_Bible Bambam_Bible-1.0.apk
Mali Bambara bam Africa Bambara La Sainte P     306.511596 Bambara_La_Sainte Bambara_La_Sainte-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Bana bcw Africa Bana WBT     233.23081 Bana_WBT Bana_WBT-1.0.apk
Senegal Bandial bqj Africa Bandial     207.605862 Bandial Bandial-1.0.4.apk
Ethiopia Banna amf Africa Banna Bible     212.614153 Banna_Bible Banna_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Bantoanon bno Southeast Asia Bantoanon Bible P P 321.363645 Bantoanon_Bible Bantoanon_Bible-1.0.3.apk
Papua New Guinea Barai bbb Asia/Pacific Barai WBT     336.31679 Barai_WBT Barai_WBT-1.0.apk
South Sudan Bari bfa Africa Bari Bible     219.164675 Bari_Bible Bari_Bible-1.0.apk
Benin Bariba bba Africa Bariba BSB       150.518315 Bariba_BSB Bariba_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Bassa bsq Africa Bassa BSC       170.174773 Bassa_BSC Bassa_BSC-1.0.apk
Indonesia Batak Angkola akb Pacific Batak Angkola Bible     233.900332 Batak_Angkola_Bible Batak_Angkola_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Batak, Karo btx Pacific Batak Karo Bible     198.982244 Batak_Karo_Bible Batak_Karo_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Batak, Simalungun bts Southeast Asia Batak, Simalungun Bible     208.056733 Batak,_Simalungun_Bible Batak,_Simalungun_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Batak, Toba bbc Pacific Batak Toba Bible     174.368115 Batak_Toba_Bible Batak_Toba-1.0.apk
Indonesia Bauzi bvz Pacific Bauzi Bible     480.88917 Bauzi_Bible Bauzi_Bible-1.0.apk
Bangladesh Bawm bgr Asia/Pacific Bawm 2006 BBS     186.317238 Bawm_BBS Bawm_BBS-1.0.4.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Bbaledha led Africa Bbaledha Bible     252.424593 Bbaledha Bbaledha_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Republic of the Beembe beq Africa Beembe     180.29417 Beembe Beembe-1.0.5.apk
Malaysia Begak dbj Southeast Asia Begak Bible     P P 36.444253 Begak_Bible Begak_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Behoa bep Pacific Behoa Bible     233.455776 Behoa_Bible Behoa_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Nigeria Bekwarra bkv Africa Bekwarra NBTT     207.43416 Bekwarra_NBTT Bekwarra_NBTT-1.0.apk
Belize Belize Kriol bzj Americas Belize Kriol     177.89477 Belize_Kriol Belize_Kriol-1.0.5.apk
Liberia Belleh blh Africa Belleh       192.841205 Belleh Belleh-1.0.apk
Bangladesh Bengali ben Asia/Pacific Bengali Bangla Version     186.599648 Bengali_Bangla_Version Bengali_RBV-1.0.4.apk
Bangladesh Bengali ben Asia/Pacific Bengali Common Language   200.168765 Bengali_Common_Language Bengali_CLV-1.0.9.apk
India Bengali ben Asia/Pacific Bengali ERV     205.8942 Bengali_ERV Bengali_ERV-1.0.13.apk
Bangladesh Bengali ben Asia/Pacific Bengali Mussolmani     185.875941 Bengali_Mussolmani Bengali_Mus-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Berom bom Africa Berom     232.365011 Berom Berom-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bete-Bendi btt Africa Bete Bendi     214.268401 Bete_Bendi Bete_Bendi-1.0.apk
India Bhatri bgw South Asia Bhatri Bible     227.977531 Bhatri_Bible Bhatri_Bible-1.0.apk
India Bhojpuri bho Asia/Pacific Bhojpuri ROV       180.885452 Bhojpuri_ROV Bhojpuri_ROV-1.0.6.apk
Benin Biali beh Africa Biali Bible P P 200.969016 Biali_Bible Biali_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Bicolano Central bcl Asia/Pacific Bicolano Central BPV       180.048224 Bicolano_Central_BPV Bicolano_Central_BPV-1.0.apk
Malaysia Bidayuh, Bau sne Southeast Asia Bau Bidayuh Bible     217.82583 Bau_Bidayuh_Bible Bau_Bidayuh_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Bikol Rinconada bto Southeast Asia Bikol Rinconada Bible     206.40779 Bikol_Rinconada_Bible Bikol_Rinconada_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Bikol, Buhi’non ubl Asia/Pacific Bikol, Buhi'non       189.169431 Bikol,_Buhi'non Bikol,_Buhi'non-1.0.2.apk
Ghana Bimoba bim Africa Bimoba WBT     183.072112 Bimoba_WBT Bimoba_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Binukid bkd Asia/Pacific Binukid     184.39981 Binukid Binukid_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Papua New Guinea Binumarien bjr Pacific Binumarien Bible     312.055376 Binumarien_Bible Binumarien_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Birifor, Northern bfo Africa Birifor Northern 1993 BSB     181.691763 Birifor_Northern_BSB Birifor_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Birifor, Southern biv Africa Birifor, Southern Bible     164.541681 Birifor,_Southern_Bible Birifor,_Southern_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bisã bqp Africa Bisa       140.855688 Bisa Bisa-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bisã bqp Africa Busa-Bisa     146.881022 Busa-Bisa Busa_Bisa-1.0.1.apk
Vanuatu Bislama bis Asia/Pacific Bislama BSP P   558.514464 Bislama_BSP Bislama_BSP-1.0.7.apk
Thailand Bisu bzi Asia/Pacific Bisu P P 266.266349 Bisu Bisu-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Bobo Madare, Southern bwq Africa Bobo Madare South 2004 BSB     181.514492 Bobo_Madare_South_BSB Bobo_Madare_So_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Benin Boko bqc Africa Boko SIM       131.036233 Boko_SIM Boko_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Bokobaru bus Africa Bokobaru SIM       142.192774 Bokobaru_SIM Bokobaru_SIM-1.0.apk
Malaysia Bonggi bdg Asia/Pacific Kitab Bonggi     P P 71.022526 Bonggi_Portions Kitab_Bonggi-1.0.13.apk
Malaysia Bonggi bdg Southeast Asia Bonggi Bible     P   95.348296 Bonggi_Bible Bonggi_Bible-1.0.apk
Mali Boomu bmq Africa Boomu Bible     178.1335 Boomu_Bible Boomu_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Bora boa Americas Bora BLI     229.159758 Bora_BLI Bora_BLI-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Borana gax Africa Borana 1994 BSK       155.477196 Borana_BSK Borana_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Costa Rica Bribri bzd Americas Bribri Bible     195.336156 Bribri_Bible Bribri_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Laos Bru Eastern bru Southeast Asia Bru Eastern Bible     223.204751 Bru_Eastern_Bible Bru_Eastern_Bible-1.0.apk
Panama Buglere sab Americas Buglere WBT     377.439382 Buglere_WBT Buglere_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Bulgaria Bulgarian bul Eurasia/MENA Bulgarian 1924       157.27848 Bulgarian_1924 Bulgarian_1924-1.0.apk
Bulgaria Bulgarian bul Eurasia/MENA Bulgarian PR       148.821494 Bulgarian_PR Bulgarian_PR-1.0.apk
Ghana Buli bwu Africa Buli Bible     259.565245 Buli_Bible Buli_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Bum bmv Africa Bum CABTAL       195.413971 Bum_CABTAL Bum_CABTAL-1.0.apk
Cambodia Bunong cmo Southeast Asia Bunong     218.349005 Bunong Bunong-1.0.apk
Nigeria Bura bwr Africa Bura BSN       244.043342 Bura_BSN Bura_BSN-1.0.apk
Myanmar Burmese mya Southeast Asia Burmese MSB     241.604677 Burmese_MSB Burmese_MSB-1.0.1.apk
Myanmar Burmese mya Southeast Asia Burmese Old Judson Version     455.98565 Burmese_Old_Judson_Version Burmese_OJV-1.0.9.apk
Papua New Guinea Burum-Mindik bmu Pacific Burum-Mindik PNG Bible     325.713395 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Burum-Mindik bmu Pacific Burum-Mindik PNG Bible N1     325.606911 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible_N1 Burum-Mindik_PNG_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Bwanabwana tte Asia/Pacific Bwanabwana WBT     199.277027 Bwanabwana_WBT Bwanabwana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Cacua cbv Americas Cacua BLI     244.16307 Cacua_BLI Cacua_BLI-1.0.4.apk
Guatemala Cakchiquel Santa Maria de Jesus (Kaqchikel) cak Americas Kaqchikel Bible     207.102192 Kaqchikel_Bible Kaqchikel_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Cakchiquel Santo Domingo Xenacoj cak Americas Cakchiquel Santo Domingo Xenacoj Bible     246.040649 Cakchiquel_Santo_Domingo_Xenacoj_Bible Cakchiquel_Santo_Domingo_Xenacoj_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Cakchiquel South Central cak Americas Cakchiquel South Central Bible     253.192589 Cakchiquel_South_Central_Bible Cakchiquel_South_Central_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Cakchiquel Yepocapa cak Americas Cakchiquel Yepocapa Bible     254.833202 Cakchiquel_Yepocapa_Bible Cakchiquel_Yepocapa_Bible-1.0.apk
Brazil Canela ram Americas Canela - TBL     S S 285.200729 Canela_-_TBL Canela_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Canela ram Americas Canela LBB     S   284.335385 Canela_LBB Canela_LBB-1.0.1.apk
Peru Capanahua kaq Americas Capanahua TBL     287.789906 Capanahua_TBL Capanahua_TBL-1.0.6.apk
Peru Caquinte cot Americas Caquinte LLB     331.472112 Caquinte_LLB Caquinte_LLB-1.0.apk
Colombia Carapana cbc Americas Carapana WBT     276.798394 Carapana_WBT Carapana_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Suriname Carib car Americas Carib 2003 BSS     872.272538 Carib_BSS Carib_BSS-1.0.4.apk
Philippines Cebuano ceb Asia/Pacific Cebuano       238.281814 Cebuano Cebuano-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Central Ifugao ifa Asia/Pacific Central Ifugao     203.718266 Central__Ifugao Central_Ifugao_WBT-1.0.4.apk
India Chakma ccp South Asia Chakma Bible     P P 43.907481 Chakma_Bible Chakma_Bible-1.0.apk
Iraq Chaldean cld Eurasia/MENA Chaldean     P 14.739993 Chaldean Chaldean-1.0.1.apk
Paraguay Chamacoco ceg Americas Chamacoco       202.871661 Chamacoco Chamacoco-1.0.11.apk
Tanzania Chasu asa Africa Chasu Bible     192.445929 Chasu_Bible Chasu_Bible-1.0.apk
Zambia Chibemba bem Africa Chibemba Bible     212.539571 Chibemba_Bible Chibemba_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Malawi Chichewa nya Africa Chichewa 97 BLV       181.067147 Chichewa_97_BLV Chichewa_97_BLV-1.0.2.apk
Tanzania Chigogo gog Africa Chigogo Bible     254.325119 Chigogo_Bible Chigogo_Bible-1.0.apk
Zimbabwe Chikunda kdn Africa Chikunda Bible     197.693136 Chikunda_Bible Chikunda_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Cho mwq Southeast Asia Chin Cho CLV Bible       195.753494 Chin_Cho_CLV_Bible Chin_Cho_CLV_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Falam cfm Southeast Asia Chin Falam BSM       194.584219 Chin_Falam_BSM Chin_Falam_BSM-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Chin, Matu hlt Southeast Asia Chin Matu BSM       192.539972 Chin_Matu_BSM Chin_Matu_BSM-1.0.1.apk
Myanmar Chin, Mro-Khimi cmr Southeast Asia Chin, Mro-Khimi Bible     226.639139 Chin,_Mro-Khimi_Bible Chin,_Mro-Khimi_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Ngawn cnw Southeast Asia Chin Ngawn CL Bible       215.371725 Chin_Ngawn_CL_Bible Chin_Ngawn_CL_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Chin, Tiddim ctd Southeast Asia Chin Tiddim CLV       215.900619 Chin_Tiddim_CLV Chin_Tiddim_CLV-1.0.11.apk
Mexico Chinantec de Ozumacin chz Americas Chinanteco de Ozumacin     188.076798 Chinanteco_de_Ozumacin Chinanteco_Ozu-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Chinanteco de Tepetotutla cnt Americas Chinanteco de Tepetotutla     171.476409 Chinanteco_de_Tepetotutla Chinanteco_de_Tepetotutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Chinanteco de Usila cuc Americas Chinanteco Usila     179.566422 Chinanteco_Usila Chinanteco_U-1.0.4.apk
China Chinese, Cantonese yue Asia/Pacific Chinese Cantonese     152.561834 Chinese_Cantonese Chinese_Cantonese-1.0.10.apk
China Chinese, Mandarin cmn Asia/Pacific Mandarin Chinese UNV     274.601977 Mandarin_Chinese_UNV Mandarin_UNV-1.0.12.apk
Mozambique Chisena seh Africa Chisena     196.720691 Chisena Chisena-1.0.5.apk
Zambia Chitonga toi Africa Chitonga Bible     195.251544 Chitonga_BSZ Chitonga_BSZ-1.0.4.apk
Guatemala Chorti caa Americas Chortí   P 326.654874 Chorti_WBT Chorti_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Ghana Chumburung ncu Africa Chumburung Bible     243.719758 Chumburung_Bible Chumburung_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Cofan con Americas Cofán WBT     219.93233 Cofán_WBT Cofan_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Ecuador Colorado cof Americas Colorado Bible     331.675809 Colorado_Bible Colorado_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Cora, El Nayar crn Americas Cora, El Nayar Bible     335.508468 Cora,_El_Nayar_Bible Cora,_El_Nayar_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Cora, Santa Teresa cok Americas Cora Santa Teresa Bible     273.24736 Cora_Santa_Teresa_Bible Cora_Santa_Teresa_Bible-1.0.apk
Canada Cree, Plains crk Americas Cree, Plains     P   188.634727 Cree,_Plains Cree_Plains-1.0.2.apk
Russia Crimean Tatar crh Eurasia/MENA Crimean Tatar IBT     176.825332 Crimean_Tatar_IBT Crimean_Tatar_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Cuiba cui Americas Cuiba     318.989742 Cuiba Cuiba-1.0.3.apk
Peru Culina cul Americas Culina     343.892469 Culina Culina-1.0.6.apk
Czechia Czech ces Eurasia/MENA Czech CET       153.068948 Czech_CET Czech_CET-1.0.4.apk
Kenya Daasanach dsh Africa Daasanach Bible     239.351479 Daasanach_Bible Daasanach_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Daba dbq Africa Daba     245.390962 Daba Daba-1.0.apk
Ghana Dagaare dga Africa Dagaare Bible     182.765897 Dagaare_Bible Dagaare_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Dagara, Northern dgi Africa Dagara Northern 2004 BSB     189.035476 Dagara_Northern_BSB Dagara_No_BSB-1.0.4.apk
Central African Republic Dagba dgk Africa Dagba Bible     184.784494 Dagba_Bible Dagba_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Dagbani dag Africa Dagbani 2007 BSO       160.922568 Dagbani_BSO Dagbani_BSG-1.0.7.apk
Indonesia Damal uhn Pacific Damal Bible     341.40362 Damal_Bible Damal_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Dangaleat DAA Africa Dangaleat Bible     171.296154 Dangaleat_Bible Dangaleat_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Dani, Central Grand Valley dnt Southeast Asia Dani, Central Grand Valley Bible     315.503608 Dani,_Central_Grand_Valley_Bible Dani,_Central_Grand_Valley_Bible-1.0.apk
Afghanistan Dari prs Eurasia/MENA Dari   185.031893 Dari Dari-1.0.19.apk
Afghanistan Dari prs Eurasia/MENA Dari English     322.760028 Dari_English Dari_English-1.0.apk
Tanzania Datooga tcc Africa Datooga Bible     223.215193 Datooga_Bible Datooga_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Dayak Ma'anyan mhy Pacific Dayak Ma'anyan Bible     198.736653 Dayak_Ma'anyan_Bible Dayak_Ma'anyan_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Dedua ded Asia/Pacific Dedua WBT     185.555326 Dedua_WBT Dedua_WBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Denya anv Africa Denya WBT     235.453027 Denya_-_WBT Denya_WBT-1.0.apk
Colombia Desano des Americas Desano 1984 WBT     271.861382 Desano_WBT Desano_WBT-1.0.7.apk
India Dhankavi dhn South Asia Dhankavi Bible   P 29.548018 Dhankavi_Bible Dhankavi_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Dhopadhola adh Africa Dhopadhola 2002 BSU     175.229586 Dhopadhola_BSU Dhopadhola_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Dida, Yocoboue gud Africa Dida, Yocoboue Bible     200.476115 Dida_Yocoboue_Bible Dida_Yocoboue_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Didinga did Africa Didinga     205.682529 Didinga Didinga-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Dii dur Africa Dii BSC       164.399712 Dii_BSC Dii_BSC-1.0.1.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Padang dip Africa Dinka, Padang Bible     176.379605 Dinka,_Padang_Bible Dinka,_Padang_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Dinka, Rek dik Africa Dinka, Rek Bible     181.608679 Dinka,_Rek_Bible Dinka,_Rek_Bible-1.0.apk
Benin Ditammari tbz Africa Ditammari BSB       132.856022 Ditammari_BSB Ditammari_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Mali Dogon, Toroso dts Africa Dogon Toroso Bible     202.133936 Dogon_Toroso_Bible Dogon_Toroso_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Dogose dos Africa Dogose ANTBA     186.401678 Dogose_ANTBA Dogose_ANTBA-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Douala dua Africa Douala BSC       173.596018 Douala_BSC Douala_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Doyayo dow Africa Doyayo BSC       169.306564 Doyayo_BSC Doyayo_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Duri mvp Pacific Duri TDV Bible     213.674765 Duri_TDV_Bible Duri_TDV_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Duruma dug Africa Duruma Bible     233.033403 Duruma_Bible Duruma_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Dusun, Central dtp Asia/Pacific Dusun   276.061839 Dusun_BSM Baibol_Dusun-1.0.11.apk
Netherlands Dutch nld Eurasia/MENA Dutch Arabic     352.406019 Dutch_Arabic Dutch_Arabic-1.0.3.apk
Netherlands Dutch nld Eurasia/MENA Dutch Bible     195.140113 Dutch_Bible Dutch_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Dza jen Africa Dza     P P 43.796509 Dza Dza-1.0.apk
Bhutan Dzongkha dzo Asia/Pacific Dzongkha CAP       218.971253 Dzongkha_CAP Dzongkha_CAP-1.0.7.apk
China ELO ycl East Asia ELO Bible P P 347.505987 ELO_Bible ELO_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Ebira igb Africa Ebira BSN       181.679666 Ebira_BSN Ebira_BSN-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Ebrie ebr Africa Ebrie Bible       236.361141 Ebrie_Bible Ebrie_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Edo bin Africa Edo BSN       179.667929 Edo_BSN Edo_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Efik efi Africa Efik BSN       168.948416 Efik_BSN Efik_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Eggon ego Africa Eggon BSN       210.166608 Eggon_BSN Eggon_BSN-1.0.apk
Cameroon Ejagham etu Africa Ejagham CAN       195.644496 Ejagham_CAN Ejagham_CAN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Ekajuk eka Africa Ekajuk SU     205.168807 Ekajuk_SU Ekajuk_SU-1.0.apk
Indonesia Ekari ekg Pacific Ekari Bible     258.191494 Ekari_Bible Ekari_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Ekegusii guz Africa Ekegusii 1990 BSK       182.18948 Ekegusii_BSK Ekegusii_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Nigeria Eleme elm Africa Eleme BSN       262.034845 Eleme_BSN Eleme_BSN-1.0.apk
Colombia Embera Katio cto Americas Embera Katio Portions     P   43.377169 Embera_Katio_Portions Embera_Katio_Portions-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Enga enq Pacific Enga Bible     216.879268 Enga_Bible Enga_Bible-1.0.apk
United States English eng Americas English (WEB)   143.70246 English_Full_WEB English_Full_WEB-1.0.32.apk
United States English eng Americas English KJV 619.834305 English_KJV English_KJV-1.0.8.apk
United States English eng Americas English WEB     143.521317 English_NT_WEB English_NT_WEB-1.0.36.apk
United States English eng Americas ESV NT     171.348622 English_ESV_NT English_ESV_NT-1.0.apk
United States English eng Americas ESV NT + Video     368.180719 English_ESV_NT English_ESV_NT-1.0.1.apk
United States English eng Americas The Holy Bible, ESV 708.521169 English_ESV_Bible English_ESV-1.0.16.apk
Paraguay Enhlit enl Americas Enhlit       238.940532 Enhlit Enhlit-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Eperã pedee sja Americas Eperã pedee     238.259738 Eperã_pedee Epera_Pedee-1.0.3.apk
Papua New Guinea Ese mcq Asia/Pacific Ese BL     208.225534 Ese_BL Ese_BL-1.0.apk
Russia Evenki evn Eurasia/MENA Evenki     P   32.049069 Evenki Evenki-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Ewe, Ghana ewe Africa Ewe Ghana       191.985669 Ewe_Ghana_BSG Ewe_Ghana-1.0.9.apk
Ghana Ewe, Ghana ewe Africa Ewe (Ghana) Bible     230.93725 Ewe_(Ghana)_Bible Ewe_Ghana_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Fali South fal Africa Fali South Bible     163.722045 Fali_South_Bible Fali_South_Bible-1.0.apk
Gabon Fang fan Africa Fang BSG       140.883785 Fang_BSG Fang_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Iran Farsi, Western pes Eurasia/MENA Farsi West TPV       219.456236 Farsi_West_TPV Farsi_West_TPV-1.0.21.apk
Solomon Islands Fataleka far Asia/Pacific Fataleka     266.000206 Fataleka Fataleka-1.0.3.apk
Fiji Fiji-Hindi hif Asia/Pacific Fiji Hindi BSO     178.277078 Fiji_Hindi_BSO Fiji_Hindi_BSO-1.0.7.apk
Fiji Fijian fij Asia/Pacific Fijian New Version     186.573015 Fijian_New_Version Fijian_NV-1.0.7.apk
Philippines Finallig ebk Southeast Asia Finallig Bible   287.707086 Finallig_Bible Finallig_Bible-1.0.apk
Benin Fon (Fongbe) fon Africa Fon (Fongbe)       180.801209 Fon_(Fongbe) Fon_(Fongbe)-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Fordata frd Asia/Pacific Fordata     245.343457 Fordata Fordata-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Frafra gur Africa Frafra Bible     217.821718 Frafra_Bible Frafra_Bible-1.0.apk
France French fra Eurasia/MENA French 1910 LS     147.940535 French_1910_LS French_1910_LS-1.0.7.apk
Nigeria Fulfulde Nigerian (Caka) fuv Africa Fulfulde Caka     164.109794 Fulfulde_Caka Fulfulde_Caka-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Fulfulde, Adamawa fub Africa Fulfulde, Adamawa       156.030279 Fulfulde,_Adamawa Fulfulde_Adamawa-1.0.apk
Niger Fulfulde, Central Eastern Niger fuq Africa Fulfulde, Central Eastern Niger Bible     161.569416 Fulfulde,_Central_Eastern_Niger_Bible Fulfulde,_Central_Eastern_Niger_Bible-1.0.apk
Mali Fulfulde, Maasina ffm Africa Maasina Fulfulde Bible     188.534526 Maasina_Fulfulde_Bible Maasina_Fulfulde_Bible-1.0.apk
Niger Fulfulde, Western Niger fuh Africa Fulfulde W Niger     154.193117 Fulfulde_W_Niger Fulfulde_W_Niger-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Fuliiru flr Africa Fuliiru Bible     238.220807 Fuliiru_Bible Fuliiru_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Ga gaa Africa Ga BSG       164.288315 Ga_BSG Ga_BSG-1.0.4.apk
Chad Gabri Maja gab Africa Gabri Maja Bible     286.736511 Gabri_Maja_Bible Gabri_Maja_Bible-1.0.apk
India Gadaba, Mudhili gau South Asia Gadaba, Mudhili Bible     195.556174 Gadaba,_Mudhili_Bible Gadaba,_Mudhili_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Moldova Gagauz gag Eurasia/MENA Gagauz 2006 IBT     150.87707 Gagauz_IBT Gagauz_IBT-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Galela gbi Pacific Galela Bible LAI     350.087506 Galela_Bible_LAI Galela_Bible_LAI-1.0.apk
Indonesia Galela gbi Pacific Galela Bible     1383.221851 Galela_Bible Galela_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Gapapaiwa pwg Pacific Gapapaiwa WBT Bible     269.038824 Gapapaiwa_WBT_Bible Gapapaiwa_WBT_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Garab kia Africa Garab     208.745633 Garab Garab-1.0.1.apk
Bangladesh Garo grt Asia/Pacific Garo 2004 BBS     185.531906 Garo_BBS Garo_BBS-1.0.4.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Gban ggu Africa Gban Bible       303.424596 Gban_Bible Gban_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Gbaya krs Africa Gbaya WBT Bible   P   251.698013 Gbaya_WBT_Bible Gbaya_WBT_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Gbaya krs Africa Gbaya Bible     254.10075 Gbaya_Bible Gbaya_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Gbaya Northwest GYA Africa Gbaya NW BSC       164.728496 Gbaya_NW_BSC Gbaya_NW_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Central African Republic Gbaya Southwest gso Africa Gbaya Southwest Bible     183.076428 Gbaya_Southwest_Bible Gbaya_Southwest_Bible-1.0.apk
Central African Republic Gbeya gbp Africa Gbeya Bible     213.722956 Gbeya_Bible Gbeya_Bible-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Gela nlg Asia/Pacific Gela     226.373214 Gela Gela-1.0.1.apk
Georgia Georgian kat Eurasia/MENA Georgian IBT       137.714616 Georgian_IBT Georgian_IBT-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Gerai sdm Pacific Gerai Bible     273.906445 Gerai_Bible Gerai_Bible-1.0.apk
Germany German deu Eurasia/MENA German GNB     171.10759 German_GNB German_GNB-1.0.2.apk
Solomon Islands Ghari gri Pacific Ghari Bible     281.791988 Ghari_Bible Ghari_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Ghomala bbj Africa Ghomala BSC       146.775841 Ghomala_BSC Ghomala_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Gidar gid Africa Gidar BSC       175.245337 Gidar_BSC Gidar_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Gikuyu kik Africa Gikuyu 1965 BSK       174.735172 Gikuyu_BSK Gikuyu_BSK-1.0.6.apk
Ghana Gikyode acd Africa Gikyode Bible     263.953562 Gikyode_Bible Gikyode_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Giryama nyf Africa Giryama Bible     206.20819 Giryama_Bible Giryama_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Mozambique Gitonga toh Africa Gitonga 1996 BSM     200.946301 Gitonga_BSM Gitonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Ethiopia Goffa gof Africa Goffa Bible     176.993644 Goffa_Bible Goffa_Bible-1.0.apk
India Gondi, Adilabad wsg South Asia Gondi, Adilabad Bible     190.688987 Gondi,_Adilabad_Bible Gondi,_Adilabad_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Chad Gor gqr Africa Gor Bible     222.897643 Gor_Bible Gor_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Liberia Grebo, Northern gbo Africa Grebo Northern     217.996108 Grebo_Northern Grebo_Northern-1.0.apk
Greece Greek ell Eurasia/MENA Greek OT AVS     533.09653 Greek_OT_AVS Greek_OT_AVS-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek ell Eurasia/MENA Greek EPT AVS 643.593563 Greek_EPT_AVS Greek_EPT-1.0.5.apk
Greece Greek ell Eurasia/MENA Greek SFT     148.913572 Greek_SFT Greek_SFT-1.0.3.apk
Greece Greek-Ancient grc Eurasia/MENA Greek EPT     135.843089 Greek__EPT Greek_NT_EPT-1.1.9.apk
Greece Greek-Ancient grc Eurasia/MENA Greek-Ancient Bible     143.742373 Greek_Ancient_Bible Greek_Ancient_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Guahibo guh Americas Guahibo WBT     329.30469 Guahibo_WBT Guahibo_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Guajajara gub Americas Guajajara - WBT     334.428029 Guajajara_-_WBT Guajajara_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Guambiano gum Americas Guambiano BLI     238.472266 Guambiano_BLI Guambiano_TBL-1.0.3.apk
Colombia Guanano gvc Americas Guanano BLI     318.991186 Guanano_BLI Guanano_BLI-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Guarani Western Bolivian gnw Americas Guarani Western Bolivian       237.363393 Guarani_Western_Bolivian Guarani_W_Bol-1.0.9.apk
Bolivia Guarayo gyr Americas Guarayo       223.530422 Guarayo Guarayo-1.0.9.apk
Colombia Guayabero guo Americas Guayabero WBT     268.1249 Guayabero_WBT Guayabero_WBT-1.0.apk
Panama Guaymi gym Americas Guaymi 2004 WBT     286.122934 Guaymi_WBT Guaymi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Cameroon Gude gde Africa Gude Bible     233.625641 Gude_Bible Gude_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Guergiko moz Africa Guergiko Bible     201.08705 Guergiko_Bible Guergiko_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Chad Gulei gvl Africa Gulei BSC       200.859968 Gulei_BSC Gulei_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Burkina Faso Gulmancema gux Africa Gulmancema 2003 ABF     165.804642 Gulmancema_ABF Gulmancema_ABF-1.0.8.apk
Papua New Guinea Gumawana gvs Pacific Gumawana SBF       265.129015 Gumawana_SBF Gumawana_SBF-1.0.apk
Nepal Gurung gvr South Asia Gurung Bible     261.250241 Gurung_Bible Gurung_Bible-1.0.apk
Haiti Haitian Creole hat Americas Haitian Creole       176.367635 Haitian_Creole Haitian_Creole-1.0.10.apk
Taiwan Hakka hak Southeast Asia Hakka Bible   215.368455 Hakka Hakka_Bible-1.1.apk
Ghana Hanga hag Africa Hanga Bible     161.74499 Hanga_Bible Hanga_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Hanunoo hnn Southeast Asia Hanunoo Bible     215.990696 Hanunoo_Bible Hanunoo_Bible-1.0.apk
Mauritania Hassaniyya mey Eurasia/MENA Hassaniyya       205.250018 Hassaniyya Hassaniyya-1.0.apk
Indonesia Hatam had Southeast Asia Hatam Bible       237.185252 Hatam_Bible Hatam_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Hausa hau Africa Hausa 1979 BSO       153.659543 Hausa_BSO Hausa_BSN-1.0.9.apk
Nigeria Hausa hau Africa Hausa CLV       188.642864 Hausa_CLV Hausa_CLV-1.0.apk
Israel Hebrew heb Eurasia/MENA Hebrew Modern       143.477165 Hebrew_Modern Hebrew_Modern-1.0.4.apk
Nigeria Higgi hig Africa Higgi BLI     243.758062 Higgi_BLI Higgi_BLI-1.0.apk
Philippines Hiligaynon hil Southeast Asia Hiligaynon Bible       220.911958 Hiligaynon_Bible Hiligaynon_Bible-1.0.apk
India Hindi hin Asia/Pacific Hindi Sab Ki     166.459117 Hindi_Sab_Ki Hindi_Sab_Ki-1.0.1.apk
India Hindi hin Asia/Pacific Hindi ERV     205.941821 Hindi_ERV Hindi_ERV-1.0.18.apk
India Hindi hin Asia/Pacific Hindi KJV     309.127404 Hindi_KJV Hindi_KJV-1.0.1.apk
Vietnam Hmong Daw mww Southeast Asia Hmong Daw 2000 UBS       206.059918 Hmong_Daw_UBS_(APK_Web) Hmong_Daw_UBS-1.0.7.apk
India Ho hoc South Asia Ho Bible     293.378033 Ho_Bible Ho_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Huambisa hub Americas Huambisa WBT   226.896838 Huambisa_WBT huambisa_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Mexico Huave de San Mateo del Mar huv Americas Huave de San Mateo del Mar     211.172026 Huave_de_San_Mateo_del_Mar Huave_de_San_Mateo_del_Mar-1.0.apk
Nigeria Huba hbb Africa Huba Bible     198.183417 Huba_Bible Huba_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Huitoto Murui huu Americas Huitoto Murui     267.262482 Huitoto_Murui Huitoto_Murui-1.0.5.apk
Colombia Huitoto, Minica hto Americas Huitoto Minica     269.097034 Huitoto_Minica Huitoto_Minica-1.0.4.apk
Hungary Hungarian hun Eurasia/MENA Hungarian 2014 RHNT     139.833162 Hungarian_RHNT Hungarian_RHNT-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Hupla hap Pacific Hupla Bible     379.364262 Hupla_Bible Hupla_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Iban iba Asia/Pacific Bup Kudus   180.866974 Iban Iban_Bup_Kudus-1.0.13.apk
Benin Idaasha idd Africa Idaasha     199.129426 Idaasha Idaasha-1.0.apk
Nigeria Idoma idu Africa Idoma BSN       210.419318 Idoma_BSN Idoma_BSN-1.0.apk
Togo Ife ife Africa Ife Bible     232.324382 Ife_Bible Ife_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Igala igl Africa Igala BSN       159.15044 Igala_BSN Igala_BSN-1.0.apk
Nigeria Igbo ibo Africa Igbo Union Version       181.500996 Igbo_Union_Version Igbo_Union_Version-1.0.2.apk
Nigeria Igede ige Africa Igede BSN       316.444254 Igede_BSN Igede_BSN-1.0.apk
Togo Igo ahl Africa Igo     P   40.820077 Igo Igo-1.0.3.apk
Kenya Ilchamus saq Africa Ilchamus Bible     155.924904 Ilchamus_Bible Ilchamus_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Illo Busa bqc Africa Illo Busa     P   101.551014 Illo_Busa Illo_Busa-1.0.apk
Philippines Ilokano ilo Asia/Pacific Ilokano RIPV       203.742868 Ilokano_RIPV Ilokano_RIPV-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Ilwana mlk Africa Ilwana Bible     221.23341 Ilwana_Bible Ilwana_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Inakeanon akl Southeast Asia Inakeanon Bible     272.969665 Inakeanon_Bible Inakeanon_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Indonesian ind Asia/Pacific Alkitab PB TSI Albata     251.851226 Indonesian_TSI Indonesian_TSI-1.0.9.apk
Indonesia Indonesian ind Pacific Indonesian IND Bible     225.774349 Indonesian_IND_Bible Indonesian_IND_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Indonesian ind Pacific Indonesian NTV     227.891981 Indonesian_NTV Indonesian_NTV-1.0.18.apk
Indonesia Indonesian ind Pacific Indonesian Bible     215.895333 Indonesian_Bible Indonesian_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Inga inb Americas Inga WBT     263.472181 Inga_WBT Inga_WBT-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Ipili ipi Pacific Ipili     337.135828 Ipili Ipili-1.0.apk
Nigeria Irigwe iri Africa Irigwe Bible     161.696623 Irigwe_Bible Irigwe_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Isoko iso Africa Isoko BSN       188.769154 Isoko_BSN Isoko_BSN-1.0.apk
Philippines Itawit itv Asia/Pacific Itawit STEP       216.784797 Itawit_STEP Itawit_STEP-1.0.apk
Russia Itelmen itl Eurasia/MENA Itelmen Bible     P P 47.053287 Itelmen_Bible Itelmen_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Itsekiri its Africa Itsekiri BSN       208.019725 Itsekiri_BSN Itsekiri_BSN-1.0.apk
Guatemala Ixil, Nebaj ixl Americas Ixil, Nebaj Bible     314.647786 Ixil,_Nebaj_Bible Ixil,_Nebaj_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Ixil, San Juan Cotzal ixl Americas Ixil, San Juan Cotzal Bible     182.830475 Ixil,_San_Juan_Cotzal_Bible Ixil,_San_Juan_Cotzal_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Ixil,_Chajul ixl Americas Ixil, Chajul Bible     182.89715 Ixil,_Chajul_Bible Ixil,_Chajul_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Iyo nca Pacific Iyo Bible     369.747584 Iyo_Bible Iyo_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izere izr Africa Izere BLI     189.407209 Izere_BLI Izere_BLI-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izii izz Africa Izii BLI     195.147385 Izii_BLI Izii_BLI-1.0.apk
Nigeria Izon ijc Africa Izon BSN       266.63236 Izon_BSN Izon_BSN-1.0.apk
Guatemala Jacalteco, Eastern jac Americas Jacalteco, Eastern Bible     254.599382 Jacalteco,_Eastern_Bible Jacalteco,_Eastern_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Jah Hut jah Southeast Asia Jah Hut Bible     P P 563.216234 Jah_Hut_Bible Jah_Hut_Bible-1.0.apk
Jamaica Jamaican Creole jam Americas Jamaican Creole BSW     179.329397 Jamaican_Creole_BSW Jamaican_Creole-1.0.6.apk
Brazil Jarawara jaa Americas Jarawara Bible     395.520571 Jarawara_Bible_(apk_web) Jarawara_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Javanese jav Pacific Javanese Bible       228.796754 Javanese Javanese_Bible-1.0.16.apk
Nigeria Jju kaj Africa Jju BSN       176.958843 Jju_BSN Jju_BSN-1.0.apk
Senegal Jola Kasa csk Africa Jola Kasa 2008 BLI     218.144453 Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI Jola_Kasa_2008_BLI-1.0.1.apk
Gambia Jola-Fogny dyo Africa Jola-Fogny 2011 BSG       205.018012 Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG Jola-Fogny_2011_BSG-1.0.1.apk
Mali Jowulu jow Africa Jowulu Bible       189.787913 Jowulu_Bible Jowulu_Bible-1.0.apk
India Juang jun South Asia Juang     272.639715 Juang Juang-1.0.2.apk
Nigeria Jukun jbu Africa Jukun 1994     243.07411 Jukun_1994 Jukun_1994-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Jula dyu Africa Jula Bible     188.683414 Jula_BSO Jula_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Junikuin cbs Americas Junikuin   315.958418 Junikuin Junikuin-1.0.1.apk
South Sudan Jur Modo bex Africa Jur Modo Bible     266.658323 Jur_Modo_Bible Jur_Modo_Bible-1.0.apk
India Juray Saura juy South Asia Juray Saura Bible     P P 29.719805 Juray_Saura_Bible Juray_Saura_Bible-1.0.apk
Central African Republic Kaba ksp Africa Kaba Bible     173.23972 Kaba_Bible Kaba_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Kabardian kbd Eurasia/MENA Kabardian Bible P P P P 82.086375 Kabardian_Bible Kabardian_Bible-1.0.apk
Togo Kabiye kbp Africa Kabiye Bible     189.660008 Kabiye_Bible Kabiye_Bible-1.0.apk
Algeria Kabyle kab Eurasia/MENA Kabyle     173.48571 Kabyle Kabyle-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Kachin kac Southeast Asia Kachin Bible       205.238457 Kachin_Bible Kachin-Bible-1.0.3.apk
Malaysia Kadazan, Coastal dtp Asia/Pacific Kadazan, Coastal     239.554186 Kadazan_NT Baibol_Kadazan-1.1.10.apk
Brazil Kadiweu kbc Americas Kadiweu Bible     322.439187 Kadiweu_Bible_(apk_web) Kadiweu_Bible-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Kafa kbr Africa Kafa Bible     216.685806 Kafa_Bible Kafa_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Kagayanen cgc Asia/Pacific Kagayanen     225.553462 Kagayanen Kagayanen-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Kaili, Da'a kzf Pacific Kaili Da'a     247.445842 Kaili_Da'a Kaili_Da'a-1.0.apk
Peru Kakataibo cbr Americas Kakataibo TBL   269.602554 Kakataibo_TBL Kakataibo_TBL-1.0.7.apk
Cameroon Kako kkj Africa Kako Bible     219.040264 Kako_Bible Kako_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Kakwa keo Africa Kakwa BSU     211.979089 Kakwa_BSU Kakwa_BSU-1.0.9.apk
Nigeria Kalabari ijn Africa Kalabari BSN       248.785218 Kalabari_BSN Kalabari_BSN-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalagan Eastern kqe Southeast Asia Kalagan Eastern Bible     295.690677 Kalagan_Eastern_Bible Kalagan_Eastern_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalanguya kak Southeast Asia Kalanguya Bible       210.963584 Kalanguya_Bible Kalanguya_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Kalenjin kln Africa Kalenjin Bible     190.566308 Kalenjin_Bible Kalenjin_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Butbut kyb Asia/Pacific Kalinga Butbut     198.116887 Kalinga_Butbut Kalinga_Butbut-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Lubuagan knb Southeast Asia Kalinga Lubuagan     189.341584 Kalinga_Lubuagan Kalinga_Lubuagan-1.0.apk
Philippines Kalinga, Majukayong kmd Asia/Pacific Kalinga Majukayong     201.33945 Kalinga_Majukayong Kalinga_Majukayong-1.0.apk
Russia Kalmyk-Oirat xal Eurasia/MENA Kalmyk Oirat Bible     201.109689 Kalmyk_Oirat_Bible Kalmyk_Oirat_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Kaluli bco Pacific Kaluli Bible     P P 34.456235 Kaluli_Bible Kaluli_Bible-1.0.apk
Brazil Kamayurá kay Americas Kamayurá Bible     P P 53.636981 Kamayura_Bible Kamayura_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Kambera xbr Pacific Kambera Bible   313.254723 Kambera_Bible Kambera_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Kandawo gam Asia/Pacific Kandawo WBT     226.198603 Kandawo_WBT Kandawo_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Kandozi cbu Americas Kandozi     361.664282 Kandozi Kandozi-1.0.7.apk
Philippines Kankanaey kne Asia/Pacific Kankanaey     205.54065 Kankanaey Kankanaey-1.0.2.apk
India Kannada kan South Asia Kannada Bible     287.574423 Kannada_ERV_Bible_(Expandable_Edition) Kannada_ERV_Bible-1.0.13.apk
India Kannada kan South Asia Kannada Bible   227.677179 Kannada_Contemporary_Bible Kannada_Contemporary_Bible-1.0.apk
Niger Kanuri, Manga kby Africa Kanuri Manga     190.585232 Kanuri_Manga Kanuri_Manga-1.0.6.apk
Zambia Kaonde kqn Africa Kaonde Bible       194.314576 Kaonde_Bible Kaonde_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Kapsiki kvj Africa Kapsiki BSC       179.153855 Kapsiki_BSC Kapsiki_BSC-1.0.apk
Uzbekistan Karakalpak kaa Eurasia/MENA Karakalpak IBT     174.687741 Karakalpak_IBT Karakalpak-1.0.10.apk
Thailand Karen Pwo, Northern pww Southeast Asia Karen Pwo Northern Bible     250.584872 Karen_Pwo_Northern_Bible Karen_Pwo_Northern_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Karimojong kdj Africa Karimojong BSU     200.178561 Karimojong Karimojong_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Karunsi'e xmz Pacific Karunsi'e Bible     P P 52.159582 Karunsi'e_Bible Karunsi'e_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Kasem xsm Africa Kasem Bible     231.344313 Kasem_Bible Kasem_Bible-1.0.apk
Sudan Katcha xtc Eurasia/MENA Katcha Bible     255.65849 Katcha_Bible Katcha_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Kaulong pss Pacific Kaulong     263.158098 Kaulong Kaulong-1.0.apk
Brazil Kayabi kyz Americas Kayabi WBT     429.561043 Kayabi_WBT Kayabi_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Myanmar Kayah, Western kyu Southeast Asia Kayah Western UBS     295.511741 Kayah_Western_UBS Kayah_Western_BSM-1.0.1.apk
Malaysia Kayan, Baram kys Southeast Asia Kayan, Baram Bible     242.575072 Kayan,_Baram_Bible Kayan_Baram_Bible-1.0.apk
Brazil Kayapo txu Americas Kayapo     321.569629 Kayapo Kayapo-1.0.5.apk
Kazakhstan Kazakh kaz Eurasia/MENA Kazakh     197.481725 Kazakh Kazakh-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Ka’apor urb Americas Kaapor WBT     359.50751 Kaapor_-_WBT Kaapor_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kebu ndp Africa Kebu     232.045693 Kebu Kebu-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Keliko kbo Africa Keliko Bible P P 310.854539 Keliko_Bible Keliko_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Kenga kyq Africa Kenga Bible     206.321814 Kenga_Bible Kenga_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Kenyah, Mainstream xkl Southeast Asia Kenyah, Mainstream Bible     289.661975 Kenyah,_Mainstream_Bible Kenyah_Mainstream_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Kenyang ken Africa Kenyang WBT     206.335683 Kenyang_WBT Kenyang_WBT-1.0.apk
Indonesia Ketengban xte Asia/Pacific Ketengban WBT     489.098686 Ketengban_WBT Ketengban_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Russia Khakas kjh Eurasia/MENA Khakas     144.107499 Khakas Khakas-1.0.5.apk
Nigeria Khana ogo Africa Khana BSN       181.728199 Khana_BSN Khana_BSN-1.0.apk
India Kharam kfw South Asia Kharam     244.947587 Kharam Kharam-1.0.2.apk
Mali Khassonke kao Africa Khassonke Bible     164.43264 Khassonke_Bible Khassonke_Bible-1.0.apk
Cambodia Khmer, Central khm Asia/Pacific Khmer Central SV       204.240588 Khmer_Central_SV Khmer_Central_SV-1.0.4.apk
Thailand Khmer, Northern kxm Asia/Pacific Khmer Northern TBS     170.918764 Khmer_Northern_TBS Khmer_North_TBS-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Kiembu ebu Africa Kiembu 2002 BSO       182.90452 Kiembu_BSO Kiembu_BSO-1.0.5.apk
Tanzania Kiiraqw irk Africa Kiiraqw Bible     222.257088 Kiiraqw_Bible Kiiraqw_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kikagulu kki Africa Kikagulu Bible     229.669222 Kikagulu_Bible Kikagulu_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Kikamba kam Africa Kikamba 1998 BSK       145.636016 Kikamba_BSK Kikamba_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Kikuyu kik Africa Kikuyu Bible 771.219932 Kikuyu_Bible Kikuyu_Bible-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Kimaragang kqr Southeast Asia Kimaragang Bible       241.485723 Kimaragang_Bible Kimaragang_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kimashami jmc Africa Kimashami Bible     231.205511 Kimashami_Bible Kimashami_Bible-1.0.apk
Angola Kimbundu kmb Africa Kimbundu BSA       189.905915 Kimbundu_BSA Kimbundu_BSA-1.0.apk
Kenya Kimeru mer Africa Kimeru BSK 2010       180.861233 Kimeru_BSK Kimeru_BSK-1.1.5.apk
Tanzania Kimochi old Africa Kimochi Bible     216.39919 Kimochi_Bible Kimochi_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Kimre KQP Africa Kimre WBT     214.668137 Kimre_WBT Kimre_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Kimyal of Korupun kpq Pacific Kimyal of Korupun Bible     262.724883 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Kimyal of Korupun kpq Pacific Kimyal of Korupun Bible N1     262.572074 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible_N1 Kimyal_of_Korupun_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
Philippines Kinaray-a krj Asia/Pacific Kinaray-a WBT     206.286942 Kinaray-a_WBT Kinaray-a_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Tanzania Kinga zga Africa Kinga     284.826683 Kinga Kinga-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kinyakyusa nyy Africa Kinyakyusa Bible     253.830353 Kinyakyusa_Bible Kinyakyusa_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kinyamwezi nym Africa Kinyamwezi Bible     238.149315 Kinyamwezi_Bible Kinyamwezi_Bible-1.0.apk
Rwanda Kinyarwanda kin Africa Kinyarwanda       149.120153 Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda-1.0.11.apk
Rwanda Kinyarwanda kin Africa Kinyarwanda English app     287.797955 Kinyarwanda_English_app Kinyarwanda_English_app-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kinyaturu rim Africa Kinyaturu Bible     254.198127 Kinyaturu_Bible Kinyaturu_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kinyiramba nim Africa Kinyiramba Bible     223.556684 Kinyiramba_Bible Kinyiramba_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Kire geb Pacific Kire Bible     P P 59.047502 Kire_Bible Kire_Bible-1.0.apk
Kyrgyzstan Kirghiz kir Eurasia/MENA Kirghiz BSK       204.389931 Kirghiz_BSK Kirghiz-1.0.12.apk
Kiribati Kiribati gil Pacific Kiribati Bible     199.300898 Kiribati_Bible Kiribati_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Burundi Kirundi run Africa Kirundi BSB     139.062504 Kirundi_BSB Kirundi_BSB-1.0.2.apk
Burundi Kirundi run Africa Kirundi English     277.937057 Kirundi_English Kirundi_English-1.0.apk
Indonesia Kisar kje Asia/Pacific Kisar     261.871586 Kisar Kisar-1.0.5.apk
Tanzania Kishambala ksb Africa Kishambala Bible     215.128145 Kishambala_Bible Kishambala_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kiswahili swh Africa Kiswahili HNV       173.728408 Kiswahili_HNV Kiswahili_HNV-1.0.15.apk
Congo, Republic of the Kituba mkw Africa Kituba 2005 BS     196.799496 Kituba_BS Kituba_BS-1.0.5.apk
Tanzania Kivunjo vun Africa Kivunjo Bible     211.288065 Kivunjo_Bible Kivunjo_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Kogi kog Americas Kogi - WBT     305.677426 Kogi_WBT Kogi_WBT-1.0.3.apk
India Kolami, Northwestern kfb South Asia Kolami Northwestern Bible       195.93536 Kolami_Northwestern_Bible Kolami_Northwestern_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Kolibugan skn Asia/Pacific Kolibugan P P P P 172.396647 Kolibugan Kolibugan-1.0.3.apk
Cameroon Kom bkm Africa Kom BSC       185.937816 Kom_BSC Kom_BSC-1.0.apk
Ghana Koma kma Africa Koma Bible     199.774818 Koma_Bible Koma_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Komi-Permyak koi Eurasia/MENA Komi-Permyak Bible       15.207809 Komi-Permyak_Bible Komi-Permyak_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Komo kmw Africa Komo Bible     241.631916 Komo_Bible Komo_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Mali Konabere bbo Africa Konabere Bible     165.530583 Konabere_Bible Konabere_Bible-1.0.apk
India Konda-Dora kfc Asia/Pacific Konda Dora 2006 KSS       210.661856 Konda_Dora_KSS Konda_Dora_KSS-1.0.5.apk
India Kondaporja kfc South Asia Kondaporja Bible     P P 74.717055 Kondaporja_Bible Kondaporja_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Konkomba Likoonli xon Africa Konkomba Likoonli Bible     186.099854 Konkomba_Likoonli Konkomba_Likoonli-1.0.1.apk
Ghana Konkomba, Likpakpaaln xon Africa Konkomba Likpakpaaln     199.767695 Konkomba_Likpakpaaln Konkomba_Likpakpaaln-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Kono kno Africa Kono     218.023986 Kono Kono-1.0.6.apk
Cameroon Koonzime ozm Africa Koonzime Bible     203.500031 Koonzime_Bible Koonzime_Bible-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Koorete kqy Africa Koorete Bible     223.934265 Koorete_Bible Koorete_Bible-1.0.apk
Korea, North Korean, North kor East Asia Korean North Chosun Bible P P 312.864048 Korean_North_Chosun_Bible Korean_North_Chosun_Bible-1.0.4.apk
Colombia Koreguaje coe Americas Koreguaje WBT     216.959934 Koreguaje_WBT Koreguaje_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Philippines Koronadal Blaan bpr Asia/Pacific Koronadal Blaan 1995 WBT     181.385846 Koronadal_Blaan_WBT Koronadal_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Indonesia Kosarek kkl Pacific Kosarek Bible     427.815661 Kosarek_Bible Kosarek_Bible-1.0.apk
India Koya kff South Asia Koya Bible     224.304726 Koya_Bible Koya_Bible-1.0.apk
Sierra Leone Krio kri Africa Krio     187.04075 Krio Krio-1.0.4.apk
Cambodia Krung krr Southeast Asia Krung Bible P P P P 130.892388 Krung_Bible Krung_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cambodia Kui kdt Southeast Asia Kui Bible     211.570424 Kui_Bible Kui_Bible-1.0.apk
India Kuki tcz South Asia Kuki     P P 44.495077 Kuki Kuki-1.0.2.apk
Brazil Kulina cul Americas Kulina Bible     1418.747736 Kulina_Bible Kulina_Bible-1.0.apk
Nepal Kulung kle South Asia Kulung Bible     174.018575 Kulung_Bible Kulung_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Kumam kdi Africa Kumam 2006 BSU     170.50653 Kumam_BSU Kumam_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Kuman kue Pacific Kuman Bible     236.062279 Kuman_Bible Kuman_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Kumyk kum Eurasia/MENA Kumyk IBT     205.242485 Kumyk_IBT Kumyk_IBT-1.0.1.apk
Panama Kuna Border kvn Americas Kuna Border Bible     261.224602 Kuna_Border_Bible Kuna_Border_Bible-1.0.apk
Zambia Kunda kdn Africa Kunda Bible     221.221636 Kunda_Bible Kunda_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Kuo xuo Africa Kuo WBT     224.410017 Kuo_WBT Kuo_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Uganda Kupsapiny kpz Africa Kupsapiny 1995 BSU     170.621091 Kupsapiny_BSU Kupsapiny_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Sierra Leone Kuranko knk Africa Kuranko     186.601546 Kuranko Kuranko-1.0.4.apk
Iraq Kurdish Behdini kmr Eurasia/MENA Kurdish Behdini     134.753065 Kurdish_Behdini Kurdish_Behdini-1.0.apk
Turkey Kurdish Kurmanji kmr Eurasia/MENA Kurdish Kurmanji       222.569806 Kurdish_Kurmanji Kurdish_Kurmanji_UBS-1.0.26.apk
India Kuruk kru South Asia Kuruk Bible     P P 35.47407 Kuruk_Bible Kuruk_Bible-1.0.apk
India Kurukh kru South Asia Kurukh Bible     265.971976 Kurukh_Bible Kurukh_Bible-1.0.apk
India Kurumba, Pal pkr South Asia Kurumba Pal Bible     207.294299 Kurumba_Pal_Bible Kurumba_Pal_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Kusaal kus Africa Kusaal Bible     147.750714 Kusaal_Bible Kusaal_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Kutep kub Africa Kutep WBT     265.641298 Kutep_WBT Kutep_WBT-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kutu kdc Africa Kutu Bible     191.908163 Kutu_Bible Kutu_Bible-1.0.apk
India Kuvi kxv South Asia Kuvi Bible   P P 88.842519 Kuvi_Bible Kuvi_Bible-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Kwaio kwd Pacific Kwaio Bible     247.16862 Kwaio_Bible Kwaio_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Kwanja knp Africa Kwanja BSC       183.3099 Kwanja_BSC Kwanja_BSC-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Kwara'ae kwf Pacific Kwara'ae WBT     251.817016 Kwara'ae_WBT Kwara'ae_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Senegal Kwatay cwt Africa Kwatay Bible     195.664837 Kwatay_Bible Kwatay_Bible-1.0.apk
Tanzania Kwere cwe Africa Kwere Bible     168.760555 Kwere_Bible Kwere_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Kyanga tye Africa Kyanga     P   117.06239 Kyanga Kyanga-1.0.apk
Guatemala K’iche’, Cunén quc Americas K'iche', Cun�n Bible     241.534817 Kiche_Cunen_Bible Kiche_Cunen-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lacid lsi Southeast Asia Lacid Bible       222.049634 Lacid_Buble Lacid_Bible-1.0.1.apk
India Ladakhi lbj South Asia Ladakhi Bible     P P 39.54538 Ladakhi_Bible Ladakhi_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Thailand Lahu lhu Southeast Asia Lahu 1989 TBS     292.738765 Lahu_TBS_(APK_Web) Lahu_TBS-1.0.8.apk
Togo Lamba las Africa Lamba 1993 WBT     177.492522 Lamba_WBT Lamba_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Zambia Lamba lam Africa Lamba Bible     185.425561 Lamba_Bible Lamba_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Lamnso lns Africa Lamnso       183.620206 Lamnso Lamnso-1.0.apk
Uganda Lango laj Africa Lango 1978 BSU     147.226462 Lango_BSU Lango_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Lani dnw Pacific Lani     316.000594 Lani Lani-1.0.apk
Congo, Republic of the Lari ldi Africa Lari 2007 BS     204.592258 Lari_BS Lari_BS-1.0.6.apk
Latvia Latvian lat Eurasia/MENA Latvian NLIB P   190.615933 Latvian_NLIB Latvian_NLIB-1.0.7.apk
Indonesia Lauje law Asia/Pacific Lauje     361.324457 Lauje Lauje-1.0.1.apk
Thailand Lawa, Western lcp Southeast Asia Lawa Western     181.64644 Lawa_Western Lawa_Western-1.0.apk
Turkey Laz lzz Eurasia/MENA Laz Bible     P P 40.429764 Laz_Bible Laz_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Lelemi lef Africa Lelemi Bible     209.757026 Lelemi_Bible Lelemi_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lemi cek Asia/Pacific Lemi     234.437541 Lemi Lemi-1.0.apk
Myanmar Lhaovo mhx Southeast Asia Lhaovo       227.876747 Lhaovo Lhaovo-1.0.1.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Lika lik Africa Lika Bible     259.076624 Lika_Bible Lika_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Limba West lia Africa Limba West     216.24691 Limba_West Limba_West-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Limbum lmp Africa Limbum BSC       176.422613 Limbum_BSC Limbum_BSC-1.0.apk
Thailand Lisu lis Southeast Asia Lisu NTCM     214.351636 Lisu_NTCM_(APK_Web) Lisu_NTCM-1.0.2.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Lobala loq Africa Lobala Bible     188.721961 Lobala_Bible Lobala_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Lobiri lob Africa Lobiri 1984 BSO     155.719641 Lobiri_BSO Lobiri_BSO-1.0.4.apk
India Lodha lbm South Asia Lodha Bible     P P 30.961283 Lodha_Bible Lodha_Bible-1.0.apk
India Lodhi lbm South Asia Lodhi Bible     P P 18.930766 Lodhi_Bible Lodhi_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Benin Lokpa dop Africa Lokpa BSB       161.556887 Lokpa_BSB Lokpa_BSB-1.0.1.apk
Mozambique Lomwe ngl Africa Lomwe Bible     177.723886 Lomwe_Bible Lomwe_Bible-1.0.apk
Zambia Lozi loz Africa Lozi BIble       185.328986 Lozi_BIble Lozi_BIble-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Luang lex Asia/Pacific Alkitab Luang     288.522089 Alkitab_Luang Alkitab_Luang-1.0.10.apk
Kenya Lubukusu bxk Africa Lubukusu Bible       225.356255 Lubukusu_Bible Lubukusu_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Lubwisi tlj Africa Lubwisi Bible     218.036933 Lubwisi_Bible Lubwisi_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Luganda lug Africa Luganda 2003 BSU       155.909418 Luganda_BSU Luganda_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Uganda Luganda lug Africa Luganda 2003 BSU Bible       188.461223 Luganda_2003_BSU Luganda_2003_BSU_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Lugbara lgg Africa Lugbara BSU     196.217117 Lugbara_BSU Lugbara_BSU-1.0.7.apk
Uganda Lugungu rub Africa Lugungu       267.085043 Lugungu Lugungu-1.0.2.apk
Uganda Lugwere gwr Africa Lugwere Bible     254.747426 Lugwere_Bible Lugwere_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Lukakamega ida Africa Lukakamega 2002 BSK       211.293744 Lukakamega_BSK Lukakamega_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lumasaaba myx Africa Lumasaaba 2008 BSU     203.393842 Lumasaaba_BSU Lumasaaba_BSU-1.0.10.apk
Sudan Lumun lmd Eurasia/MENA Lumun Bible     245.33659 Lumun_Bible Lumun_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Lun Bawang - Lun Dayah lnd Asia/Pacific Bala Luk Do   198.032642 Lun_Bawang Lunbawang-1.0.11.apk
Zambia Lunda lun Africa Lunda Bible     190.856018 Lunda_Bible Lunda_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Lunyole nuj Africa Lunyole Bible     223.591621 Lunyole_Bible Lunyole_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Luo luo Africa Luo 1978 BSK       162.445744 Luo_BSK Luo_BSK-1.0.4.apk
Uganda Lusamya-Lugwe lsm Africa Lusamya- Lugwe 2010 BSU     252.455251 Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU Lusamya_Lugwe_BSU-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Lusoga xog Africa Lusoga     172.678739 Lusoga Lusoga-1.0.6.apk
South Sudan Luwo lwo Africa Luwo WBT     225.452207 Luwo_WBT Luwo_WBT-1.0.apk
South Sudan Luwo lwo Africa Luwo Bible     271.445711 Luwo_Bible Luwo_Bible-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Maale mdy Africa Maale 2007 BSE     182.263198 Maale_BSE Maale_BSE-1.0.2.apk
Ethiopia Maale mdy Africa Maale Bible     220.907663 Maale_Bible Maale_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Maasai mas Africa Maasai BSV       141.735192 Maasai_BSV Maasai_BSV-1.0.4.apk
South Sudan Mabaan mfz Africa Mabaan Bible     260.868181 Mabaan_Bible Mabaan_Bible-1.0.apk
Macedonia Macedonian mkd Eurasia/MENA Macedonian       154.253469 Macedonian Macedonian-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Macuna myy Americas Macuna SBI     232.912056 Macuna_SBI Macuna_SBI-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Macushi mbc Americas Macushi Bible     338.136268 Macushi_Bible Macushi_Bible-1.0.apk
Uganda Madi mhi Africa Madi BSU       178.537923 Madi_BSU Madi_BSU-1.0.7.apk
India Magahi mag Asia/Pacific Magahi       175.094825 Magahi Magahi-1.0.6.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Mahou mxx Africa Mahou Bible     P P 32.027179 Mahou_Bible Mahou_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Mai Brat ayz Southeast Asia Mai Brat Bible     P P 61.425798 Mai_Brat_Bible Mai_Brat_Bible-1.0.apk
India Maithili mai Asia/Pacific Maithili WBT       218.019397 Maithili_WBT Maithili_WBT-1.0.6.apk
India Maithili mai South Asia Maithili Bible     261.907487 Maithili_Bible Maithili_Bible-1.0.apk
Paraguay Maka mca Americas Maka 2013 WBT     245.254858 Maka_WBT Maka_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Cameroon Makaa mcp Africa Makaa       186.98549 Makaa Makaa-1.0.apk
Mozambique Makhuwa vmw Africa Makhuwa     189.213994 Makhuwa Makhuwa-1.0.8.apk
Madagascar Malagasy plt Africa FIAFI     163.610386 Malagasy Malagasy-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Malay zlm Asia/Pacific AVB   164.493194 Malay_AVB Malay_AVB-1.1.11.apk
Malaysia Malay Bahasa zlm Asia/Pacific Malay Bahasa   207.245745 Malay_Bahasa Malay_Bahasa-1.0.4.apk
India Malayalam mal Asia/Pacific Malayalam     200.039945 Malayalam Malayalam-1.0.15.apk
Guatemala Mam, Central mam Americas Mam Central Bible     213.299565 Mam_Central_Bible Mam_Central_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Mam, Todos Santos mam Americas Mam, Todos Santos Bible     284.363337 Mam,_Todos_Santos_Bible Mam_Todos_Santos_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Mamasa mqj Pacific Mamasa Bible     238.325639 Mamasa_Bible Mamasa_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mambila mcu Africa Mambila WBT     213.916942 Mambila_WBT Mambila_WBT-1.0.apk
Nigeria Mambila, Nigeria mzk Africa Mambila Nigeria     292.157056 Mambila_Nigeria Mambila_Nigeria-1.0.apk
Ghana Mampruli maw Africa Mampruli WBT     204.099524 Mampruli_WBT Mampruli_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Manadonese Malay xmm Pacific Manadonese Malay     245.136104 Manadonese_Malay Manadonese_Malay-1.0.1.apk
Brazil Manchineri mpd Americas Manchineri NTM       245.169312 Manchineri_NTM Manchineri_NTM-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Mandara mfi Africa Mandara WBT     249.96327 Mandara_WBT Mandara_WBT-1.0.apk
Gambia Mandinka mnk Africa Mandinka Portions P       346.253676 Mandinka_Portions Mandinka_Portions-1.0.apk
Gambia Mandinka mnk Africa Mandinka 2011 BSG P P 525.394544 Mandinka_2011_BSG Mandinka_2011_BSG-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Mangali kml Southeast Asia Mangali   194.174756 Mangali Mangali-1.0.apk
Chad Mango mge Africa Mango Bible     263.612478 Mango_Bible Mango_Bible_-1.0.apk
Paraguay Manjui crq Americas Manjui Bible     377.099864 Manjui_Bible Manjui_Bible-1.0.apk
India Mannan mjv South Asia Mannan Bible     171.601027 Mannan_Bible Mannan_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Manobo, Obo obo Asia/Pacific Minonuvu     253.376086 Minonuvu Minonuvu-1.0.6.apk
Philippines Manobo, Western Bukidnon mbb Asia/Pacific Manobo Western Bukidnon WPS     255.056614 Manobo_Western_Bukidnon_WPS W_Bukidnon_WPS-1.0.7.apk
Liberia Manya mzj Africa Gods Word in Maniyakan     P P 243.055187 Manya Manya-1.0.2.apk
Chile Mapudungun arn Americas Mapudungun CBS     233.713747 Mapudungun_CBS Mapudungun_CBS-1.0.apk
Philippines Mapun sjm Southeast Asia Mapun Bible P P 308.882567 Mapun_Bible Mapun_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Marakwet enb Africa Marakwet Bible     160.593165 Marakwet_Bible Marakwet_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Maranao mrw Asia/Pacific Maranao   211.860195 Maranao Maranao-1.0.3.apk
India Marathi mar Asia/Pacific Marathi     207.29753 Marathi Marathi_BLI-1.0.13.apk
Nigeria Margi mrt Africa Margi BSN       202.60128 Margi_BSN Margi_BSN-1.0.apk
India Marma rmz South Asia Marma Bible     P P 49.624102 Marma_Bible Marma_Bible-1.0.apk
Marshall Islands Marshallese mah Asia/Pacific Marshallese 2009 WGM       152.392833 Marshallese_WGM Marshallese_WGM-1.0.4.apk
Vanuatu Maskelynes klv Asia/Pacific Maskelynes     195.054756 Maskelynes Maskelynes-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Massana mcn Africa Massana BSC       163.782535 Massana_BSC Massana_BSC-1.0.apk
Philippines Matigsalug mbt Asia/Pacific Matigsalug WBT     205.77029 Matigsalug_WBT Matigsalug_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Peru Matsigenka mcb Americas Matsigenka     344.721344 Matsigenka Matsigenka_TBL-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Maya, Yucatan yua Americas Maya Yucatan Bible     207.693468 Maya_Yucatan_Bible Maya_Yucatan_Bible-1.0.apk
Nicaragua Mayangna yan Americas Mayangna       222.739561 Mayangna Mayangna-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Mayo mfy Americas Mayo WBT     222.95393 Mayo_WBT Mayo_WBT-1.0.apk
Philippines Mayoyao Ifugao ifu Asia/Pacific Mayoyao Ifugao 2004 WPS     232.549342 Mayoyao_Ifugao_WPS Mayoyao_WPS-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Mazahua, Central maz Americas Mazahua Central LLB     279.213489 Mazahua_Central_LLB Mazahua_Central_LLB-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazatec Ixcatlan mzi Americas Mazatec Ixcatlan Bible     166.449893 Mazatec_Ixcatlan_Bible Mazatec_Ixcatlan_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazatec San Jeronimo maa Americas Mazateco San Jeronimo     187.482488 Mazateco_San_Jeronimo_-_SJV Mazateco_San_Jeronimo_SJV-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazateco de Ayautla vmy Americas Mazateco de Ayautla BLI     169.925452 Mazateco_de_Ayautla Mazateco_de_Ayautla_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazateco, Jalapa de Diaz maj Americas Mazateco Jalapa de Diaz     176.004224 Mazateco_Jalapa_de_Diaz Mazateco_Jalapa_de_Diaz-1.0.apk
Mexico Mazateco, San Antonio maa Americas Mazateco San Antonio Bible     179.979856 Mazateco_San_Antonio_Bible Mazateco_San_Antonio_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Mbandja zmz Africa Mbandja Bible     211.369487 Mbandja_Bible Mbandja_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Mborena Kam gai Pacific Mborena Kam Bible     364.979412 Mborena_Kam_Bible Mborena_Kam_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Mbula mbu Africa Mbula Bible     195.766749 Mbula_Bible Mbula_Bible-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Me'en mym Africa Me'en Bible     240.499466 Me'en_Bible Me_en_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Medumba byv Africa Medumba BSC       152.756238 Medumba_BSC Medumba_BSC-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Melo mfx Africa Melo Bible     219.680834 Melo_Bible Melo_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Melpa med Asia/Pacific Melpa WBT       219.533434 Melpa_WBT Melpa_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Sierra Leone Mende men Africa Mende 2002 BSSL     183.820985 Mende_BSSL Mende_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Mentawai mwv Southeast Asia Mentawai Bible     190.870194 Mentawai_Bible Mentawai_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Meta mgo Africa Meta Bible     189.250711 Meta_Bible Meta_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Meyah mej Pacific Meyah YSS     350.143436 Meyah_YSS Meyah_YSS-1.0.apk
Chad Migaama, Centre mmy Africa Migaama, Centre Bible       241.847543 Migaama,_Centre_Bible Migaama_Centre_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Migabac mpp Pacific Migabac Bible   P 219.888776 Migabac_Bible Migabac_Bible-1.0.apk
Togo Mina gej Africa Mina 2004 BSO     192.021013 Mina_BSO Mina_BSO-1.0.7.apk
Indonesia Minangkabau min Pacific Minangkabau   317.101389 KSI_Minangkabau Minangkabau-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Minangkabau min Pacific Minangkabau 1037.414733 KSI_Minangkabau Minangkabau-1.0.4.apk
Mali Miniyanka myk Africa Miniyanka WBT     188.699397 Miniyanka_WBT Miniyanka_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Papua New Guinea Misima-Panaeyati mpx Pacific Misima-Panaeyati Bible     184.184536 Misima-Panaeyati_Bible Misima-Panaeyati_Bible-1.0.apk
Nicaragua Miskito miq Americas Miskito (Miskitu) SBN       226.9258 Miskito_SBN Miskito_SBN-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Mixe Quetzaltepec pxm Americas Mixe Quetzaltepec Bible     186.376608 Mixe_Quetzaltepec_Bible Mixe_Quetzaltepec_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe Totontepec mto Americas Mixe Totontepec     234.461018 Mixe_Totontepec Mixe_Totontepec-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Atitlan neq Americas Mixe de Atitlan BLI       171.517294 Mixe_de_Atitlan_BLI Mixe_de_Atitlan_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Coatlan mco Americas Mixe de Coatlan     213.444161 Mixe_de_Coatlan Mixe_de_Coatlan-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixe de Mazatlan Tutla mzl Americas Mixe de Mazatlan Tutla       239.788087 Mixe_de_Mazatlan_Tutla Mixe_de_Mazatlan_Tutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Ayutla miy Americas Mixtec Ayutla     213.816371 Mixtec_Ayutla Mixtec_Ayutla-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Diuxi-Tilantongo xtd Americas Mixtec Diuxi     283.084452 Mixtec_Diuxi Mixteco_Diuxi-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Magdalena Peñasco xtm Americas Mixteco Magdalena Penasco     234.545152 Mixteco_Magdalena_Penasco Mixteco_Magdalena_Penasco-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec Metlat?oc mxv Americas Mixtec Metlatonoc Bible     275.343698 Mixtec_Metlatonoc_Bible Mixtec_Metlatonoc_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec, Pinotepa Nacional mio Americas Mixteco Pinotepa Nacional     230.333177 Mixteco_Pinotepa_Nacional Mixteco_Pinotepa_Nacional-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixtec, Zacatepeco mza Americas Mixteco Zacatepeco     262.001474 Mixteco_Zacatepeco Mixtec_Zacatepeco-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Atatláhuca mib Americas Mixteco de Atatláhuca TBL     232.734808 Mixteco_de_Atatláhuca_TBL Mixteco_de_Atatlahuca-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Mechoac�n mih Americas Mixteco de Mechoacan Bible     238.355539 Mixteco_de_Mechoacan_Bible Mixteco_de_Mechoacan_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Santiago Yosundúa mpm Americas Mixteco de Santiago Yosundua     262.502982 Mixteco_de_Santiago_Yosundua Mixteco_de_Santiago_Yosundua-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco de Tezoatlan mxb Americas Mixteco de Tezoatlan     250.153082 Mixteco_de_Tezoatlan Mixteco_de_Tezoatlan-1.0.apk
Mexico Mixteco del Sur de Puebla mit Americas Mixteco Sur Puebla     264.027579 Mixteco_sur_Puebla Mixteco_sur_Puebla-1.0.apk
Togo Moba Lok mfq Africa Moba Lok 2007 BSO     185.004783 Moba_Lok_BSO Moba_Lok_BSO-1.0.8.apk
Cameroon Mofa maf Africa Mofa BSC       186.714684 Mofa_BSC Mofa_BSC-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mofu-Gudur mif Africa Mofu Gudur WBT     204.663998 Mofu_Gudur_WBT Mofu_Gudur_WBT-1.0.apk
Benin Mokole mkl Africa Mokole SIM       176.811996 Mokole_SIM Mokole_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Benin Mokole mkl Africa Mokole Bible     185.123373 Mokole_Bible Mokole_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Molima mox Pacific Molima     316.485609 Molima Molima-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Moma myl Pacific Moma Bible     50.567894 Moma_Bible Moma_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Momuna mqf Pacific Momuna Bible     357.374162 Momuna_Bible Momuna_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Mon mnw Southeast Asia Mon Bible     232.700867 Mon_Bible Mon_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Mongondow mog Pacific Mongondow TMV     239.528274 Mongondow_TMV Mongondow_TMV-1.0.apk
Indonesia Moni mnz Pacific Moni Bible   428.758207 Moni_Bible Moni_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Mono mnh Africa Mono Bible     194.35039 Mono_Bible Mono_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso Moore mos Africa Moore 1998 RCV     166.60194 Moore_RCV Moore_RCV-1.0.4.apk
Burkina Faso Moore mos Africa Moore Bible     283.305155 Moore_1998_Protestant_Version Moore_Bible-1.0.12.apk
Indonesia Mori mzq Pacific Mori Bible     264.92091 Mori_Bible Mori_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Moru mgd Africa Moru Bible     221.924837 Moru_Bible Moru_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Moskona mtj Pacific Moskona YSS     356.084778 Moskona_YSS Moskona_YSS-1.0.apk
India Moudadan Chetty cmd South Asia Moudadan Chetty Bible     180.593509 Moudadan_Chetty_Bible Moudadan_Chetty_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mousgoum mug Africa Mousgoum BSC       152.205466 Mousgoum_BSC Mousgoum_BSC-1.0.1.apk
India Muduga udg South Asia Muduga Bible     221.048118 Muduga_Bible Muduga_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Muinane bmr Americas Muinane Bible     265.72458 Muinane_Bible Muinane_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Mumuye mzm Africa Mumuye     271.054276 Mumuye Mumuye-1.0.apk
Indonesia Muna mnb Pacific Muna Bible     242.947756 Muna_Bible Muna_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Mundani mnf Africa Mundani Bible     193.50775 Mundani_Bible Mundani_Bible-1.0.apk
India Mundari unr South Asia Mundari Bible P P P P 86.564556 Mundari_Bible Mundari_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Mundu muh Africa Mundu Bible     249.367531 Mundu_Bible Mundu_Bible-1.0.apk
Senegal Munik tnr Africa Munik Bible     253.695851 Munik_Bible Munik_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Murle mur Africa Murle Bible     199.696714 Murle_Bible Murle_Bible-1.0.apk
India Muthuvan muv South Asia Muthuvan Bible     159.989079 Muthuvan_Bible Muthuvan_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Muyang muy Africa Muyang WBT     212.969692 Muyang_WBT Muyang_WBT-1.0.apk
Nigeria Mwaghavul sur Africa Mwaghavul WBT     265.666185 Mwaghavul_WBT Mwaghavul_WBT-1.0.apk
Mozambique Mwani wmw Africa Mwani WBT 2013     191.053453 Mwani_WBT Mwani_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Brazil Nadeb mbj Americas Nadeb     217.898955 Nadeb Nadeb-1.0.apk
Vanuatu Nafe tnk Asia/Pacific Nafe WBT     208.481302 Nafe_WBT Nafe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
India Nahali nlx South Asia Nahali Bible   P 33.575116 Nahali_Bible Nahali_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahnu Otomi Mezquital ote Americas Nahnu Otomi Mezquital     191.334518 Nahnu_Otomi_Mezquital Nahnu_Otomi_Mezquital-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Highland Puebla azz Americas Nahuatl Highland Puebla     343.337613 Nahuatl_Highland_Puebla Nahuatl_Highland_Puebla-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Central nch Americas Nahuatl Huasteca Central BLI     229.902006 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Central_BLI Nahuatl_Huasteca_Central_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Eastern nhe Americas Nahuatl Huasteca Eastern     234.10957 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Eastern Nahuatl_Huasteca_Eastern-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Huasteca, Western nhw Americas Nahuatl Huasteca Western     227.216031 Nahuatl_Huasteca_Western Nahuatl_Huasteca_Western-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Norte Puebla ncj Americas Nahuatl Norte Puebla     242.279461 Nahuatl_Norte_Puebla Nahuatl_Norte_Puebla-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Norte de Oaxaca nhy Americas Nahuatl Norte Oaxaca BLI     192.905432 Nahuatl_Norte_Oaxaca_BLI Nahuatl_Norte_Oaxaca_BLI-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl Tenango nhi Americas Nahuatl Tenango Bible     191.553463 Nahuatl_Tenango_Bible Nahuatl_Tenango_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl, Guerrero ngu Americas Nahuatl Guerrero Bible     223.052265 Nahuatl_Guerrero_Bible Nahuatl_Guerrero_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl, Mecayapan nhx Americas Nahuatl Mecayapan Bible     195.778898 Nahuatl_Mecayapan_Bible Nahuatl_Mecayapan_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Nahuatl, Sierra Negra nsu Americas Nahuatl Sierra Negra Bible     183.53713 Nahuatl_Sierra_Negra_Bible Nahuatl_Sierra_Negra_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl, Southeastern Puebla npl Americas Nahuatl SE Puebla Bible     215.700218 Nahuatl_Southeastern_Puebla_Bible Nahuatl_SE_Puebla_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Nahuatl, Tatahuicapan nhx Americas Nahuatl Tatahuicapan Bible     193.605819 Nahuatl_Tatahuicapan_Bible Nahuatl_Tatahuicapan_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Nalca nlc Southeast Asia Nalca Bible     244.32852 Nalca_Bible Nalca_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Nanai gld Eurasia/MENA Nanai Bible     P P 49.212625 Nanai_Bible Nanai_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Nangnda bjv Africa Nangnda Bible     279.609908 Nangnda_Bible Nangnda_Bible_-1.0.apk
Indonesia Napu npy Pacific Napu TNV     272.062802 Napu_TNV Napu_TNV-1.0.apk
Indonesia Napu npy Pacific Napu Bible     322.789207 Napu_Bible Napu_Bible-1.0.apk
China Naqxi Seilji nxq East Asia Naqxi Seilji     242.168086 Naqxi_Seilji Naxi_Bible-1.0.2.apk
China Naqxi Seilji nxq East Asia Naqxi Seilji     933.548713 Naqxi_Seilji Naqxi_Seilji-1.0.3.apk
Vanuatu Narak tnp Pacific Narak Bible     P 34.873726 Narak_Bible Narak_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Nasa Yuwe pbb Americas Nasa Yuwe WBT     185.973594 Nasa_Yuwe Nasa_Yuwe_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Benin Nateni ntm Africa Nateni P P 271.000608 Nateni Nateni-1.0.apk
Togo Nawdm nmz Africa Nawdm Bible     165.321498 Nawdm_Bible Nawdm_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Nawuri naw Africa Nawuri     205.491356 Nawuri Nawuri-1.0.1.apk
Zimbabwe Ndebele, Zimbabwe nde Africa Ndebele BSZ       160.735025 Ndebele_BSZ Ndebele_BSZ-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Ndogo ndz Africa Ndogo Bible     273.95338 Ndogo_Bible Ndogo_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ndruna niy Africa Ndruna Bible     245.689337 Ndruna_Bible Ndruna_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Nduga ndx Southeast Asia Nduga Bible     311.427804 Nduga_Bible Nduga_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Senegal Ndut ndv Africa Ndut Bible     147.119284 Ndut_Bible Ndut_Bible-1.0.apk
Vanuatu Nen-naka tnn Asia/Pacific Nen Naka WBT     220.569179 Nen_Naka_WBT Nen_naka_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Nepal Nepali npi Asia/Pacific Nepali NRV       160.599418 Nepali_NRV Nepali_NRV-1.0.10.apk
Nepal Newar new Asia/Pacific Newar Revised       173.392908 Newar_Revised Newar_Revised-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Newari new Asia/Pacific Newari 1986 NBS       188.135857 Newari_NBS Newari_NBS-1.0.5.apk
Indonesia Ngaju nij Pacific Ngaju TDN     259.41476 Ngaju_TDN Ngaju_TDN-1.0.1.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ngbaka nga Africa Ngbaka Bible     201.817488 Ngbaka_Bible Ngbaka_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ngbandi, Southern nbw Africa Ngbandi Southern Bible     206.218811 Ngbandi_Southern_Bible Ngbandi_Southern_Bible-1.0.apk
Central African Republic Ngbugu lnl Africa Ngbugu Bible     184.618716 Ngbugu_Bible Ngbugu_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Ngiemboon nnh Africa Ngiemboon BSC       171.405813 Ngiemboon_BSC Ngiemboon_BSC-1.0.apk
Mexico Ngigua, San Luis Temalacayuca pps Americas Ngigua San Luis Temalacayuca Bible     201.90941 Ngigua_San_Luis_Temalacayuca_Bible Ngigua_San_Luis_Temalacayuca_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Ngigua, San Marcos Tlacoyalco pls Americas Ngigua San Marcos Tlacoyalco Bible     188.338913 Ngigua_San_Marcos_Tlacoyalco_Bible Ngigua_San_Marcos_Tlacoyalco_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Ngochang acn Southeast Asia Ngochang Bible       197.877788 Ngochang_Bible Ngochang_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Nias nia Asia/Pacific Nias TNV       233.369821 Nias_TNV Nias_TNV-1.0.apk
Nigeria Nigerian Pidgin pcm Africa Nigerian Pidgin SC     147.828369 Nigerian_Pidgin_SC Nigerian_Pidgin_SC-1.0.apk
Nigeria Ninzo nin Africa Ninzo WBT     272.504437 Ninzo_WBT Ninzo_WBT-1.0.apk
Paraguay Nivacle cag Americas Nivacle 1995 BSO       221.692996 Nivacle_BSO Nivacle_BSO-1.0.11.apk
Ghana Nkonya nko Africa Nkonya Bible     173.073269 Nkonya_Bible Nkonya_Bible-1.0.apk
Zambia Nkoya nka Africa Nkoya Bible     201.625774 Nkoya_Bible Nkoya_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Russia Nogai nog Eurasia/MENA Nogai IBT     157.818362 Nogai_IBT Nogai_IBT-1.0.1.apk
India Noiri noi South Asia Noiri Bible   P 32.127728 Noiri_Bible Noiri_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Nomaande lem Africa Nomaande WBT     249.597319 Nomaande_WBT Nomaande_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Nomatsiguenga not Americas Nomatsiguenga     315.074206 Nomatsiguenga Nomatsiguenga-1.0.apk
Senegal Noon snf Africa Noon Bible     174.994618 Noon_Bible Noon_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia North Maluku Malay max Pacific North Maluku Malay Bible     294.73796 North_Maluku_Malay_Bible North_Maluku_Malay_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Ntrubo ntr Africa Ntrubo Bible     196.207608 Ntrubo_Bible Ntrubo_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Nuaulu, South nxl Southeast Asia Nuaulu, South Bible     P P 36.371591 Nuaulu,_South_Bible Nuaulu_South_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Nuer nus Africa Nuer BSO 1999     161.820801 Nuer_BSO Nuer_BSO-1.0.5.apk
South Sudan Nuer nus Africa Nuer Bible     195.63211 Nuer_Bible Nuer_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Nugunu yas Africa Nugunu       185.8175 Nugunu_ Nugunu-1.0.apk
Nigeria Nupe nup Africa Nupe BSN       200.803192 Nupe_BSN Nupe_BSN-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Nyaboa nwb Africa Nyaboa Bible     213.731028 Nyaboa_Bible Nyaboa_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Nyindrou lid Asia/Pacific Nyindrou WBT     294.438538 Nyindrou_WBT Nyindrou_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Mozambique Nyungwe nyu Africa Nyungwe Bible     185.8628 Nyungwe_Bible Nyungwe_Bible-1.0.apk
Gabon Nzebi nzb Africa Nzebi 1978 BSG       211.821037 Nzebi_BSG Nzebi_BSG-1.0.6.apk
Ghana Nzema nzi Africa Nzema Bible     165.154493 Nzema_Bible Nzema_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Obolo ann Africa Obolo WBT     193.594591 Obolo_WBT Obolo_WBT-1.0.apk
Canada Ojibwe ojb Americas Ojibwe (CBS)       354.200505 Ojibwe_CBS Ojibwe_CBS-1.0.6.apk
Nigeria Okphela atg Africa Okphela Bible     180.787268 Okphela_Bible Okphela_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Oku oku Africa Oku       161.932792 Oku Oku-1.0.apk
Kenya Oluluyia luy Africa Oluluyia 2002 BSK       228.714532 Oluluyia_BSK Oluluyia_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Mozambique Omi omi Africa Omi Bible     191.135359 Omi_Bible Omi_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Omwunra-Toqura omw Asia/Pacific Omwunra Toqura     248.67473 Omwunra_Toqura Omwunra_Toqura-1.0.2.apk
Senegal Oniyan bsc Africa Oniyan Bible     226.36486 Oniyan_Bible Oniyan_Bible-1.0.apk
India Oriya ory Asia/Pacific Oriya BLI     205.561413 Oriya_BLI Oriya_BLI-1.0.9.apk
Kenya Orma orc Africa Orma Bible     190.581888 Orma_Bible Orma_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Cameroon Oroko bdu Africa Oroko Bible   P 239.448867 Oroko_Bible Oroko_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, Eastern hae Africa Oromo Eastern 2005 BSE       213.742273 Oromo_Eastern_BSE Oromo_Estrn_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Ethiopia Oromo, West Central gaz Africa Oromo West Central     187.53525 Oromo_West_Central Oromo_West_Central-1.0.apk
Indonesia Orya ury Asia/Pacific Orya     237.617279 Orya Orya-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Otomi, Tenango otn Americas Otomi Tenango Bible     212.936618 Otomi_Tenango_Bible Otomi_Tenango_Bible-1.0.apk
Mongolia Outer Mongolian khk Asia/Pacific Outer Mongolian       136.591783 Outer_Mongolian Outer_Mongolian-1.0.7.apk
Solomon Islands Owa stn Asia/Pacific Owa BSP     238.887876 Owa_BSP Owa_BSP-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Paasaal sig Africa Paasaal Bible     219.979258 Paasaal_Bible Paasaal_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Padoe pdo Pacific Padoe Bible     P P 53.742814 Padoe_Bible Padoe_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Pagibete pae Africa Pagibete Bible     186.56782 Pagibete_Bible Pagibete_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Pakpak Dairi btd Southeast Asia Pakpak Dairi Bible     187.124965 Pakpak_Dairi_Bible Pakpak_Dairi_Bible-1.0.apk
Palau Palauan pau Asia/Pacific Palauan UBS       167.161802 Palauan_UBS Palauan_UBS-1.0.apk
Myanmar Palaung, Rumai rbb Southeast Asia Palaung, Rumai Bible     P P 32.810436 Palaung,_Rumai_Bible Palaung_Rumai_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Palawano, Brooke's Point plw Asia/Pacific Palawano, Brooke's Point     208.385286 Palawano_Brooks_Point Palawano_BP_-1.0.2.apk
India Paliyan pcf South Asia Paliyan Bible     P P 31.948336 Paliyan_Bible Paliyan_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Pame, Central pbs Americas Pame Central Bible     S   20.281631 Pame_Central_Bible Pame_Central_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Pamona pmf Southeast Asia Pamona Bible     232.089203 Pamona_Bible Pamona_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Pampangan pam Asia/Pacific Pampangan       185.360036 Pampangan Pampangan-1.0.apk
Philippines Pangasinan pag Asia/Pacific Pangasinan       193.440581 Pangasinan Pangasinan-1.0.apk
Philippines Paranan prf Asia/Pacific Paranan PBS     177.78887 Paranan_PBS Paranan_PBS-1.0.2.apk
Brazil Parecis pab Americas Parecís BLI     309.677341 Parecís_BLI Parecis_BLI-1.0.8.apk
Guyana Patamona pbc Americas Patamona     249.076933 Patamona Patamona-1.0.10.apk
Brazil Paumarí pad Americas Paumarí BLI     372.100537 Paumarí_BLI Paumari_BLI-1.0.7.apk
Malaysia Penan, Eastern pez Southeast Asia Penan Eastern Bible     221.229096 Penan_Eastern_Bible Penan_Eastern_Bible-1.0.apk
India Pengaporja peg South Asia Pengaporja Bible     P P 31.384019 Pengaporja_Bible Pengaporja_Bible-1.0.apk
Chad Peve lme Africa Peve BSC       182.041084 Peve_BSC Peve_BSC-1.0.1.apk
Venezuela Piaroa pid Americas Piaroa Bible     324.19522 Piaroa_Bible Piaroa_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Pidgin wes Africa Pidgin BSC       175.371997 Pidgin_BSC Pidgin_BSC-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Pijin pis Asia/Pacific Pijin 2007 WBT     218.695375 Pijin_WBT Pijin_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Cameroon Pinyin pny Africa Pinyin       177.699837 Pinyin Pinyin-1.0.apk
Colombia Piratapuyo pir Americas Piratapuyo WBT     261.802423 Piratapuyo_WBT Piratapuyo_WBT-1.0.apk
Australia Pitjantjatjara pjt Asia/Pacific Pitjantjatjara     302.486661 Pitjantjatjara Pitjantjatjara-1.0.2.apk
Cameroon Podoko pbi Africa Podoko Bible     237.5295 Podoko_Bible Podoko_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Pokoot pko Africa Pokoot 2008 BSK       183.038889 Pokoot_BSK Pokoot_BSK-1.0.5.apk
Poland Polish pol Eurasia/MENA Polish NCT       146.439177 Polish_NCT Polish_NCT-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Popoluca de la Sierra poi Americas Popoluca de la Sierra Bible     227.375442 Popoluca_de_la_Sierra_Bible Popoluca_de_la_Sierra_Bible-1.0.apk
Guatemala Poqomchi Occidental poh Americas Poqomchi Occidental Bible     349.816114 Poqomchi_Occidental_Bible Poqomchi_Occidental_Bible-1.0.apk
Brazil Portuguese por Americas Portuguese       254.551125 Portuguese Portuguese-1.0.11.apk
Brazil Portuguese por Americas Portuguese ARA       151.160195 Portuguese_ARA Portuguese_ARA-1.0.4.apk
Brazil Portuguese por Americas Portuguese ARC       149.41156 Portuguese_ARC Portuguese_ARC-1.0.apk
Thailand Prai prt Southeast Asia Prai Bible     270.359554 Prai_Bible Prai_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Puinave pui Americas Puinave SM     200.814594 Puinave_SM Puinave_SM-1.0.3.apk
Guinea Pular fuf Africa Pular     158.805795 Pular Pular-1.0.apk
Mexico Purepecha tsz Americas Purepecha Bible     175.054701 Purepecha_Bible Purepecha_Bible-1.0.1.apk
India Puroik suv South Asia Puroik     P P 57.886458 Puroik Puroik-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Pyen pyy Southeast Asia Pyen Bible     P P 32.870384 Pyen_Bible Pyen_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Ambo-Pasco qva Americas Quechua Ambo-Pasco       221.978265 Quechua_Ambo-Pasco Quechua_Ambo-Pasco_WBT-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Ayacucho quy Americas Quechua Ayacucho       192.946664 Quechua_Ayacucho Quechua_Ayacucho-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Cajamarca qvc Americas Quechua Cajamarca     255.049908 Quechua_Cajamarca Quechua_Cajamarca-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Cuzco quz Americas Quechua Cuzco 2004 BSO       182.351348 Quechua_Cuzco_BSO Quechua_Cuzco-1.0.6.apk
Peru Quechua Eastern Apurimac qve Americas Quechua E Apurimac     266.728307 Quechua_E_Apurimac Quechua_E_Apurimac-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Huallaga qub Americas Quechua Huallaga Bible     187.839487 Quechua_Huallaga_Bible Quechua_Huallaga_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo qvh Americas Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo     202.227518 Quechua_Huamalies Quechua_Huamalies-1.0.5.apk
Peru Quechua Huaylas qwh Americas Quechua Huaylas     222.510482 Quechua_Huaylas Quechua_Huaylas-1.0.4.apk
Peru Quechua Huaylla Wanca qvw Americas Quechua H Wanca     205.676562 Quechua_Huaylla_Wanca_ Quechua_H_Wanca-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Lambayeque quf Americas Quechua Lambayeque     244.851371 Quechua_Lambayeque Quechua_Lambayeque-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Margos qvm Americas Quechua Margos     218.152129 Quechua_Margos Quechua_Margos-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Northern Conchucos Ancash qxn Americas Quechua Conchucos A. Bible     173.592371 Quechua_Northern_Conchucos_Ancash_Bible Quechua_Conchucos_A._Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Northern Conchucos Ancash qxn Americas Quechua N Conchucos Ancash Bible     266.653713 Quechua_N_Conchucos_Ancash_Bible Quechua_N_Conchucos_Ancash_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua Panao Huanuco qxh Americas Quechua Panao Huanuco Bible     173.890098 Quechua_Panao_Huanuco_Bible Quechua_Panao_Huanuco_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Quechua San Martin qvs Americas Quechua San Martin     284.193154 Quechua_San_Martin Quechua_San_Mar-1.0.2.apk
Peru Quechua Southern Conchucos Ancash qxo Americas Quechua S Conchucos     245.627455 Quechua_S_Conchucos Quechua_S_Conchucos-1.0.1.apk
Peru Quechua Southern Pastaza qup Americas Quechua Southern Pastaza     309.460818 Quechua_Southern_Pastaza Quechua_Southern_P-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Quechua, South Bolivian quh Americas Quechua BSB 2014       249.905885 Quechua_BSB Quechua_RBV-1.0.8.apk
Guatemala Quiche, Joyabaj quc Americas Quiche Joyabaj Bible     239.98342 Quiche_Joyabaj_Bible Quiche_Joyabaj_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Quichua Ca�ar Highland qxr Americas Quichua Canar Highland Bible     215.292064 Quichua_Canar_Highland_Bible Quichua_Canar_Highland_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Quichua Napo Lowland qvo Americas Quichua Napo Lowland Bible     180.679921 Quichua_Napo_Lowland_Bible Quichua_Napo_Lowland_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Quichua Tena Lowland quw Americas Quichua Tena Lowland Bible     179.826153 Quichua_Tena_Lowland_Bible Quichua_Tena_Lowland_Bible-1.0.apk
India Rabha rah South Asia Rabha     P P 44.915771 Rabha Rabha-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Rajbanshi rjs Asia/Pacific Rajbanshi       169.213917 Rajbanshi Rajbanshi-1.0.2.apk
India Rajbanshi rkt South Asia Rajbanshi Bible     189.930163 Rajbanshi_Bible Rajbanshi_Bible-1.0.apk
Nepal Rajbanshi rjs South Asia Rajbanshi MTS Bible     204.882765 Rajbanshi_MTS_Bible Rajbanshi_MTS_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Rampi lje Pacific Rampi Bible     201.207279 Rampi_Bible Rampi_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Rampi lje Pacific Rampi Bible N1     201.102456 Rampi_Bible_N1 Rampi_Bible_N1-1.0.apk
India Ranglong rnl South Asia Ranglong Bible     214.301298 Ranglong_Bible Ranglong_Bible-1.0.apk
Chile Rapa Nui rap Americas Rapa Nui     225.558644 Rapa_Nui Rapa_Nui-1.0.2.apk
India Ravula yea South Asia Ravula Bible     195.884852 Ravula_Bible Ravula_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Rejang Lebong rej Asia/Pacific Rejang Lebong       181.718021 Rejang_Lebong Rejang_Lebong-1.0.3.apk
Myanmar Riang ril Southeast Asia Riang Bible     P P 28.341531 Riang_Bible Riang_Bible-1.0.apk
Chile Romane Vlax rmy Americas Romane Vlax CVV       164.380255 Romane_Vlax_CVV Romane_Vlax_CVV-1.0.apk
Ukraine Romani rmc Eurasia/MENA Roma Bible   P P P 86.968287 Roma_Bible Roma-1.0.apk
Ukraine Romani, Carpathian rmc Eurasia/MENA Carpathian Romani     P P 40.951229 Carpathian_Romani Carpathian_Romani-1.0.apk
Romania Romani, Kalderash rmy Eurasia/MENA Romani Kalderash Bible     P P 34.950331 Romani_Kalderash_Bible Romani_Kalderash_Bible-1.0.apk
Germany Romani, Sinti rmo Eurasia/MENA Romani Sinti       190.757244 Romani_Sinti Romani_Sinti-1.0.9.apk
Romania Romanian ron Eurasia/MENA Romanian IV       165.530023 Romanian_IV Romanian_IV-1.0.7.apk
Romania Romanian ron Eurasia/MENA Romanian Bible   243.83868 Romanian_Bible Romanian_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Romblomanon rol Asia/Pacific Romblomanon     191.514378 Romblomanon Romblomanon-1.0.apk
Indonesia Rote twu Southeast Asia Rote Bible     269.857814 Rote_Bible Rote_Bible-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana rug Asia/Pacific Roviana       221.533818 Roviana Roviana-1.0.5.apk
Solomon Islands Roviana rug Asia/Pacific Roviana - WBT   224.166663 Roviana_WBT Roviana_WBT-35.0.4.apk
Myanmar Ruching Palaung pce Southeast Asia Ruching Palaung     211.517296 Ruching_Palaung Ruching_Palaung-1.0.apk
Tanzania Ruhaya hay Africa Ruhaya Bible     211.985322 Ruhaya_Bible Ruhaya_Bible-1.0.apk
Taiwan Rukai dru Southeast Asia Rukai Bible     398.177672 Rukai_Bible Rukai_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Uganda Runyankore-Rukiga nyn Africa Runyankore Rukiga 1989 BSU     150.51035 Runyankore_Rukiga_BSU Runyankore_Rukiga-1.0.6.apk
Uganda Runyoro-Rutoro nyo Africa Runyoro-Rutoro BSU     184.870421 Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU Runyoro-Rutoro_BSU-1.0.1.apk
Russia Russian rus Eurasia/MENA Russian CARS     163.279392 Russian_CARS Russian_CARS-1.0.2.apk
Russia Russian rus Eurasia/MENA Russian NT SB76     167.847526 Russian_NT_SB76 Russian_NT_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Russia Russian rus Eurasia/MENA Russian SB76     690.382571 Russian_SB76 Russian_SB76-1.0.11.apk
Russia Russian rus Eurasia/MENA Russian 1876 Synodal Bible 792.367843 Russian_SYN_Bible Russian_1876_Synodal_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Russian rus Eurasia/MENA Russian Bible 624.838445 Russian_NRT_Bible Russian_NRT_Bible-1.0.apk
Solomon Islands Sa'a apb Pacific Sa'a Bible     238.477745 Sa'a_Bible Sa'a_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Sabaot spy Africa Sabaot Bible     169.048679 Sabaot_Bible Sabaot_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Sahu saj Pacific Sahu Bible     314.641012 Sahu_Bible Sahu_Bible-1.0.apk
Saint Lucia Saint Lucian Creole acf Americas Saint Lucian Creole 1999 WBT     186.821962 Saint_Lucian_Creole_WBT St_Lucian_Creole-1.0.4.apk
India Sakachep sch South Asia Sakachep Bible     185.549265 Sakachep_Bible Sakachep_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Saliba sbe Pacific Saliba Bible     272.375326 Saliba_Bible Saliba_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Samareno war Asia/Pacific Samareno       196.740725 Samareno Samareno-1.0.2.apk
Cameroon Samba Leko ndi Africa Samba Leko       221.020046 Samba_Leko Samba_Leko-1.0.apk
Philippines Sambal, Botolan sbl Asia/Pacific Sambali Botolan     226.698858 Sambali_Botolan Sambali_Botolan-1.0.2.apk
Philippines Sambali xsb Asia/Pacific Sambali WBT     223.560606 Sambal_-_WYI Sambal_WBT-1.0.2.apk
Kenya Samburu saq Africa Samburu Bible     180.906911 Samburu_Bible Samburu_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Samoa Samoan smo Asia/Pacific Samoan BSP     196.233403 Samoan_BSP Samoan_BSP-1.0.12.apk
Nepal Sampang rav South Asia Sampang Bible     209.114434 Sampang_Bible Sampang_Bible-1.0.apk
Burkina Faso San sbd Africa San 1995 BSO     171.722205 San_BSO San_BSO-1.0.4.apk
Colombia San Andrés Islander Creole icr Americas San Andres Islander Creole     184.02547 San_Andres_Islander_Creole San_Andres_Islander_Creole-1.0.apk
Mexico San Pedro Amuzgo azg Americas San Pedro Amuzgo Bible     239.241409 San_Pedro_Amuzgo_Bible San_Pedro_Amuzgo_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Sangir sxn Southeast Asia Sangir Bible     343.981542 Sangir_Bible Sangir_Bible-1.0.apk
Central African Republic Sango sag Africa Sango 2003 BS     205.187292 Sango_BS Sango_BS-1.0.6.apk
Tanzania Sangu sbp Africa Sangu Bible   P 235.131941 Sangu_Bible Sangu_Bible-1.0.apk
Suriname Saramaccan srm Americas Saramaccan     242.494825 Saramaccan Saramaccan_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Sarangani Blaan bps Asia/Pacific Sarangani Blaan 1998 WPS     192.896621 Sarangani_Blaan_WPS Sarangani_WPS-1.0.5.apk
Suriname Sarnami Hindi hns Americas Sarnami Hindi     198.267836 Sarnami_Hindi Sarnami_Hindi_WBT-1.0.5.apk
Ecuador Secoya sey Americas Secoya Bible     283.319325 Secoya_Bible Secoya_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Sedoa tvw Southeast Asia Sedoa Bible     257.06937 Sedoa_Bible Sedoa_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Seko Padang skx Pacific Seko Padang Bible     243.108552 Seko_Padang_Bible Seko_Padang_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Sekpele lip Africa Sekpele Bible     241.78351 Sekpele_Bible Sekpele_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Selee snw Africa Selee Bible     230.008285 Selee_Bible Selee_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Semai sea Asia/Pacific Alkitab Semai   P P P 87.848975 Semai Alkitab_Semai-3.0.5.apk
Indonesia Semandang sdm Pacific Semandang Bible     409.098578 Semandang_Bible Semandang_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Semelai sza Southeast Asia Semelai Bible     P P 29.809097 Semelai_Bible Semelai_Bible-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Senoufo, Djimini dyi Africa Senoufo, Djimini Bible 903.972135 Senoufo_Djimini_Bible Senoufo_Djimini_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Sentani set Pacific Sentani Bible     269.36264 Sentani_Bible Sentani_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Serawai pse Asia/Pacific Serawai       208.453273 Serawai Serawai-1.0.3.apk
Myanmar Shan shn Asia/Pacific Shan TBS     290.967545 Shan_TBS Shan_TBS-1.0.4.apk
Myanmar Shan shn Southeast Asia Shan Bible     344.98079 Shan_Bible Shan_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Shanga sho Africa Shanga     P P 127.246112 Shanga Shanga-1.0.apk
Nigeria Shanga sho Africa Shanga Bible P       152.154878 Shanga_Bible_(RJV) Shanga_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Sharanahua mcd Americas Sharanahua     335.549462 Sharanahua Sharanahua-1.0.5.apk
Peru Shawi cbt Americas Shawi     198.960888 Shawi Shawi-1.0.2.apk
Nepal Sherpa xsr Asia/Pacific Sherpa     164.498747 Sherpa Sherpa-1.0.3.apk
South Sudan Shilluk shk Africa Shilluk Bible     191.77263 Shilluk_Bible Shilluk_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Shipibo shp Americas Shipibo WBT   P 239.93591 Shipibo_WBT Shipibo_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Zimbabwe Shona sna Africa Shona Contemporary Bible     383.289299 Shona_Contemporary_Bible Shona_Contemporary_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Russia Shor cjs Eurasia/MENA Shor Bible     P P 60.192149 Shor_Bible Shor_Bible-1.0.apk
Ecuador Shuar jiv Americas Shuar AIE       198.407159 Shuar_AIE Shuar_AIE-1.0.5.apk
Papua New Guinea Siane (Komongu) snp Pacific Siane Bible     240.777428 Siane_Bible Siane_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Siang sya Southeast Asia Siang Bible       265.108801 Siang_Bible Siang_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Siau sxn Southeast Asia Siau Bible     310.10894 Siau_Bible Siau_Bible-1.0.apk
Ethiopia Sidama sid Africa Sidama Bible     177.411555 Sidama_Bible Sidama_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Sinama sml Southeast Asia Sinama Bible     218.007402 Sinama_Bible Sinama_Bible-1.0.apk
Pakistan Sindhi snd Eurasia/MENA Sindhi BSP       178.502417 Sindhi_BSP Sindhi_BSP-1.0.2.apk
Sri Lanka Sinhala sin Asia/Pacific Sinhala NR       237.408227 Sinhala_NR Sinhala_NR-1.0.7.apk
Colombia Siona snn Americas Siona Bible     315.743432 Siona_Bible Siona_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Siriano sri Americas Siriano WBT     243.097239 Siriano_WBT Siriano_WBT-1.0.apk
Ghana Sisaala, Tumulung sil Africa Sisaala Tumulung Bible     205.961293 Sisaala_Tumulung_Bible Sisaala_Tumulung_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Siwu akp Africa Siwu Bible     176.266797 Siwu_Bible Siwu_Bible-1.0.apk
Slovakia Slovak slk Eurasia/MENA Slovak 1997 SBS       150.9442 Slovak_SBS Slovak_SBS-1.0.5.apk
Slovenia Slovenian slv Eurasia/MENA Slovenian SSP       147.194765 Slovenian_SSP Slovenian_SSP-1.0.4.apk
Benin Sola soy Africa Sola SIM       175.761067 Sola_SIM Sola_SIM-1.0.1.apk
Somalia Somali som Africa Somali       629.561777 Somali Somali-1.0.8.apk
Somalia Somali som Africa Somali TVI       200.340756 Somali_TVI Somali_TVI-1.0.11.apk
Somalia Somali som Africa Calculator 760.677212 Somali_SIM_Bible_Masked Somali_SIM_Bible_Masked-1.0.6.apk
Somalia Somali som Africa Somali TVI Bible   241.040925 Somali_TVI_Bible Somali_TVI_Bible-1.0.apk
Mali Songhay, Timbuktu khq Africa Songhay Timbuktu     149.590926 Songhay_Timbuktu Songhay_Timbuktu-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Sougb mnx Pacific Sougb       456.89542 Sougb Sougb-1.0.apk
Mexico Spanish spa Americas Español BDA     162.758262 Español_BDA Espanol_BDA-1.0.8.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Español WTC   172.623203 Español_WTC Espanol_WTC-1.0.20.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Espanol PDT       146.640008 Espanol_PDT Espanol_PDT-1.0.apk
Mexico Spanish spa Americas Spanish NVI Bible   588.990252 Spanish_NVI_Bible Spanish_NVI_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Spanish NTV Bible 2537.573883 Spanish_NTV_Bible Spanish_NTV_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Spanish PDT Bible 683.258461 Spanish_PDT_Bible Spanish_PDT_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Spanish NTV Bible NT + Video     432.52127 Spanish_NTV_Bible_NT Spanish_NTV_Bible_NT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Spanish spa Americas Spanish NTV Bible NT     235.676366 Spanish_NTV_Bible_NT Spanish_NTV_Bible_NT-1.0.2.apk
Suriname Sranan Tongo srn Americas Sranan Tongo Bible 51.327737 Sranan_Tongo_Bible Sranan_Tongo_Bible-1.0.9.apk
United States St. Lawrence Island Yupik ess Americas St Lawrence Island Yupik     226.446713 St_Lawrence_Island_Yupik St_Lawrence_Is_Yupik-1.0.2.apk
United States St. Lawrence Island Yupik ess Americas St. Lawrence Island Yupik Bible     981.434915 St._Lawrence_Island_Yupik_Bible St_Lawrence_Island_Yupik_Bible-1.0.apk
Kenya Suba sxb Africa Suba     2657.790666 Suba Suba-1.0.apk
Philippines Subanen, Central syb Southeast Asia Central Subanen Bible     264.539553 Central_Subanen_Bible Central_Subanen_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Sudest tgo Asia/Pacific Sudest 2014     187.229154 Sudest Sudest-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Sundanese sun Southeast Asia Sundanese     195.67617 Sundanese Sundanese-1.0.1.apk
Nepal Sunuwar suz South Asia Sunuwar Bible     220.386112 Sunuwar_Bible Sunuwar_Bible-1.0.apk
Mali Supyire spp Africa Supyire Bible     157.155202 Supyire_Bible Supyire_Bible-1.0.apk
India Surgujia sgj Asia/Pacific Surgujia     P P 16.612919 Surgujia Surgujia-1.0.1.apk
Guinea Susu sus Africa Susu PBT     162.122031 Susu_PBT Susu_PBT-1.0.1.apk
Sweden Swedish swe Eurasia/MENA Swedish 2015 SSF     167.012002 Swedish_SSF Swedish_SSF-1.0.4.apk
Sweden Swedish swe Eurasia/MENA Swedish Bible     170.146259 Swedish_Bible Swedish_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Taa pmf Southeast Asia Taa Bible     297.35245 Taa_Bible Taa_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Taabwa tap Africa Taabwa Bible       196.344625 Taabwa_Bible Taabwa_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tabaru tby Pacific Tabaru Bible     218.508045 Tabaru_Bible Tabaru_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Tadyawan tdy Asia/Pacific Tadyawan     S S 120.48995 Tadyawan Tadyawan-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tagalog tgl Asia/Pacific Tagalog 2012 MBB       199.279044 Tagalog_MBB Tagalog_MBB-1.0.8.apk
India Tagin tgj South Asia Tagin     299.425165 Tagin Tagin-1.0.2.apk
Indonesia Tagulandang sxn Pacific Tagulandang TTV       234.951919 Tagulandang_TTV_N1 Tagulandang_TTV_N1-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tagulandang sxn Pacific Tagulandang TTV       235.064817 Tagulandang_TTV Tagulandang_TTV-1.0.1.apk
Vietnam Tai Dam blt Asia/Pacific Tai Dam     175.433439 Tai_Dam Tai_Dam-1.0.5.apk
Kenya Taita dav Africa Taita       2147.731881 Taita Taita-1.0.apk
Taiwan Taiwanese (Min Nan) nan Asia/Pacific Taiwanese TTV       165.171665 Taiwanese_TTV Taiwanese_TTV-1.0.6.apk
Tajikistan Tajik tgk Eurasia/MENA Tajik Bible   209.119593 Tajik_Bible Tajik_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tajio tdj Southeast Asia Tajio Bible     P P 33.696164 Tajio_Bible Tajio_Bible-1.0.apk
Myanmar Talai kvy Southeast Asia Talai Bible     P   45.191362 Talai_Bible Talai_Bible-1.0.apk
Niger Tamajaq ttq Africa Tamajaq     1819.856705 Tamajaq Tamajaq-1.0.apk
Nepal Tamang, Eastern taj Asia/Pacific Tamang East 2011     199.287871 Tamang_East_2011 Tamang_East_2011-1.0.3.apk
India Tamil tam Asia/Pacific Tamil ERV     238.537776 Tamil_ERV Tamil_ERV-1.0.12.apk
India Tamil tam South Asia Tamil Contemporary Version Bible     246.731254 Tamil_Contemporary_Version_Bible Tamil_Contemporary_Version_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Tampulma tpm Africa Tampulma Bible     201.560819 Tampulma_Bible Tampulma_Bible-1.0.apk
Vanuatu Tangoa tgp Asia/Pacific Tangoa WBT     176.495816 Tangoa_WBT Tangoa_WBT-1.0.1.apk
Colombia Tanimuca-Letuama tnc Americas Tanimuca Letuama Portions     P P 158.52602 Tanimuca_Letuama_Portions Tanimuca_Letuama_Portions-1.0.1.apk
Taiwan Tao tao Asia/Pacific Tao     273.764322 Tao Tao-1.0.3.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt shi Eurasia/MENA Awal An Rbbi     186.673859 Awal_An_Rbbi Awal_An_Rbbi-1.0.3.apk
Morocco Tashelhayt shi Eurasia/MENA Tashelhayt P   186.655011 Tashelhayt Tashelhayt-1.0.4.apk
Russia Tatar tat Eurasia/MENA Tatar 2001 IBT     159.756509 Tatar_IBT Tatar-1.0.8.apk
Colombia Tatuyo tav Americas Tatuyo Bible     260.656719 Tatuyo_Bible Tatuyo_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Philippines Tawbuid Occidental twb Southeast Asia Tawbuid Occidental Bible     202.406152 Tawbuid_Occidental_Bible Tawbuid_Occidental_Bible-1.0.apk
Philippines Tboli tbl Asia/Pacific Tboli WYI     243.406571 Tboli_-_WYI Tboli_WYI-1.0.1.apk
Guatemala Tektiteko ttc Americas Tektiteko WBT     238.213933 Tektiteko_WBT Tektiteko_WBT-1.0.1.apk
India Telugu tel Asia/Pacific Telugu ERV   197.579852 Telugu_ERV Telugu_ERV-1.0.14.apk
India Telugu tel South Asia Telugu Bible     183.815093 Telugu_Bible Telugu_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Tenek de San Luis Potosi hus Americas Tenek de San Luis Potosi     177.195803 Tenek_de_San_Luis_Potosi Tenek_de_San_Luis_Potosi-1.0.apk
Mexico Tenek de Veracruz hus Americas Tenek de Veracruz Bible     209.439058 Tenek_de_Veracruz_Bible Tenek_de_Veracruz_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Tennet tex Africa Tennet Portions P       53.261977 Tennet_Portions Tennet_Portions-1.0.apk
South Sudan Tennet tex Africa Tennet Bible     232.727791 Tennet_Bible Tennet_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Tepehua Pisaflores tpp Americas Tepehua Pisaflores Bible     214.074785 Tepehua_Pisaflores_Bible Tepehua_Pisaflores_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Tepehua Tlachichilco tpt Americas Tepehua Tlachichilco Bible     209.765781 Tepehua_Tlachichilco_Bible Tepehua_Tlachichilco_Bible-1.0.apk
Brazil Terena ter Americas Terena 1994 LBB     300.588821 Terena_LBB Terena_LBB-1.0.8.apk
Panama Teribe tfr Americas Teribe Bible     222.82164 Teribe_Bible Teribe_Bible-1.0.apk
United States Tewa, Northern tew Americas Tewa, Northern Bible     P P 221.687932 Tewa,_Northern_Bible Tewa_Northern_Bible-1.0.apk
Thailand Thai tha Southeast Asia Thai     22.605181 Thai_(APK_Web) Thai_TSV-1.0.11.apk
Thailand Thai, Northern nod Asia/Pacific Thai Northern     173.218345 Thai_Northern Thai_Northern-1.0.1.apk
Kenya Tharaka thk Africa Tharaka Bible     172.691534 Tharaka_Bible Tharaka_Bible-1.0.apk
India Tharu, Rana thr South Asia Rana Tharu Bible     215.125616 Rana_Tharu_Bible Rana_Tharu_Bible-1.0.apk
Sierra Leone Themne tem Africa Themne BSSL     182.296834 Themne_BSSL Themne_BSSL-1.0.5.apk
China Tibetan, Amdo adx East Asia Tibetan Amdo Bible     261.416317 Tibetan_Amdo_Bible Tibetan_Amdo_Bible-1.0.apk
China Tibetan, Central bod East Asia Tibetan Central Bible     181.328768 Tibetan_Central_Bible Tibetan_Central_Bible-1.0.apk
China Tibetan, Kham khg East Asia Tibetan Kham     193.803075 Tibetan_Kham Tibetan_Kham-1.0.apk
China Tibetan, Lhasa bod East Asia Tibetan Lhasa Bible     174.044377 Tibetan_Lhasa_Bible Tibetan_Lhasa_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Ticuna tca Americas Ticuna (Brasil) - TBL     311.090089 Ticuna_TBL Ticuna_TBL-1.0.10.apk
Ethiopia Tigrinya tir Africa Tigrinya 1991 BSE     153.248013 Tigrinya_BSE Tigrinya_BSE-1.0.6.apk
Indonesia Tii txq Asia/Pacific Tii     301.864072 Tii Tii-1.0.apk
Cameroon Tikar tik Africa Tikar     191.550369 Tikar_ Tikar-1.0.apk
Malaysia Timugon Murut tih Southeast Asia Timugon Murut     204.320771 Timugon_Murut Timugon_Murut-1.0.apk
Sudan Tira tic Eurasia/MENA Tira Bible     263.794697 Tira_Bible Tira_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Tiv tiv Africa Tiv BSN       183.16009 Tiv_BSN Tiv_BSN-1.0.apk
Paraguay Toba-Maskoy tmf Americas Toba-Maskoy Bible     336.819501 Toba-Maskoy_Bible Toba_Maskoy_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tobelo tlb Pacific Tobelo TTV     281.594194 Tobelo_TTV Tobelo_TTV-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin tpi Asia/Pacific Tok Pisin       218.626053 Tok_Pisin Tok_Pisin-1.0.8.apk
Honduras Tol jic Americas Tol Bible     280.34655 Tol_Bible Tol_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tolaki lbw Southeast Asia Tolaki Bible     225.631898 Tolaki_Bible Tolaki_Bible-1.0.3.apk
Guinea Toma tod Africa Toma Bible     711.162899 Toma_Bible Toma_Bible-1.0.apk
Malaysia Tombonuo txa Asia/Pacific Kitab Tombonuo P P 329.850172 Tombonuo Kitab_Tombonuo-1.0.11.apk
Indonesia Tombulu tom Pacific Tombulu       227.539556 Tombulu Tombulu-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tombulu tom Pacific Tombulu Bible     265.244956 Tombulu_Bible Tombulu_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tondano tdn Southeast Asia Tondano Bible     P P 33.372316 Tondano_Bible Tondano_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tonsea txs Southeast Asia Tonsea Bible     P P 36.091584 Tonsea_Bible Tonsea_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Tontemboan tnt Pacific Tontemboan Bible     304.430977 Tontemboan_Bible Tontemboan_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Toraja sda Pacific Toraja Bible     195.09077 Toraja_Bible Toraja_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Totonaco de Coyutla toc Americas Totonaco de Coyutla Bible     253.728844 Totonaco_de_Coyutla_Bible Totonaco_de_Coyutla_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Totonaco de la Sierra tos Americas Totonaco de la Sierra Bible     342.28053 Totonaco_de_la_Sierra Totonaco_de_la_Sierra_Bible-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Toura neb Africa Toura Bible     275.881857 Toura_Bible Toura_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Bolivia Trinitario trn Americas Trinitario Bible     328.013345 Trinitario_Bible Trinitario_Bible-1.0.apk
Suriname Trio tri Americas Trio Bible     277.903511 Trio_Bible Trio_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Triqui Itunyoso trq Americas Triqui Itunyoso Bible     213.823051 Triqui_Itunyoso_Bible Triqui_Itunyoso_Bible-1.0.apk
Taiwan Tsou tsu Southeast Asia Tsou Bible     328.013264 Tsou_Bible Tsou_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Tucano tuo Americas Tucano WBT     239.483878 Tucano_WBT Tucano_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Brazil Tukano tuo Americas Tukano     241.684226 Tukano Tukano-1.0.5.apk
Chad Tumak tmc Africa Tumak BIV     217.14439 Tumak_BIV Tumak_BIV-1.0.4.apk
Algeria Tumzabt mzb Algeria Tumzabt Bible     P   39.184606 Tumzabt_Bible Tumzabt_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Tupuri tui Africa Tupuri BSC       185.319744 Tupuri_BSC Tupuri_BSC-1.0.apk
Kenya Turkana tuv Africa Turkana 2001 BSK       193.486585 Turkana_BSK Turkana_BSK-1.0.7.apk
Turkey Turkish tur Eurasia/MENA Turkish Halk Dilinde     154.748876 Turkish_Halk_Dilinde Turkish_Halk_Dilinde-1.0.8.apk
Turkey Turkish tur Eurasia/MENA Turkish Kutsal Kitap 2009   157.183783 Turkish_Kutsal_Kitap Turkish_BST-1.0.12.apk
Turkmenistan Turkmen tuk Eurasia/MENA Turkmen     511.586232 Turkmen Turkmen-1.0.3.apk
Turkmenistan Turkmen tuk Eurasia/MENA Turkmen 796.995048 Turkmen Turkmen-1.0.9.apk
Philippines Tuwali Ifugao ifk Asia/Pacific Tuwali Ifugao BL     210.344188 Tuwali_Ifugao_BL Tuwali_Ifugao_BL-1.0.4.apk
Ghana Tuwuli bov Africa Tuwuli Bible     176.123949 Tuwuli_Bible Tuwuli_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Tuyuca tue Americas Tuyuca WBT     193.596618 Tuyuca_WBT Tuyuca_WBT-1.0.6.apk
Mozambique Txitxopi cce Africa Txitxopi 1999 BSO     218.772345 Txitxopi_BSO Txitxopi-1.0.7.apk
Nigeria Tyap kcg Africa Tyap WBT     231.189822 Tyap_WBT Tyap_WBT-1.0.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Bachajon tzh Americas Bachajon Tzeltal       203.635943 Bachajon_Tzeltal Bachajon_Tzeltal-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzeltal, Oxchuc tzh Americas Tzeltal Oxchucl       220.677228 Tzeltal_Oxchucl Oxchuc_Tzeltal-1.0.6.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chamula tzo Americas Chamula Tzotzil       243.114879 Chamula_Tzotzil Chamula_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Tzotzil, Chenalho tzo Americas Chenalho Tzotzil       224.514895 Chenalho_Tzotzil Chenalho_Tzotzil-1.0.5.apk
Guatemala Tzutujil, Western tzj Americas Tzutujil Western Bible     295.953681 Tzutujil_Western_Bible Tzutujil_Western_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia U'wa tuf Americas U'wa WBT     303.837149 U'wa_WBT Uwa_WBT-1.0.apk
Brazil UaiUai waw Americas UaiUai 2001 UFMI       334.838968 UaiUai_UFMI UaiUai_UFMI-1.0.6.apk
Azerbaijan Udi udi Eurasia/MENA Udi Bible     P P 30.353807 Udi_Bible Udi_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Sudan Uduk udu Eurasia/MENA Uduk Bible     253.970507 Uduk_Bible Uduk_Bible-1.0.apk
Ukraine Ukrainian ukr Eurasia/MENA Ukrainian Bible     203.507932 Ukrainian_Bible Ukrainian_Bible-1.0.3.apk
Indonesia Uma ppk Pacific Uma Bible     238.295378 Uma_Bible Uma_Bible-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Umbu Ungu - Andelale ubu Pacific Umbu Ungu - Andelale     334.839089 Umbu_Ungu_-_Andelale Umbu_Ungu_Andelale-1.0.apk
Papua New Guinea Umbu Ungu - Andelale ubu Pacific Umbu Ungu - Andelale N1     334.709225 Umbu_Ungu_-_Andelale_N1 Umbu_Ungu_Andelale_N1-1.0.apk
Angola Umbundu umb Africa Umbundu BSA       183.257774 Umbundu_BSA Umbundu_BSA-1.0.apk
Indonesia Una mtg Southeast Asia Una Bible     488.520496 Una_Bible Una_Bible-1.0.apk
Thailand Urak Lawoi urk Southeast Asia Urak Lawoi Bible     226.459354 Urak_Lawoi_Bible Urak_Lawoi_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Urarina ura Americas Urarina 2006 BLI     256.828878 Urarina_BLI Urarina_BLI-1.0.6.apk
Papua New Guinea Urat urt Asia/Pacific Urat     247.567249 Urat Urat-1.0.apk
India Urdu urd Asia/Pacific Urdu KJV     355.92612 Urdu_KJV Urdu_KJV-1.0.1.apk
India Urdu urd Asia/Pacific Urdu NT     213.667848 Urdu_NT Urdu_NT_India-1.0.18.apk
Pakistan Urdu urd Eurasia/MENA Urdu Geo Version     218.755289 Urdu_Geo_Version Urdu_Geo_Version-1.0.apk
Pakistan Urdu urd Eurasia/MENA Urdu Bible (PBS)     194.308054 Urdu_Bible_(PBS) Urdu_Bible_(PBS)-1.0.apk
Vanuatu Uripiv upv Asia/Pacific Uripiv     232.344735 Uripiv Uripiv-1.0.1.apk
Uzbekistan Uzbek, Northern uzn Eurasia/MENA Uzbek Northern IBT     182.945709 Uzbek_Northern__IBT Uzbek_No-1.0.11.apk
Ghana Vagla vag Africa Vagla Bible     186.507957 Vagla_Bible Vagla_Bible-1.0.apk
Russia Veps vep Eurasia/MENA Veps Bible P 237.65146 Veps_Bible Veps_Bible-1.0.apk
Vietnam Vietnamese vie Asia/Pacific Vietnamese Old Version       139.952489 Vietnamese_Old_Version Vietnamese-1.0.8.apk
Vietnam Vietnamese vie Southeast Asia Vietnamese Contemporary Bible 641.787636 Vietnamese_Contemporary_Bible Vietnamese_Contemporary_Bible-1.0.apk
Congo, Republic of the Vili vif Africa Vili Bible     208.73403 Vili_Bible Vili_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Benin Waama wwa Africa Waama WBT     172.954752 Waama_WBT Waama_WBT-1.0.apk
Colombia Waimaja bao Americas Waimaja WBT     225.668266 Waimaja_WBT Waimaja_WBT-1.0.3.apk
Solomon Islands Wala lgl Pacific Wala Bible     P 310.945597 Wala_Bible Wala_Bible-1.0.apk
Ghana Wali wlx Africa Wali Bible     165.671471 Wali_Bible Wali_Bible-1.0.apk
Guyana Wapishana wap Americas Wapishana     288.110141 Wapishana Wapishana-1.0.6.apk
Suriname Wayana way Americas Wayana Bible     258.25737 Wayana_Bible Wayana_Bible-1.0.apk
Colombia Wayuu guc Americas Wayuu     254.557506 Wayuu Wayuu_TBL-1.0.5.apk
Cote d'Ivoire We, Northern wob Africa We Northern Bible     242.155296 We_Northern_Bible We_Northern_Bible-1.0.apk
Panama Wounaan noa Americas Wounaan (Woun Meu) -     259.981262 Wounaan Wounaan_WBT-1.0.4.apk
Mozambique Xichangana tso Africa Xichangana     198.83935 Xichangana Xichangana-1.0.8.apk
Mozambique Xirhonga rng Africa Xirhonga BSM       193.346809 Xirhonga_BSM Xirhonga_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Mozambique Xitshwa tsc Africa Xitshwa BSM       199.326637 Xitshwa_BSM Xitshwa_BSM-1.0.5.apk
Philippines Yakan yka Asia/Pacific Yakan     204.640925 Yakan Yakan-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Yali, Angguruk yli Pacific Yali Angguruk Bible     228.485458 Yali_Angguruk_Bible Yali_Angguruk_Bible-1.0.apk
Indonesia Yali, Selatan nlk Southeast Asia Yali Selatan Bible     249.924723 Yali_Selatan_Bible Yali_Selatan_Bible-1.0.apk
Guinea Yalunka yal Africa Yalunka PBT     166.176364 Yalunka_PBT Yalunka_PBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Yamba yam Africa Yamba WBT     275.025736 Yamba_WBT Yamba_WBT-1.0.apk
Cameroon Yambetta yat Africa Yambetta       201.370063 Yambetta Yambetta-1.0.apk
Indonesia Yamdena jmd Southeast Asia Yamdena Bible     P P 39.472546 Yamdena_Bible Yamdena_Bible-1.0.apk
Peru Yaminahua yaa Americas Yaminahua       335.132448 Yaminahua Yaminahua-1.0.1.apk
Peru Yanesha ame Americas Yanesha     385.23485 Yanesha Yanesha-1.0.6.apk
Venezuela Yanomamö guu Americas Yanomamo       299.814732 Yanomamo Yanomamo-1.0.1.apk
Tanzania Yao yao Africa Yao Bible       196.971169 Yao_Bible Yao_Bible-1.0.apk
Cote d'Ivoire Yaoure yre Africa Yaoure Bible     202.819312 Yaoure_Bible Yaoure_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Indonesia Yawa yva Pacific Yawa Bible     320.019213 Yawa_Bible Yawa_Bible-1.0.apk
Cameroon Yemba ybb Africa Yemba       191.301611 Yemba Yemba-1.0.apk
Peru Yine pib Americas Yine     204.071638 Yine Yine-1.0.5.apk
Papua New Guinea Yipma (Baruya) byr Pacific Yipma (Baruya) Bible     285.139885 Yipma_(Baruya)_Bible Yipma_(Baruya)_Bible-1.0.apk
Nigeria Yoruba yor Africa Yoruba 1960 BSN       180.547891 Yoruba_1960_BSN Yoruba_1960_BSN-1.0.1.apk
Nigeria Yoruba yor Africa Yoruba 2004       167.605515 Yoruba_2004 Yoruba_2004-1.0.2.apk
Colombia Yucuna ycn Americas Yucuna WBT     223.194033 Yucuna_WBT Yucuna_WBT-1.0.apk
Bolivia Yuracare yuz Americas Yuracare Bible     302.881945 Yuracare_Bible Yuracare_Bible-1.0.apk
South Sudan Zande zne Africa Zande BSO 2011     215.204993 Zande_BSO Zande_BSS-1.0.5.apk
Mexico Zapotec del Rinc�n zar Americas Zapotec del Rincon Bible     209.783217 Zapotec_del_Rincon_Bible Zapotec_del_Rincon_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Aloapam zaq Americas Zapotec Aloapam Bible     254.10889 Zapotec_Aloapam_Bible Zapotec_Aloapam_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Coatecas Altas zca Americas Zapoteco Coatecas Altas Bible     167.307602 Zapoteco_Coatecas_Altas_Bible Zapoteco_Coatecas_Altas_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Guevea de Humboldt zpg Americas Zapotec Guevea de Humboldt Bible     192.16791 Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt_Bible Zapotec_Guevea_de_Humboldt_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapotec, Yareni zae Americas Zapotec Yareni Bible     252.427485 Zapotec_Yareni_Bible Zapotec_Yareni_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco Mitla zaw Americas Zapoteco Mitla Bible     177.762902 Zapoteco_Mitla_Bible Zapoteco_Mitla_Bible-1.0.1.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de Lachix? zpl Americas Zapoteco de Lachixio Bible     194.43541 Zapoteco_de_Lachixio_Bible Zapoteco_de_Lachixio_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de San Vicente Coatl�n zpt Americas Zapoteco de San Vicente Coatlan Bible     187.257693 Zapoteco_de_San_Vicente_Coatlan_Bible Zapoteco_de_San_Vicente_Coatlan_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de Texmelucan zpz Americas Zapoteco de Texmelucan Bible     213.265398 Zapoteco_de_Texmelucan_Bible Zapoteco_de_Texmelucan_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco de Yalálag zpu Americas Zapoteco de Yalalag       154.050749 Zapoteco_de_Yalalag Zapoteco_de_Yalalag-1.0.2.apk
Mexico Zapoteco del Istmo zai Americas Zapoteco del Istmo Bible     173.251234 Zapoteco_del_Istmo_Bible Zapoteco_del_Istmo_Bible-1.0.apk
Mexico Zapoteco, Central Miahuatlan zam Americas Zapoteco C Miahuatlan     P P 99.194658 Zapoteco_C_Miahuatlan Zapoteco_C_Miahuatlan-1.0.4.apk
Mexico Zapoteco, Sierra Juarez zaa Americas Zapoteco Sierra Juarez Bible     229.636434 Zapoteco_Sierra_Juarez_Bible Zapoteco_Sierra_Juarez_Bible-1.0.apk
Niger Zarma dje Africa Zarma BSC       151.060454 Zarma_BSC Zarma_BSC-1.0.2.apk
Myanmar Zokam ctd Asia/Pacific Zokam ZIV     180.265162 Zokam_ZIV Zokam_ZIV-1.0.apk
Cameroon Zulgo gnd Africa Zulgo WBT     340.772659 Zulgo_WBT Zulgo_WBT-1.0.apk
Myanmar Zyphe zyp Southeast Asia Zyphe Bible     227.597544 Zyphe_Bible Zyphe_Bible-1.0.2.apk
Paraguay Énxet enx Americas Enxet       219.70033 Enxet Enxet-1.0.8.apk

A ✓ indicates a full Old or New Testament (OT/NT) in Audio or Text, P indicates full books of an incomplete Testament, and S indicates partial books.